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Al Premium Food Mart located at the intersection of Warden & Eglinton is bringing a refreshing concept in providing
different communities with better opportunities to interact and share their grocery needs and experiences.
A great Supermarket happens to Scarborough.
Everything is here for a reason, it's time to reward yourself to a better grocery shopping experience.

Al Premium Food Mart is one of the only large-scale supermarkets in the greater Toronto area that caters to more than one million visible minority population.

In addition to the stuff you would normally find in a grocery store that caters to more mainstream tastes like vegetables, fruits, milk, and potato chips, Al Premium proudly brings various other items that cater to the East Asian (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Southeast Asian (e.g. Malaysian, Thai, Filipino) and South Asian (e.g. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) diaspora.

With our rapid expansion in GTA. We operate 3 grand stores in Toronto. We teamed up with Walmart since 2015 and have 4 Walmart in-stores in Toronto and Vancouver area.

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Jack (in the center) is the owner of Al Premium Food Mart and other Oriental Supermarkets.

 This is a photo of the ribbon cutting at the grand opening ceremonies of Al Premium.

When we asked Spyros Peter Goudas what his thoughts were of Al Premium and Jack, he mentioned the following:

Jack maybe considered one of the pioneers in the Oriental food business.
 He started many years ago in the old China town.
He has a very good reputation within the food industry and a very good relationship with the suppliers. He knows what is best for his customers.  
Over the years, with my help, he was able to diversify his stores
to accommodate not only the Oriental community but the multicultural society of Canada.
Jack also has a permanent smile which is a very big plus.
I wish him success in his endeavor in this difficult business environment of Canada.

Click on the photo to view a video of the opening ceremony.

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phone: 416-751-3666  
1970 Eglinton Ave East Scarborough Ontario M1L 2M6 MAP