MOMENT OF PAST South Africa has a shortage of 2-thousand doctors because of apartheid policies that denied proper health care education to most blacks.



Gail Reed and William Gumede on Cuba's medical success

Coronavirus deaths in US top 3,000  31 ??? 2020

Coronavirus in Germany

How Coronavirus Compares to Spanish Flu

Coronavirus 770,000 cases, 33,000 deaths


Coronavirus U.K. 381 deaths 30 MAR 

The National for Monday, March 30 

Hello God- Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton - (profile biography documentary)

 A friend of mine for many years who live in St Lousia in the Caribbean sent me the following song to post with Dolly Parton, which fits the times that we living.
The surprising part is the comments of people.

Abraham Sowah Who is here in 2020 and realizes the song matches with what is going on in the world now. coronavirus
BJane58 The woman is a genius. She is the best thing that ever happened in the music world. What a song!
Dunsin Craft Collection_ DCC Who is listening to this in 2020??? Help us, Lord, during this coronavirus epidemic
Lilly Mwogah Who is watching this during this coronavirus pandemic? Hello God, give us one more chance to prove ourselves to you, Hello God, hello God.
Mal P Anyone listening to this song in today's time? With everything happening around us this song holds so true...Hello, God, are you listening we are in great need of your love 
Nicole Nadeau, This is the most beautiful song ever! 
Barr_Charles McDowell, I'm just listening to this for the first time, To be honest, my heart and soul is filled with God's love, I know he has heard our prayers and will forgive us.
Ruth Ubani This is the most beautiful song ever written and sang by the best voice ever exited. Father God forgive us and let your grace abound.
Brittney Robinson A beautiful song to match a beautiful voice, and a beautiful person inside and out!
thebeta53 not only is the song beautiful, but every word is true.



The Greek Home for the Elderly is a non-profit organization  

The Greek Home for the Elderly is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing exceptional quality care and services to the elderly in our community, which enhances their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The well-known president of the "Hellenic Home for the Aged" for many years, Giannis Fanaras, speaks to WWW.FLYERMALL.COM this morning 4 April 2020 and verified that no one has died or even been infected in the 2 facilities which he oversees. This are extremely happy news.
The question in our minds is: How did he successfully accomplish this?

He told us that he's banned all visitors including close relatives and friends.

"My decision was not a popular one, but it was justified under the circumstances".
In the meantime, we have incorporated Skype, and What's up in order to maintain essential contacts with loved ones. 

To let you understand the importance of the easter seasons for countries like Cyprus, Finland, Romania, and some parts of Albania, Russia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, etc., etc., Easter is the most festive. It is a time for family and friends, food, feasting, and celebration.
Needless to say, these religious festivities also apply to the traditional Catholic faith.
Throughout the country, an abundance of customs and traditions are held during the week prior to Easter, referred to as Holy Week. 
The book was written in such a way to let anyone understand the mean of the Greek Orthodox without trying to persecute anyone to chains' religious beliefs.

AN EASTER STORYBOOK   Sincerely, Bernadette Scott



Canada Post employee in Mississauga tests positive for coronavirus 

They have not been at work since March 28 and Canada Post learned of the test results Thursday afternoon.  As of Friday, Peel region has 412 cases and two deaths

Anxiety Spreads Among Exposed UPS and FedEx Drivers

Employees at United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. work in close quarters to load packages and wonder about the risks they’re taking with every box that’s been handled by multiple other people. 

Shoppers Drug Mart employee tests positive

As of 10 a.m. on April 9, Peel Public Health is reporting a total of 786 confirmed cases in the region.

An employee at Mississauga BMO  Apr 07, 2020


extending coronavirus unemployment benefits


Pope Francis leads Palm Sunday mass at the Vatican

Joan Myers Joan Myers, Duluth, Georgia. Please bless all those that are suffering from the virus Take care of all of the families and help them through this. Bless all the health care people.

Ashley Pitcher From his straight shooter approach to consistent diligence, Premier Ford has far exceeded my expectations. I have never felt so grateful to be an Ontarian!! If you do happen to see this, on behalf of the rest of my loved ones thank you, Premier Ford, for going above and beyond to make sure we are all equally protected!

