1 TV (English) 1TV is owned by GroupOne, an Afghan communications, 

Afghan TV   is the first private satellite TV channel in Afghanistan. 

Ariana News     shortened as ATN, is a privately owned television.

Ariana TV   shortened as ATN is a privately owned television 

RTA (Persian) RTA (the National Radio Television of Afghanistan) 

Shamshad TV  Shamshad TV is a satellite TV channel. 

TOLO news   a news and current affairs TV channel,

 Zhwandoon TV )  is a satellite TV channel based in Kabul 


 ABC Albania (Albanian) Broadcasting Company is a 24/7 World News

 News 24 (Albanian) News 24 is a 24/7 news TV channel. T

Ora News (Albanian)  TV station based in Tirana, the Capital of Albania. 


 Al Magharibia    Al Magharibia TV or Maghreb is an independent satellite 
Echorouk News    Echorouk News TV provides real-time coverage 
El Bilad News    Is a news-oriented TV channel that was founded in 2014. 


 A 24 (Spanish)A 24 is a channel owned by Multimedios America. 

C5N (Spanish)C5N is a 24/7 News TV channel. T

Canal 11 Parana (Spanish)El Once or Canal 11 is a regional TV channel

Canal 5 Tigre TV (Spanish)Canal 5 Tigre is a local TV channel based in Tigre, l

Canal 6 (Spanish)Canal 6 is a news-oriented TV channel from San Rafael Mendoza. 

Canal 79 Mar del Plata (Spanish)Canal 79 Mar del Plata is a local TV channel 

Canal 9 Litoral (Spanish)Canal 9 Litoral is a local TV from Parana 

Canal 9 Salta (Spanish)Canal 9 Salta is a regional TV channel based in Salta,

Canal C (Spanish)Local TV from Cordoba, 

River.. Canal Luz (Spanish) Christian TV channel from the city of Rosario, Santa Fe. 

Silvestri.. CBA 24 (Spanish) Is a TV channel provided by the National University

CN23 (Spanish) or Cultura y Noticias is founded in 2010 and based in Buenos Aires. 

La Nacion (Spanish) Is a free to air TV channel focused on news programming. 

TN24Horas (Spanish) or Todo Noticias is a News channel based in Buenos Aires. 

TV Publica (Spanish) (former Canal 7) is a national TV channel. Public TV . 


1 TV    Is the Armenian Public TV channel, based in Yerevan. 
A1 Plus    Is a commercial TV channel based in Yerevan.
Amga TV    Or the Armenian Media Group of America 
ARTN    Established in 1985. It has earned a well-deserved popularity
Azatutyun TV    Free Europe / Armenian service of Radio Liberty, 
Yerkir Media   

Is a Television channel based in Yerevan, 


CAM: Sydney    Great view of the Sydney Harbour with the Sydney Opera House, 
TV 2 (English)   Is a lifestyle channel. It was founded in 2010. TV2 Australia 
WTV Perth    Channel 44 Perth was founded in 1994.


CAM:Ski)cams    Feratel offers many live (ski) webcams in Europe. 
K TV German   Cephas-TV) operating since 1999, is a Roman Catholic
OE24 German   Is a news portal. The channel started in broadcasting 2006. 
Okto TV    Non-profit community TV channel from Vienna,
ORF Thek    The Österreichischer Rundfunk (-Austrian Broadcasting-, ORF) i
Swamiji TV    Or Yoga in Daily life is an online television channel 
W24 German   (also Wien24 or info channel Vienna) 


Ictimai TV (Azerbaijani) Is part of the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting  

Lider TV (Azerbaijani) Is a privately owned television channel in Azerbaijan. 


Al Maaref TV (Arabic) Is a Religious TV channel.. 

Bahrain Int. TV (Arabic) Is part of the Bahrain News Agency (BNA). 

Bahrain Sports (Arabic) Sports is a national TV channel 

LuaLua TV (Arabic) Is Bahrain's first independent TV station, 


ATN News (Bengali)  ATN News is a News TV channel. 

Jamuna TV (Bengali) Is a Bengali private television channel in.

NTV (Bengali) Is an International oriented TV channel based in Dhaka. 

Somoy News (Bengali) Is 24-hour news oriented television channel. 


