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Visitors avoid Greece over virus fears, battering the economy


L J D UK Greece is swarming with illegals, that’s the main reason they’re suffering.
It’s such a beautiful country & people. Such a shame 

Franco Palumbo Visitors Avoid Greece - Because of the illegal Invaders! Period! 

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Greek Islanders Want the Refugee Crisis Over 

We wrote an article in 2015 about Syria. We know then the problem that was coming but we did not emphasize to the full extent the situation to sent the people to panic. We wrote the following: 

(The purpose of this posting is not to try to solve the issue but to see the effects.) 
In addition, we made a comment about an English man by the name of Eric Kempson by saying:

At least 35,000 have washed up on the 10 miles of coast near Eric's home.
Most of them are Syrians fleeing the war and chaos in Syria. In the absence of any aid agencies, help from the Greek authorities or the European Union, Eric and his wife Philippa along with their musician daughter Elleni, in addition to a handful of other volunteers and tourists, spent every day helping the thousands of vulnerable refugees and migrants who have landed near their home. 
Within the article, we notice a German politician mentions the following on public television.

We recommend clicking here to read the article about Syria 


Mr. Philipp Missfelder clearly stated twice in the video the verification of his religious preference in favor of Christian refugees. 

He ignored altogether the big picture and the problems in the Middle East. This is not a religious issue. This was a humanitarian issue and as human beings, we should try to assist the refugees to find their way through life. Mr Philipp Missfelder broke every rule of the (Goudasism) 

 1.            Respect for all religions
 2.            Respect for all colors
 3.            Respect for all cultures
 4.            Respect for all traditions
 5.            Respect for all ages

Soon after that statement, his name was in the news. 

"The German conservative politician Philipp Missfelder died on Monday 13 July 2015, at only 35 years old," CDU-parliamentary leader Volker Kauder said in Berlin.
The cause of death is believed to be a pulmonary embolism. 

Doctors usually treat pulmonary embolism with medicines called anticoagulants.
They are often called blood thinners, but they don't really thin the blood. They help prevent new clots and keep existing clots from growing. Most people take a blood thinner for a few months.

The article below was created in 2014 / 2015 to help the Syrian people who really needed help at the time.

If anyone wishes to read and view the Syria article please click here 

They did not immigrate from Syria anymore, but from Afganistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Jordan, Libia, Kenia, Algeria, Cameroun, Ghana, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and others.

Problems with the economy, immigration big issue, huge unemployment numbers, uncertainty for the future, fears of the war with turkey, fights among the politicians,

Greece’s economic nightmare 



Sweden Deaths climb in the country that didn't lockdown

mpgxsvcd This is Russian Roulette on a grand scale.


May 16, 2020, The impact on Canada’s airline industry

Canadian fruit and vegetable growers already suffering losses amid the pandemic are now being hit by a labor shortage. As David Akin reports, seasonal farmworkers are choosing to stay home and receive Canada's Emergency Response Benefit.

Ricky Bobby Put Air Canada on hold and forget about them. That's what they do to their customers.

Denise Weideman Canadian Taxpayers have bailed out Air Canada too many times over the last few decades.
Let them take out loans but NO bailouts


Coronavirus: Brazil's daily death toll hits 1,000 

The Brazilian carnival of Rio Janerio was one of the best in the world.

Up to the end of the Carnaval on 24 of Feb 2020, there was no even one death.
The number of tourists was millions. Two days later the dancing fever from the tourist was still continuous and on 27 Feb some coronavirus deaths were reported.
Today 31/May/2020 the total number of deaths is 29.341 and the statistics telling us will escalate to 35.000 very soon.

The Coronavirus attack strategy of Brazil can easily have a mirror image of the catastrophic results in another country and there is no other than GREECE.

Let try to understand the situation.

Early this year 2020 with the coronavirus issue the politicians decided to put the country on lockdown. 
This was not a normal lockdown instead of a money-making project.

No one can go out of their home unless you had a permit from the authorities, all stores were close except the pharmacies unless you had a request from your doctor along with his certificate with all his credentials.

Some grocery stores were open, bad no grocery inside, which means nothing to buy.

Traveling from province to Provence was prohibited unless you had a special permit.
Some people try to break the rules and instead of taking the express highway who the police patrolling all the time, they decide to take the old road that no one travels anymore
That was a brilliant idea, the trip was a little more expensive bad was worthing to try.

So 5 or 6 passengers to share the expenses and bon vualla. 
The trip becomes wonderful, stopping every so often to cut some watermelons or other fruits and fresh vegetables from the farms sins the farmer was not there.

What a beautiful trip, until 50 or 60 kilometers after several curves on the country road a policeman out of nowhere signaling them to stop.
Accompanying him was some person from the fire department some from the ambulance department, few army members along with the airforce and the navy soldiers as well as few tow trucks,

The driver got 300 euro fine, each passenger 150 euro, the driver lost his license for 2 months, and remove the plates from the car, the tow truck cost 200 to 300 euro to lift the car to the police department. everyone in the car was charged for criminal activities for stelling watermelons and other fruits, the liquor in the car was confiscated, everybody was transferred to the police department for more investigation and a bail hearing, after all this, each of them had to take his own taxi  because the law allows only one passenger per trip (Coronavirus new low) 

How can India control Coronavirus?