President Duterte threatens to arrest or shoot troublemakers in coronavirus crisis

Maria Theresa Sison, I love you our dearest president thank you for protecting us NORMAL people... I will forever support and agree with totally dugong...
Kevanie Woo is Better news than the other network!
ElzenPlayz That's what you call "Fair Reporting"
Deez whiz I support Pres Duterte if you consider with Government. So be it.
Bartonella Gurl HOPEFULLY ma extend pa Kau SA pigging PRESIDENTE PRE.DUTERTE 
Dommy GMA, the best and only source for the best news!
Silent Rainmaker Evil inside me says: let them rally, detain, and give don't them treatment if they get the virus since they don't care.
Sherwin Tandingan Good reporting, GMA sends the correct message.



Kiss of the Spanish Lady Turning Points of History

This episode examines the outbreak and subsequent impact of the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic on Canada.
In Ontario, more than 3000 had the Kiss of the Spanish Lady,
Alice Hardy GREAT documentary. I say that as someone who has been quarantined for a month by myself and have watched many, many hours of 1918 flu documentaries, personal recollections, etc. This is one of the best. Thank you for posting it.
Wayne K  102 year's later it's back. " Coronavirus " We are all in this together be safe 


Food Supply in Danger of Breaking Down 

Yvette, They rather dump their milk then to just give it away?
Sherry Podilia If I had my own place. I would turn my backyard into a garden.
Dwayne Sessions We were arrested for fishing the other day. The boat, trailer, and truck were impounded. My sons and I were released due to the county jail running out of food, medical supplies, and staff shortages.
Ruthie May Soon people are going to be desperate for that wasted milk.

Coronavirus ‘could kill 2 million in Bangladesh’ 

6 Απρ 2020
Dark Inferno doesn't earn enough to feed 2 people yet they have 7 children.

The Peaceful, Happy, and Bountiful Life Why on earth did you have so many children when you can't afford it? How can you be so irresponsible and selfish? Now the children you brought to this world will suffer.
Scott Norris This video should be called Coronavirus breeding ground.

Canada long road ahead as  projections released April 9, 2020

Bodies left in streets of Guayaquil as Ecuador struggles 

As I study the coronavirus articles by countries before I post them we came across Ecuador with Population of 17.08 million and as of  06 May 2020 deaths were 1618. In 2016 was an Earthquake in Ecuador and I helped them to the best of my ability by sending food products to the living. After this, I posted several articles to enhance their tourist industry in and 


Aviation’s Fight For Survival

What Happened Inside the Airplane Graveyard?

Asians facing discrimination, violence coronavirus 

Is coronavirus causing anti-Chinese racism?

Asian Americans report a rise in racist attacks 

The Streets of New York City Under Quarantine

The Streets of Rome Under Quarantine The New Yorker

Before and after coronavirus - scenes 

lockdown leaves millions of Indian workers unemployed

Coronavirus fear grips workers in India

lockdown: India grapples with migrant workers' exodus

What are the challenges of battling coronavirus in India?

How will Africa deal with coronavirus?

Who will pay for the financial fallout of the pandemic? 

Controlling corona narrative China’s propaganda push 

Advocates call for rent-free period amid COVID-19 

Julie Yang landlords need money to pay their mortgage and expenses. doesn't answers right at all.
Alexandra Stratan it's wonderful the gov tells renters: you won't have to pay rent, it's ok, how about the landlords? How ridiculous, the gov should pay for the tenant's rent
Po Miss 2021 70% increase on homelessness
Jevin Waite These LANDLORDS will suffer just as much as a tenant, landlords take all of the risks and you want to bail out the people that have been guaranteed a home by the government smh

Restaurants facing bankruptcy amid COVID-19 pandemic

Mike V This government is playing us, they won’t give anyone money they will just take till we go broke
S. Bradley Hope the housing market crashes harder in this overpriced disgust of a city they call Toronto! 
TRU MAN  Government's plan. Economic collapse. Panic. Chaos. Civil unrest. Martial law. Mass arrests.
D S Wait until the real estate crash comes which is predicted to be a very soon
radioactive man Why can't the government force banks to hold mortgages till this over 