CBC (English)   Is a TV station owned and operated by public broadcaster  


Antenne Centre (French)  Is a regional TV station from Louvière 

RTBF Livecenter (French) or Radio Television Belge Francophone

RTC Tele Liege (French) Is a television local Belgian 


Bolivia TV (Spanish)   transmits informational and educational programming

Unitel TV (Spanish)  Is a commercial television network 


Al Jazeera    Ia a 24-hour Bosnian-language channel. 
TV Zenica -    Is a regional (Zenica-Doboj Canton) Bosnian pub


 Agromix    Is an Agricultural TV channel
Amazon Sat    Is a general TV channel
Boa Vontade    Is a Christian TV channel promoting education 
Canal Rural    Is a TV channel based in Sao Paulo t
Cancao Nova    New Song Network is a Catholic Community TV station, 
NBR TV    Is a government TV channel.
Novo Tempo )   Novo Tempo or Hope TV is the official television network 
RBTV Rede    Is a general television network,
Rede TV    Is a commercial TV channel based in Sao Paulo. 
TV Cristo    is a Christian Evangelical channel based in Rio de Janeiro.
TV Gazeta    Television station part of the Casper Libero Foundation. 
TV Justica    Is the TV channel ??of the Supreme Court (STF). 
TV Preve    Is educational TV channel covering Bauru and the entire region. 
TV Terraviva    Is a TV channel from the Agribusiness Bandeirantes 
Transamerica    TV Transamerica is a general TV channel.
 TV Universal    TV Universal is a Christian TV Network based in Rio de Janeiro. 
 Via Morena   

Brunei Daris

RTB News (English)  Radio Television Brunei or RTB is the state broadcaster of Brunei. 

BNT World (Bulgarian) international television channel by the Bulgarian National Television. 

Kanal 3 (Bulgarian)Channel 3 is an urban television channel based in Sofia. . 

Tvart (Bulgarian) Internet TV. It presents arts and tourism for the general public 

Burkina Faso 

Impact TV (French) is an Evangelic TV channel


Bayon News    Bayon News is a National (public) Television channel. 
Bayon TV    Bayon TV is a privately owned TV channel, 
Khmer TV    KTV is the National (public) Television of Kampuchea. 


CCTV 4   Is serving Chinese speaking people from overseas. 
CCTV Arabic    Is an Arabic language entertainment and news channel 
CCTV Espanol    Originating in the People's Republic 
CGTN news    A 24/7 news TV channel in the English language.
DHTV    A variety of programs including financial news.
Kanka News    Is Shanghai's Radio and Television News Network. 
NBS Chinese   Is located in Nanjing. It offers local news programming.
NTD Chinese   The channel first aired in 2001 and is based in New York.


Canal trece    Canal Salero is an Internet Tv channel dedicated to Salsa. 
CMB Spanish   CMB is a Christian TV channel broadcasting from Bogotá.
NTN24    Or Nuestra Tele Noticias 24 Horas is an international News
Tele Medellin    Tele Medellin is a local TV channel from Medellin.
Tele VID    Tele VID is a local TV channel from Medellin. 

Costa Rica

Canal 13 (Spanish)  By Sistema Nacional de Radio y Television S.A. (SINART).

Extra Canal 42 (Spanish) Its profile ages ranging from eighteen to forty-four years. 


CAM: Hvar    An Island (opposite of Spit) in the Adriatic sea.
Jabuka TV    Jabuka TV is the first independent commercial TV  



CBA 2 (Papiamento)  from the World Trade Center in Piscadera Bay, Curacao. 

Nos Pais (English) is an innovative and Independent multimedia company 


Ada (Turkish)   with the headquarter based in Kyrenia (Northern Cyprus).
BRTK Turkish    self-proclaimed 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
Pik Sat (Greek)   PIK Sat is satellite TV channel from Cyprus 

Czech Rep

. CT24 (Czech)   CT24 is a public service news channel. It was founded in 2005. 
. TV NOE (Czech)   TV Noe (-TV good news-) is meant for a Christian audience. 

Dom. Rep.

