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JBL L300 summit Monitor Speakers
JBL L300 summit Monitor Speakers $3.400 the speakers are in original good condition.With original cone and voice coils or diaphragms. Play great music Please take a good look for all pictures. They are the home version of the classic 4333 studio monitor used in many recording studios in the eighties. Considered to be the pinnacle of classic JBL designs, the L300 is legendary in the audiophile community, with it's large volume cabinet and 136A 15" woofer, LE85 horn midrange, and 077
JBL 4333A Studio Monitors
JBL 4333A Studio Monitors $3.000 A pair of Original JBL 4333A speakers. These are in great mechanical condition and sound fantastic. Cosmetically they are showing wear on the cabinets. They have been in our inventory for 20 plus years. All original components 2231A 15" Woofer 2420 Hi Frequency Drive 2312 Horn 2308 Lens 3133A crossover network 2405 Stock Tweeter (with 077 acrylic phase plug) Two speakers carefully wrapped on a pallet would weigh 310lbs They are heavy and
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Music Artist Entertainers
Music Artist Entertainers Ad Blog webpage
Ottawa DJ Services for Weddings, Dances and Corporate Events
Ottawa DJ Services for Weddings, Dances and Corporate Events
Fraser Piano
Fraser Piano provides quality pianos and expert advice on the purchase of any piano their customers may be contemplating. They give professional advice based on experience and personal service.
Dr. Phil sings
DR. PHIL BAND IN A BOX is a unique one-man Entertainment centre: speakers, microphones, sound system, and a collection box complete with a dancing skeleton with a horn in his hand. Dr. Phil sings, plays the harmonica, saxaphone, flute and trumpet, etc. Available for bookings for all occasions at 905-686-6369. In this photo he is accompanied by Spyros Peter Goudas on the harmonica.
Racks, consoles, design and custom build pieces,
Racks, consoles, or something different from the rest, we design and custom build pieces, as well as trusted standard units catering to home studio set-ups and full-service facilities. Personalized service to furnish your requirements, unique pieces in fresh minimalist style. Constructed from highest quality maple or birch plywood and solely manufactured in Canada. Drop by the workshop-showroom or visit our online gallery to view our projects at (416) 454-9092
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