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Baker Street Accounting Ltd



Our company has been operating in London for just under a decade.

We recently established an  office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Suite 1909 - 6A 170 The Donway West, Toronto, Ontario M3C 3E8 (Lawrence and Don Mills).

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Our goal is to extablish a relationship with companies, small, medium or large, so that we may be able to assist you increase business through accounting management.

We consult in all types of accounting and financial matters to clients from all walks of life. 
Whether it be an SME's or companies that operate over a million per annum we are here to assist you with your every financial need.

We support local communities by educating local businesses in what to expect when doing annual reports and planning their future to avoid any hidden obstacles that may come along.
We are located in the economic heart of the United Kingdom.

My name is Gerrard Gorman, A.C.C.A.,  please give me a call to discuss your needs..

We are here to provide clients with superior Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial Consulting Services and to implement practical solutions for our clients’ diverse needs.

To work with our clients every step of the way, from business planning solutions to everyday accounting services.
Also, to assist individuals in the way of tax preparation.

We are also expanding into other parts of the UK, Europe, North America (Canada), Africa (Kenya & Tanzania), The  far East Orient (China and Malaysia). Stay tuned for the new offices!!!!

We are a UK owned and operated company and our headquarters are based in London since 2010 with a sister office in Toronto, Canada.

Our philosophy is very simple, assist those who need the help to get their financial house in order and to stay compliant with the ever changing fast paced world of accounting. 

We are commited to deliver quality of service you would expect to see in a boutique firm but not at their prices.

The management team at Baker Street Accounting Limited has a combined experience of over 25 years of Accounting and Taxation. 

We are team of highly motivated individuals, from various ethnic background, that have come together to share their experiences and knowledge to ensure and sustain the steady growth of the company by servicing our client's every accounting need. 

The main governance body for Baker Street Accounting Ltd is in the UK, which is responsible for the long term growth and sustainability of the company. 

 Its duties include providing leadership to the firm within a framework of prudent and effective controls, setting the firm’s strategy and overseeing its implementation.

Our dedicated team of experienced accountants deliver high quality service with "YES WE CAN" attitude. Our Leadership, Attitude and years of experience are our guarantees to success.

We are constantly educating our staff to be compliant and adaptive, for our clients.
We pride ourselves with being highly knowledgeable with the up to date, last minute changes in the accounting world.
We attend regular meetings hosted by UNCTAD for the IAASB, IPSASB via IFRS. 

We deliver high quality of service for a fraction of the price as compared with boutique firms.
We at, pride ourselves with dedicated work for all our clients.
We take every client seriously, from beginning to end.
We want our clients to feel welcomed and as part of our family, whether it is for just the one visit or multiple visits.

 We specialise in tax and tax solutions. Currently, we work with the United Kingdom, Canada and  United States and their citizens. We realise that an individual or a business, may be placed overseas but  their tax responsibilities do not end. We are here to offer Expatriats that serviceWe also offer an  array of other accounting services from financial statements to financial reporting.
We also assist you with starting a new business from the ground up, guiding you every step of the way, from business  plans to financial projections for us in the banks. Click the button to find out more....

We understand that financial reporting financial statements can be a hassle for SMEs or even large  corporate firms, especially with the changes being implemented from GAAP to IAS. Our goal is to implement the new IAS regulations into place by assisting all small, medium or large corporate companies, in adopting the new IAS regulations for an easier transition into the new accounting  era.
We are working closely with the IFRS to have a better understanding of the IAS regulations  as they become part of every day business life.

Through our forecasted global expansion, we will be seeking various alliances with existing accounting companies to better assist our clients that are either expatriots or always on the move, due to work or relocation. 
We assist clients that are new to the country, leading them every step of the way to become successful entrepreneurs and fully integrate them by teaching the local tax system.

 Baker Street Accounting Ltd sees technological advancement as the main global trend which will  transform business.
As the global economic structure becomes more and more electronic and less and less  human,  we are constantly evolving ways to prevent virtual theft and fraud, yet keeping the human interactive touch a priority as evolve with the changes.


phone: 416-627-9001
Suite 1909 - 6A 170 The Donway West, Toronto, Ontario M3C 3E8 MAP