Bonao TV    Bonao TV is a local TV channel based in Bonao, 
CDN Canal 67    Owned by El Caribe, a daily newspaper.
CERTV Canal 4    CERTV Canal 4 or Corporacion Estatal de Radio y TV Public
Color Vision )   Color Vision is a television network 
Digital 15    A television channel located in Santa Domingo.
ExtremoCanal 14    In the province of San Pedro de Macoris. 
Tele Antillas    Canal 2 is a television network operating out of Santo Domingo
Telemicro    Canal 5, is a major TV & Radio in the Dominican Republic 
Telenord Canal    Canal 10. provides news, information, sports, films and health 
Telenord Canal    Canal 10 Besides a more general programming,
Telenord Canal 8    provides series, magazines and entertainment programs.
TeleUniverso Canal 29 (   based in Santiago De Los Caballeros, the capital of Santiago 
TRA 45 (Spanish)   TRA 45, TeleRadio America is a Regional TV channel
Vegateve Spanish   Vegateve is a regional TV channel from Santo Domingo. 


. Alhayah 1 TV    Alhayah 1 TV is part of the Alhayah TV satellite network 
ATV Sat (Arabic)   ATV Sat is a Christian channel.
CBC (Arabic)   CBC is a satellite TV channel 
CBC Drama )   Is the second TV channel to join the CBC Satellite 
CBC Extra News    Is a channel that is specializing in live coverage 
CBC Sofra    CBC Sofra (English traveling)
DMC TV (Arabic)   Is a satellite TV channel (Channel dmc Frequency
Dream TV (Arabic)   Dream TV a satellite television channel. 
El Balad TV    El Balad TV was founded after the revolution in 2011. 
Nile TV Int.    Nile TV International is a State TV channel.
ON Live HD    ONTV-Live is a pan-Arab news TV channel. 
ON TV Drama    ON Network is an Egyptian 'Free-to-air' group 
Sat 7 (Arabic)   Offering four different TV channels.
Ten TV (Arabic)   Ten TV is an Egyptian channel. 

El Salvador

Canal 12 (Spanish)  The La Libertad department of El Salvador. 

Canal 17 (Spanish) Christian TV. It's founded by the Misin Bautista Internacional De El Salvador. 

Canal 21 (Spanish) Canal 19 is a commercial TV channel owned by the Megavision Group.

 Canal 33 (Spanish) Canal 33 is general TV channel based in San Salvador 

 El Camino (Spanish) Canal 29 is a Christian channel based in the city La Libertad. 

 Elim TV (Spanish)  Is a Christian TV Channel based in San Salvador. 


Eri TV (English)Eri-TV is a state-owned Eritrean television network. It has its Headquarter in the national capital Asmara. It broadcasts 24-hours a day. 


EBC (Amharic)EBC Is a stated-owned TV network based in Addis Ababa..

EBC 2 (Amharic) (Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation)  based in Addis Ababa..

EBC 3 (Amharic) (Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation) is a state-owned TV in Addis Ababa.


TV7 (Finnish)   TV 7 is a Christian TV channel located in Parnu. 


Africa 24 TV (French) officially became the first global news channel on Africa 

Al Malakoot Sat (Arabic)  The Kingdom Sat, is a global Christian TV channel 

BFM Business (French) Is a Business and Economics News channel based in Paris. 

BFM TV (French)  Based in Paris. It is the most-watched news network of France

CNA Sat (French) Is a Protestant Christian TV channel. 

Euronews (France) Multilingual news television channel, in Lyon-Ecully, France. 

France 24 (Arabic) international news and current affairs television channel in Paris. 

France 24 (French) international news and current affairs television channel based in Paris. 

France 24 (English) international news and current affairs television channel

France Info (French) Info is a news and general interest TV channel. 

GrandLille TV (French) Grandville is a local TV station from the city of Lille.

 KTO TV (French)KTO TV is a French-speaking Catholic TV channel.

Lustiger.. TV 8 Mont Blanc (French) a local TV from the channel based in Sévrier 

 TV7 Bordeaux (French) is a local private television channel from Bordeaux. 


1TV (Georgian)   A public broadcaster that started broadcasting in 1956.
2TV (Georgian)   2TV (the second channel) is a public broadcaster 
AT Abkhazian    State TV provides mainly cultural related programming.
Imedi TV    or in English Hope TV) is private television station. 
Kavkasia TV    Kavkasia TV is a general TV channel.
Maestro    Maestro is a general TV channel.