Trump terminates relationship with the World Health Organization

COVID-19 update: Trudeau addresses Canadians 

The U.S. records more than 50,000 new coronavirus cases  July 2nd, 2020 

America In Crisis: Economic Turning Point | NBC News

Panic in Greece: A plane from Sweden has arrived without a permit

The news around the world reporting big numbers for the US.

Yet the US is reporting very little. Haw, this happens?????


Canada's hardest-hit nursing homes lost 40% of residents in just 3

months of the pandemic 10 JULY 2020

Below is the latest on Sweden 9/July /2020 

Maron so many stupid people are here. Scary to see how easily the media can create propaganda.
Bill Mitchell Sweden did not do a good job of protecting the elderly. Just like other countries. 90 % of the people who died were over 70 years old. But by not locking down it saved the economy, social, emotional, and physical problems that are occurring in other countries.
eye big wait? There are still people left alive in Sweden? I thought they all died because of their bad corona policy? At least that's how it was portrayed in the German state media.
RootsRadical808 That's why the neighboring countries banned Swedes from their country
Marcus Hållvik As a Swede I hate Tegnell, he is killing my people. 

Lockdown Lite: Sweden's Model of Coronavirus Control

N.S. dairy farmers resort to dumping milk amid COVID-19

How Canada's supply management system works

Canada has many food banks, homeless people, poor people, and the milk marketing board dumping the milk? and not dropping the price?  

US surpasses 150,000 Covid-19 deaths 

Around 4.4 million Canadians and foreigners have entered by land or air since March 23

40 local tv and 200 Canadian radio stations could close in the next three years 


Closed more than 50 local newsrooms across America.

Newspaper industry’s financial struggles

You may change or cancel your subscription to Toronto Star in accordance with the terms of your Subscription Agreement. Please contact Customer Service at 416-367-4500 or 1-800-268-9213.

Sep 03 2020  129,923 cases in Canada, including 9,135 deaths.

88.5 percent of people have now recovered. Labs across Canada tested an average of 46,000 people daily over the past week with 0.9 percent testing positive. An average of 501 new cases has been reported daily during the most recent seven days. 

Denmark Exterminated 17 Million Mink Over a Covid

The Nuremberg trials will start again

Never put people that panic in charge of the government, vote them out now.
17 million lives wasted on human greed. Holy shit!!! I knew they were doing this but I didn't grasp the scope of how many animals that meant. 17 million mink!!! This is horrible.

Alan Malcheski  Those animals are very intelligent  
Chee Nou Lo Minks are actually good...
Green Eyez Holy shit!!! I knew they were doing this but I didn't grasp the scope of how many animals that meant. 17 million mink!!! This is horrible. 
نادر الی راحمان 17 million lives wasted on human greed. 
Shelli Belli Wow! I hadn’t heard about this!  


Mink and Dog Cleanup Backyard Rats

How to care for a pet Mink 

Trudeau says program extension delayed some CERB payments

Positive COVID-19 cases were reported at 2 Toronto GoodLife clubs

international students will be a DISASTER FOR CANADA.

80 University in Washington students test positive for coronavirus

Meanwhile, the situation worsens in the U.S.

Ontario teachers worried about a return to school

U.S. COVID-19 deaths projected to double to 410,000 by January

SEP 04 2020  
CANADA   POPULATION    37,971,911   DEATHS   9141
UGANDA   POPULATION   46,732,418    DEATHS       35
VIETNAM   POPULATION   97,946,595   DEATHS       35
NIGERIA   POPULATION  209,658,679   DEATHS   1051
TANZANIA POPULATION  60,903,854    DEATHS        21 

9 Oct 2020 Today’s coronavirus news: 10 percent or so of Toronto’s cases occurred in last eight days; Ontario bans indoor restaurant dining, closes gyms, theatres for 28 days, after a record high of 939 cases

Poland reports a record daily increase in coronavirus cases

Trudeau, discuss new COVID-19 projections; rent relief program

Funeral Homes in Mexico Show Coronavirus’ Hidden Death Toll

Mexico is reopening, but those handling the dead say the Coronavirus epidemic there is far from over. Crematoriums and funeral homes are overwhelmed, and mortality data shows the death toll is far higher than official numbers

India: Under Lockdown | 101 East

Coronavirus: Why are infections rising again in the US?

Dr. Fauci had personally received death threats.

The UK prepares for new lockdowns

Ontario reported 649 new cases on Sunday

How long the Coronavirus pandemic will last

When is a pandemic over?

Spanish Flu: a warning from history

Covid-19: why travel will never be the same 

Coronavirus Is Our Future

Bill Gates Created Coronavirus According to Conspiracy

Vietnam has zero corona deaths. Here’s why

Homelessness amongst the COVID-19 pandemic

Corona: How homeless camps have grown in LA

Ισραήλ: Διαδηλωτές κατά Νετανιάχου

COVID-19 cases, Ontario's numbers are trending upwards,

Covid-19: how to fix the economy

Coronavirus second wave hits Europe:

Coronavirus in Sweden: Government issues new recommendations as cases rise 6 NOV

How pandemics change the world 

Will the next pandemic start in Brazil?


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The Canada-U.S. border's been shut down for a year 15/MAR/2021