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We are located on Danforth Avenue at Dawes Road right in the middle of the world and carry products from everywhere.  
Name the products and it is possible we have it.

We carry products such as:  Yams, Dasheen,




Hot Peppers,

ChoCho,   Corn and

Eddoes   are fresh and fragrant, as are the three types of mangoes, including the famous Julie variety, in the produce aisle.

The Mango Tree, Read the book, written by Mr. Goudas, to become familiar with the Julie mango.

The well-maintained meat and fish counters skew heavily West Indian.
goat's feet, shoulders and legs,


cow's feet, 





king fish, 

There is also plenty of smoked mackerel, herring and cod.

Head to the freezer for the beloved pistachio kulfi.

Cod Liver Oil, Limacol,


Ovaltine, Horlicks, Ferrol Compound,


and other Caribbean favourites.

Curry Powder

and Spices of all varieties and brands are available in different sizes.

Danforth Food  stocks a wide variety of Caribbean food:
Barbadian, Jamaican, Trinidadian, Guyanese, and other Caribbean islands.
phone: 416-690-5579  
2742 Danforth Ave Tor On M4B1L7 MAP