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A Royal Bank customer sent us a copy of the following letter/notification.

With comments about the contents.

The customer tried to obtain information by calling the Royal Bank number in the letter. However, because the number was not clearly stated and the individual being over sixty, it was difficult to determine what the number was - 1-800 PLUS pLUS 1 DASH (-) 1.

Which telephone dial pad has a DASH.   

Why did the Royal Bank not write the corrcect number instead of this stupid way.l

Upon trying to call this number it was trial and error, a guessing game until finally the answering machine system kick in with a dozen options.   With each option being advertising.

For example, if I did not read this letter it would mean that as of December 2, 2016 means that I have accepted the changes that the Royal Bank made to the Disclosures.

Now, in order to examine and get more information about the Disclosure, I have to visit an RBC branch, wait in line until I get to a Customer Service Representative who has no idea about these changes.  

Finally, we get to an individual who knows a little bit about the changes yet still has to call RBC head office for clarification.

The letter refers to the date October 28, 2015 then with the word UPDATE IN ALL CAPITALS, November 1, 2016..... then on and on until December 2, 2016.

These dates are totally confusing.  

Furthermore, what the hell does this paragraph mean:  We look forward to serving you.  But if you do not wish to accept these changes, you may close your account. 

In a few words either you accept the change or F - OFF.

Additionally, why after the word ROYAL is a registered trademark symbol as part of the bank's telephone number.

The word royal is so common everyone uses it, ROYAL GLASS, ROYAL PAVING, ROYAL CROWN, ROYAL PAIN IN THE ARSE, etc., etc.

How big do you think you are?  

Are you discriminating against those Sixty-plus by trying to confuse us with this stupid letter?

By the way if you check, Sixty-plus belongs to the VIAGRA COMPANY. 

I am certain I am not the only customer who is frustrated with stupid letters like this, a waste of stamp and filling my mailbox with junk.

The should be a law about such nonsense.

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