The Talented Doctor Fauci 15 Apr 2020  

Coronavirus Coverage April 17 NBC News Now

Delivery Drivers Caught Eating Your Order A Current Affair 

Desperate dad says 'astrologist' scammed him of thousands

America may see 100,000 to 200,000 COVID-19 deaths: White House

Richard Burchett, seems unusually happy to be talking about 100,000 people dying.
Harold Sullivan The entire US government and its lobbyists should be put on trial
Gravity Falls was like a high school presentation totally unprofessional
ericanshutz45 2:52... She smiles and laughs, evil.
Michael Hawkins, I can’t stand her voice and the way she talks 

James Bond and The Queen was practicing for the Olympics in Japan

18 Olympic Athletes Who Had Their Dreams Crushed By The Pandemic

Mr. Bean will not Perform at Olympic Games in Japan

Dr. Fauci talks COVID-19 vaccine, antibody tests 14 April

Mellow Spins he seems way more chill talking with Canadian media,
Atlor Merjo If an infected person farts would the methane be contagious.
sean I can't believe the comments loving this guy. He is a council member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation!!!!!!! You people need to wake the hell up. This man is guilty of crimes against humanity.
Dug Rock Dr. Fauci worked on HIV AIDS virus patients for 32 years with 0% success.
Vincent Music TV Fauci is evil. He has a relation with bill gates. Who wanna vaccines for every person in the world?


Dr. Fauci's Long Criminal History  April 22, 2020

Smithfield Foods meat plant Closing 518 Employers positive

pinch mesh  Smithfield is owned by China. Google it. 
Dirty Sock Meanwhile South Dakota is freezing and packing Coronavirus and mailing out to Supermarkets around the country infecting thousands. South Dakota is such a backward state why do you buy groceries from those places?
Thomas 71 The US has its own wet markets, I hope Coronavirus isn’t spread through the meat.
William eating meat spreads the virus. If a factory worker is infected the meat you buy will also be infected and it will infect you before you cook it. Don't buy meat!
Nancy Tomchek I heard that the pigs had the virus thus the workers got it. This was the 1st time ever that is transferred from animal to human. The company is keeping this hush...hush. just beware!

Protests across the USA call for the end of lockdowns,

Erol Dinch Yup. Go ahead and open up. See how well you do with no customers.
BuellersBack Early end of lockdown: RIP America
Energy takes one person and we're back where we started how stupid
MenilaPaper This is like watching a car crash in slow motion.
Hayat Secret I think he’s trying to reopen to get rid of more people since the economy is going down, fewer people to take care of.

Kate Hanley, They don’t want 6 feet apart- they’ll get 6 feet under

Gigi Chez USA ‘stay-at-home’ lives are at stake (Protest is nonsense) listen to the science experts they’re telling the whole truth! Support your local hospitals
Kim Thomas The lady that NEEDS her job will also NEED a ventilator
Juan Romay All those people protesting are gonna be dead in two weeks.
Bhaskar Welcome to the Divided States of America. Pathetic!
Alcides Prieto Covid19: Open up America and let's get this party started.
GalaxyStarz When you have a Genius like Trump leading the country, you will end up with a Perfect storm. Everyone will eventually be fighting for themself.
nicoleli903 USA ‘suicide bomb ‘ start to click!

CHINA VS. U.S.A: the race for a coronavirus vaccine

Lawsuit sues China for six trillion dollars in reparations

Sweden’s no-lockdown approach to coronavirus

Sweden is Responding to the Corona with Johan Norberg

Look your numbers comedian Johan Norberg as of 07 May 2020  3040

ABBA BEST GROUP, from Sweden, take a chance, take a chance, they didn't advise your government to take chance against coronavirus...

Matt Moves "If they die, they die"
Public Rest of the World: close off Sweden completely.
kilroy987 If the world is any indication, Sweden will get a huge reality check in a week. Sweden currently has a lot more deaths than Norway or Finland.
Maya St1976 If we continue the following stupidity I'm gonna move to Stockholm 
S It shows how extreme and different Sweden is.
John Castle Last time Sweden got something right was abba, hope this isn’t their Waterloo 
Adam Bates, It's easy to avoid shutting your borders when everyone around you has shut theirs. 
Yxly This is really funny. Who's this comedian? 
Carla Broderick So far Sweden’s death rate is double, mostly nursing home inhabitants. The smug attitude of the speaker is inappropriate. It’s not a contest.

