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Immigration law refers to national government policies controlling the and deportation of
people, and other matters such as citizenship. These laws vary from country to country,
as well as according to the political climate of the times.

Canadian immigration and refugee law concerns the admission of foreign nationals into
Canada, their rights and responsibilities and the conditions of their removal.

Canadian immigration policy allows several classes of people to enter.

The Family Class allows permanent residents or citizens to sponsor a family member or
members into Canada.

The Canadian government has introduced changes affecting the Interim Federal Health
Program which covers refugee health care, it provides limited, temporary, coverage of
health-care benefits to protected persons, refugee claimants, and other specified groups
who are not eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance.

The Canadian Government provides internationally trained individuals with information,
path-finding and referral services for assessing credentials and is responsible for
guiding and monitoring the implementation of pre-arrival services.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada regularly conducts public consultations on issues that
affect Canadians.

Through consultations, the Department obtains a better understanding of the perspectives
of a wide range of citizens and experts to help implement program and policy decisions.

The federal government wants to reduce the use of provincial jails for immigration
detention by making “safe, high quality, federally operated facilities especially designed
for immigration purposes” more readily available to avoid the “comingling of immigration
cases with criminal cases,”

International Experience Canada is a working holiday visa program which allows people from
other countries under the age of 35 to work for a period of one to two years.

Newby legal expertise includes advising on a wide range of employment matters including:
unfair dismissal, sex discrimination, race, disability, breach of contract.

New immigrants moving to Canada is an opportunity but also a great challenge.

You need to know what documents to bring, what to expect and how to find a place to live.
The above is a small synopsis of some of the immigration issues in Canada.
In fact, this area is huge with many variations and implications.

I have studied immigration law to the extent that I can verify that I can be a help to a
different individual on a different aspect of the law.

My goal is to try to understand within the initial consultation the specific needs of your
case and attempt to find the best solution to avoid bureaucracy, ongoing visits which cost
time and money and give you the best possible advice regarding the solution to the

Please give me a call at the number provided above and give me a brief summary of your
This would assit me in setting up an appointment to discuss the matter in further detail.

I was an immigrant myself and most likely went through the same path that you are facing, 
so I would have a very good understanding of the stress, the agony, the misleading
information, the hours and hours of waiting and the uncertainty.

I would do anything within my power to listen and help your case.

I look forward to working with you and offer great value with all your immigration needs
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