CAM: Dusseldorf    This is a webcam providing a view of the outside of the gates. 
CAM: Earth TV    EarthTV owns and operates the largest broadcast camera network 
. Alex Berlin    Is a Community access (Offener Kanal) TV channel from Berlin. 
ARD Tagesschau    Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten 
BR Alpha (German)   BR Alpha offers educational programs from the Bayerischen Rundfunk based in München.
Dresden Fernsehen    TV station from Dresden that started broadcasts in 1996.
DW (Arabic)    DW (Arabic) or Deutsche Welle is a news and information TV Station 
DW (Deutsch +)    Or Deutsche Welle Europe, is a news and information TV  
DW (Deutsch) (German)   Or Deutsche Welle Europe, is a news and information TV 
DW (English)    Or Deutsche Welle Europe, is a news and information TV Station 
DW (Espanol)    Deutsche Welle is a news and information This is the Latin version. 
Elbekanal    Elbekanal is regional TV from Schönebeck. 
Euronews Deutsch    Euronews is a European,  in Lyon-Ecully, France.
Franken Fernsehen )   television station for the metropolitan area of Nürnberg-Fürth-Erlangen 
Hamburg 1 (German)   Hamburg 1 is a regional television station for the region of Hamburg. 
Hope Channel -    network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 
Leipzig Fernsehen    is a privately owned commercial TV station broadcasting from Leipzig. 
LTV (German)   a local television station in the Rems-Murr-Kreis,
NDR Mecklenbug Vorpommern    NDR Fernsehen or Norddeutschen Rundfunk is a regional television channel 
NDR Schleswig Holstein    NDR Fernsehen or Norddeutschen Rundfunk is a regional television channel 
. NOA4 (German)   Since June 2002, the local TV station Norderstedt NOA4 broadcasts from Monday to Friday daily from 18.30 to 19.00
Nrwision German   Nrwision is an Educational TV channel owned by the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Institute for Journalism at the University of Dortmund. 
Offener Kanal Magdeburg    Offener Kanal Magdeburg is a regional TV channel from Magdeburg. It provides regional News and current affairs programming. 
RFH (German)   Regional television in the counties of resin, Salzlandkreis, and Goslar. 
Rheinmain TV    Rheinmain TV is a local TV channel from Bad Homburg.
RTL Muenchen TV (German)   From München. It was founded in 2005 and is a privately held channel. 
Sachsen Fernsehen    TV station based in Chemnitz, Sachsen. It started broadcasts in 1999. 
TV Aktuell    It shows mainly news, sports, and informative programs.
TV Berlin    privately owned metropolitan area station based in Berlin-Kreuzberg 
TV Halle German   local TV channel from Halle (Saale) in Saxony-Anhalt. 


Adom TV (English)   TV channel that provides promotion of tradition and culture, politics, 



CAM: Ios Island       Webcam located at Ios Island Greece.  part of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. 

4E TV (Greek)        4E TV is a Greek TV station based in Thessaloniki. 

Achaia News (Greek)    an information TV channel. It features news, revelations and all the latest news 

Astra TV (Greek)     from Larissa. d Entertainment. Blue Sky started broadcasting in 1990. 

Crete TV (Greek)    Crete TV is a regional TV channel from Heraklion, Crete. 

ERT 1 (Greek)     ERT's television channel went off the air in the middle of a programme in 2013, 

ERT 2 (Greek)     General TV channel..

ERT 3 Worldwide (Greek)  General TV channel.. 

Extra channel 3 (Greek)    privately owned television station Attica based in Peristeri. 

 Kontra Channel (Greek)   Kontra Channel is a news channel addressed to the potential audience aged 35-55. It is based in Parnitha. 

 Nea TV (Greek)    Nea TV is a regional TV channel based in Chania, Crete. 

Omega TV (Greek)    Omega TV is a regional TV channel located in Rhodes Island.

SBC (Greek)     SBC is a Business channel with the emphasis on Economic, corporate and securities updates. 

Skai (Greek)     Skai TV is a Greek TV station, based in Piraeus, Athens.

Thraki Net (Greek)    This is a local TV station located at Alexandroupolis. 

TV 100 (Greek)    TV 100 is a local TV channel from Thessaloniki.

TV Creta (Greek)    TV Creta is a regional informative TV station. It was founded in 1992. 

Word of God - Greek    Word of God is a Christian TV channel. 

Zougla TV (Greek)     Zougla TV or Jungle TV is an Internet only TV channel.