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Dear Sir/Madam,

 Do you ever wonder what happens to your flyers and advertisements after they are distributed to the public?

Certainly you hope that people will read them, remember the store and its special promotions, and save the handout for future reference. 

Unfortunately, most of these advertisements end up lost among tons of forgotten pieces of paper, and in the worst case, they become the content of a garbage can, without even being noticed first!

  This certainly is not effective advertising!

 However, now there is a way to have your advertisements noticed., has been especially created to offer effective advertising.

Your special prices and promotions will not only be noticed, they will remain on the customer’s mind for a long time, since they will be seen for as long as you chose to display your advertisements on our site. offers the ability to visit more than 2000 stores, of all categories, and all sizes. 

It’s almost like a walk through a shopping mall, only much more comfortable and easy! 

Your clients don’t even have to remember your website address; once they click on your personal page, a link will automatically transfer them to your website for more information if desired. 

With FlyerMall, your stores will be easily found, and you will be able to communicate to your customers all your marketing and sales messages, any time of the day, week, or month, and with great results.

 It’s time for your business to become a member of this amazing website.

 Visit us at and you will notice a number of features especially designed not only to keep customers informed but also entertained.

Millions of visitors from 2001 already browse through the various stores enjoying the practicality and simplicity that our website has to offer for their shopping needs. 

For the new stores signing up to our website, we are offering special prices and packages.

 You will be amazed to discover how easy and affordable it is to enjoy the quality and outcomes of our services!

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 Thank you, The FlyerMall Team was founded in the year 2000. has brought about an amazing revolution and a different perspective in the world of online advertising and assists in the reduction of paper clutter.
 Our goal is to provide excellent, consistent, service to our existing and future clients through the provision of the largest online collection of flyers.
We are proud that was the first website in the world to begin displaying flyers on the internet and throughout the years has remained the leading online advertising tool. conveniently provides consumers with their favourite current flyers online which will help the consumer to make an informed shopping decision.

Currently we have many flyers on the main page and many more in the categorized section. 
Our team continuously strives to provide excellent service to our esteemed advertisers and viewers and as our birthday approaches we are making even more changes.

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