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The Brazil Carnival is the World’s Largest Party

It is a week-long series of house parties, street parades, sidewalk dances, all meant to be the last hurrah before the Catholic tradition of Lent begins.

On the Brazil Carnival YouTube Channel, you can do more than just watch live video.

You can also chat with other YouTube users from around the world to see what they’re saying about the Brazil Carnival party.'

You can also watch live interviews with celebrities and popular Brazilian samba bands.

Carnival Brazil Sao Paulo 2013 

 Rio Carnival Dancers

Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2013 - 1

 Here is another video for your indulgence.

Few people know that Rio is one of the greenest metropolises in the world.
We follow the story of the carnival and see how the diversity of wildlife, inspires the eight million people of Rio.

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We invite all of you to Carnival in Brazil next year.

Suge Xareed I was in Sao Paulo 2014 Brasilian carnival festive.. man I was like wow, brazil is so beautiful and this kind of festival is so amazing.. too many booties all around the city..


Rio Carnival 2019 Floats &  DancersBrazilian Carnival The Samba Schools Parade

Rio de Janeiro Carnival highlights. The competition took place on March 3 and 4, 2019. The Special Group of the Samba Schools Parade always happens on Sunday and Monday which is before Tuesday of carnival (a mobile holiday that occurs 47 days before Easter, and which this year it is on March 5). On both nights, the parade starts at 9 o'clock and ends at sunrise.

elize sprin It was incredibly beautiful and happy. I love you Brazil. We Iranians love you and respect your culture.

Henrique Rocha Ok, so a lot of you guys don't seem to know that here in Brazil Carnival is actually a competition, at least in Rio the biggest carnival is separated into 2 divisions. The first where the biggest schools take part, and the second with the not so big ones.

Every category of the parade is judged and the schools receive points for their performance, if your parade is really bad you will relegate to the 2nd division, and if you get the best score you win the championship, there's prize money and all.

That's why things are so perfect and so beautiful because if you fail you will relegate, meaning you will have less money and less visibility next year, they compete against each other. The biggest 3 winners are Portela with 22 titles, Mangueira with 20, and Beija-flor with 14.

waterbug85 On both nights, the parade starts at 9 o'clock and ends at sunrise. The Rio de Janeiro Carnival knows how to party!!! And I thought the Rose Bowl Parade looked special, but this parade is off the HOOK!!! Congrats to the Brazilian people for showing the world how to party.

Philip Fabian 2019 was wild. people were outside dancing next to each other.

Thirsk Last  What a fantastic display of color, community, and love. We also see women being allowed to be themselves and celebrate their feminine form in such a beautiful portrayal. Meanwhile reality check here in the UK, we are a nation divided. I feel so happy that somewhere else in the world there is a balance and it is living and celebrating life to its fullest. Bless you, Brasil!


New developments 2020


Coronavirus: Brazil's daily death toll hits 1,000


The Brazilian carnival was the best in the world.

Up to the end of the Carnaval on 24 of Feb 2020, there was no even one death. 

Rio de Janeiro Carnival highlights. The competition took place on February 23 and 24, 2020.
The Special Group of the Samba Schools Parade always happens on Sunday and Monday which is before Tuesday of carnival (a mobile holiday that occurs 47 days before Easter, and which this year it is on February 25).

On both nights, the parade starts at 9 o'clock and ends at sunrise.


The number of tourists was millions. Two days later the dancing fever from the tourist still continuous and on 27 Feb some coronavirus deaths were reported. 

Today 31/May/2020 the total deaths are 29.341 and the statistics telling us will escalate to 35.000 very soon.

Farhad Azizi, I’m so sorry to see this. I can’t imagine having to say goodbye to my family this way. My thoughts and love to the Brazilian people.

Brazil had a horrendous lack of leadership in facing the oncoming storm. Again, warnings were dismissed by "leaders"
CrusaderPRT If the supposed most developed countries were hit hard... I can't imagine how its gonna be for countries like Brazil and India.

hujjesb My goodness there buried about 2 feet deep. First heavy rain they will resurface

KarMa CañQuints A moment of silence for Brazil.

Apan Konyak Actually I was crying by seeing this video.


ON 05 SEP 2020 125.584


Is a very very very, sad story


Populism and the pandemic: The great divide in Brazil

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil, the populist president Jair Bolsonaro is refusing to sacrifice the economy for the sake of public health. Just like him, his supporters downplay the crisis and denounce the "coronavirus tyranny".

But local authorities have taken the lead and have adopted lockdown measures against the president's advice. Even in the favelas, the locals are afraid of Covid-19 and are doing what they can. With 13 million people living in these cramped working-class neighborhoods, the threat of a health disaster is only too real. Our reporters in Brazil investigate.


Brazil's Bolsonaro: Turning COVID-19 denial into a media spectacle

On The Listening Post this week: Brazil's President Bolsonaro and COVID-19 misinformation. Plus, how well has the WHO performed as a key information source during the pandemic? Brazil's Bolsonaro: Turning COVID-19 denial into media spectacle A president at odds with his advisers and scientists over COVID-19, who has said the virus is no worse than the flu, and whose supporters accuse the media of hyping up the story.

Not Donald Trump, but Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro. Even as deaths in Brazil surpass China, President Bolsonaro continues to downplay the pandemic. After firing his health minister, he went on to attend a "protest" demanding military intervention to lift the lockdown. He also has the support of two of Brazil's biggest media players, Record TV and SBT.

Whether Bolsonaro is in denial, or just playing politics, they are standing firmly by his side.


Coronavirus: What went wrong in Brazil? - BBC News


In Brazil, ‘the virus has struck pretty ferociously


Brazil's poorest fight coronavirus alone

As deaths pass 1,000 people a day from coronavirus, Brazil's poorest are doing their best to fight back against COVID-19.

Inside Brazil’s COVID-19 tragedy | ABCNews PRIME


Is Brazil the new epicenter of the coronavirus crisis?


Brazil’s city of Manaus resorts to mass graves as country’s coronavirus death toll soars 

Brazil virus outbreak: Amazonas state capital becomes a hotspot


Record death in Brazil the US debates easing restrictions


20,000 daily cases in Brazil +++ 5 million coronavirus contractions worldwide


Mass graves being dug and long queues forming at banks as Brazil’s Covid-19 crisis deepens


Brazilian Famous People