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International Immigration Services

Are you planning to migrate to Canada?

Do you need assistance for filing a Canadian visa application?


Do you want a visitor visa to visit your relatives residing in Canada?

If you want to study, work and reside in Canada, immigration consultants at PRESCOD IMMIGRATION can assist you. Canadian Institute of Immigration & Languages at PRESCOD is an ultimate choice for all your immigration and visa related needs.

Our expert trainers provide the best-in-class IELTS/PTE coaching along with providing the right guidance.

We offer assistance for: Canadian Work Permit - Canada Visitor Visa - Skilled Worker Program - Spouse Sponsorship - Canada Study Visa - IELTS/PTE Training

We ensure hassle-free and quick approach to the visa applications and strive to become your trusted immigration consultant in Canada.

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As a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you may be eligible to sponsor,as
immigrant in Canada, your:spouse, common-law or conjugal partner dependent children.

As a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, you may be eligible to sponsor
your parent or grandparent as immigrant under the Family Class (FC).

Your parent/grandparent could also apply for a Super Visa.
To do so, you must meet some conditions.

As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you could be eligible to sponsor
your adopted child or a relative.

You could do so under the Family Class.

To be able to sponsor a family member (for most of the family sponsorship programs), you should be able to:  meet your and their basic needs (clothing, food, etc.) support them financially upon their arrival make sure that the sponsored will not need to ask the government for financial help

For more information or to find the program that will suit you best, please contact us.

We provide a large range of services to help the students choose the best institution that will suit their educational goals.
We also provide counseling services throughout the study period.

Investor Program(Quebec)

At least 2 years experience in business/management
Minimum assets of $1 600 000
No conditional visa
Willing to invest $800 000 for 5 years with the Government

Canadian Experience Class

This program is meant for immigrants who have all ready work and/or study in Canada and wishes to immigrate in Canada on a permanent basis.
If you wish to know more about this program or want to check your eligibility, contact us.

Start-up Visa Program

Applicant bring sufficient funds
Applicant’s business meets the ownership requirements
Language skills (English and/or French)

Asylum Program

This program is meant for people already in Canada who have a well-founded fear of going back to their country.
The reasons that could make you eligible for this program are a fear of persecution, a risk of torture and cruel or unusual punishment in their country.
However, some people will not be able to participate in this program if they: have been convicted of serious criminal offenses were previously denied a refugee claim by Canada
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At PRESCOD Immigration, Before we take on your case, we ensure that you qualify for a program and that we are able to help you.

We offer our clients with quality legal care and the most affordable legal services. We have represented many families, individuals and businesses in their immigration-related matters.

Our immigration consultants will carefully review your assessment, determine your eligibility and present you with options.

As an international student, there are a number of documents you need to study in Canada.
You are responsible for maintaining your immigration status and complying with immigration regulations while you're here.

The number of farms in Canada is dwindling, as is the number of farmers. Is  pressure on Canadian farmers to provide high quality, high yielding crops and livestock each season.
As a result, farmers rely on help from temporary foreign workers to help fill labour shortages. There are several options for hiring foreign help, but the challenges associated with the programs are numerous.

Advisors can assist you with questions about your immigration documents and applications.