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My business is to make your teeth look good.

If the photographer says to you "smile", simply show your beautiful teeth.


Of course, there are hundreds of dental laboratories in the world.  

Obviously, should you want to visit some of them, you have to make an appointment, go there, take measurements, allow a few days for a mould to be made, then you have to get fitted, and hopefully, you are semi-satisfied.

My business is to make sure that I make you happy because if I can be able to do that, then, and only then, you can recommend me to your friends.

I have been a laboratory technician since I was nine years old in Athens, Greece.

I have sixty-two years experience and I can determine and tell you that you are eighty years old man and those teeth pictured below will not suit you and everyone will know that you have false teeth.

That means that through my experience I can make teeth that fit your age with variation in colour so that when you smile, no one will ever know that you have false teeth.

The material that I use is exclusively made for me in Switzerland.

It is durable, strong, does not come apart.  It fits you like your natural teeth.

You will feel so comfortable, you may sometimes forget that you have false teeth or dentures.

Not only do I provide full dentures, but I also do partial plates to match your exixting teeth.

I will be pleased if you would give me a call to set up an appointment to suit your needs.  

In addition, I will do everything possible to ensure that you will be satisifed with the end result and give me a great big smile of satisfaction.

phone: (954) 987-6888  
6320 Miramar Pkwy Miramar, FL 33023, United States‎ MAP