JUNE 18  

Sweden  5053 
Finland     326  
Norway    244  
Denmark  600 


Union Demands JBS Plant In Greeley Shut Down Amid Rising 

There are 2 deaths and more than 40 cases among employees at the plant

Greeley Health Department threatens to shut down JBS meatpacking 

Genetic Freak They've needed to shut down that roach motel death trap for decades 
Carlos Contreras ConAgra in Marshall, Mo has 20 Coronavirus cases.

Images for meat are still sold at the supermarkets

Weld County would consider closing Greeley's JBS meat plant

JBS plant in Brooks had 67 confirmed COVID-19 cases 

OHS is looking into the circumstances behind 440 confirmed cases (including one death) at the Cargill meat-packing plant 

Cargill Alberta meat plant tied to Canada's largest COVID-19

Cargill announced Wednesday that its meat-packing plant near High River, Alta., will reopen with one shift beginning May 4 — a move the union representing the workers says is "incredibly concerning."
As of Wednesday afternoon, the facility had been linked with more than 1,200 COVID-19 cases, 821 of whom are workers. One worker in her 60s died, and her husband was hospitalized with the illness.
The Cargill plant and a JBS plant in Brooks, Alta., which has 276 cases among its workers, supply more
than two-thirds of Canada's beef. 

A McDonald’s Beef Supplier The Source Of Over 350 Cases  In Alberta

Of the 358 infected people, 200 are workers from the facility and the remaining 158 include close contacts and family members of the workers. 
The Cargill meat plant is one of two major beef supplier for McDonald's Canada. 

Can Cow Gomutra Or Cow Dung Cure Coronavirus?

The Hindu Mahasabha head, Chakrapani Maharaj is planning to organize a 'gaumutra tea party' to get rid of the Coronavirus. Watch this video to know what other solutions we have for it.
Kyle romus OF COURSE!! Why didn't we think of this sooner?!
Jotham Protik I had the hardest laughs of my life watching this video 
NoelT 3:19 she is gonna die laughing 
Aditya Suryavanshi I watched this video only to see your beautiful face
Waseem Iqbal Look how excited she is about all this 
Manmeet Ramandeep It tastes very nice, also I smear cow po0 on my face as an extra barricade
to protect from any virus
Abang Bambang Hahaha can't stop laughing 
Wills Pram She's the cutest Indian I've ever seen



latest news coronavirus 05 May 2020

USA     POPULATION     331 002 651 Deaths 69564

INDIA POPULATION  1 387 297 452 Deaths    1566


Vancouver chicken plant closed after 28 workers test positive

Canadian provinces begin unveiling plans for reopening economy

Shing Hua Hi everyone Wishing everyone is healthy Premier Doug Ford is absolutely right.
Canadian safe is a priority thanks

John Kerry: Coronavirus May Be America's 'Moment Of Truth' 

New York Doctor On Front Lines Of Coronavirus Dies By Suicide

Watch Full Coronavirus Coverage April 27 

The President Walks Back Disinfectant Suggestion

Trump Falsely Claims Injecting Disinfectant Remark Was 'Sarcastic' 

After an intense rebuke, Trump tried to claim his comments about possibly treating coronavirus by injecting disinfectant or with heat and UV light were 'sarcastic,' but it's clear they were not. This comes as the U.S. death toll from COVID-19 tops 51,000. Aired on 4/24/2020.

Arizona Man Dies After Trying Trump-Suggested 'Cure'

Greek tourism industry hit hard by cancellations amid coronavirus outbreak



Chris Hayes On Trump Refusing To Release Relief Funding
For Burials Amid Pandemic

With 62,800+ Dead, Trump Calls U.S. Govt. Response 'Spectacular' 

Businesses struggle to make rent amid COVID-19 shutdowns

Top U.S. & World Headlines May 1, 2020