Exciting Products and Extreme Values… Everything’s $1.25TM

We’re working hard to create an environment where shopping is fun… a place where our customers can discover new treasures every week… a store where entire families can enjoy hunting for that special something.

We bring it all to you in stores that are bright and well lit, clean and well organized… and stocked with the items you’re looking for!

Just as important, especially during these tough economic times, we continue to offer our customers the products they need at extreme values! We’re expanding our assortment of merchandise, constantly bringing you new and exciting items.

Some of the product departments you’ll find at a Dollar Tree store in Canada include housewares, glassware, dinnerware, cleaning supplies, candy, snacks, food, health and beauty, toys, gifts, gift bags and wrap, party supplies, stationery, craft supplies, teaching supplies, books, seasonal décor, and more! We carry everything you need for every day, every holiday, and every occasion… and every single item is affordably priced at $1.25.

We’re opening new stores all the time, so it’s easy to find the Dollar Tree store nearest you!  With new items arriving weekly, we invite you to come check out our unbelievable mix of merchandise and discover how you can stretch your dollars.





Dollar Tree’s success has been a reflection of the company we keep. When it comes to offering our customers quality, value, and variety for $1.25 or less, we believe in the strength of working with our vendors as partners to grow our respective businesses.

We believe that if you treat your vendor partners fairly and honestly, they will treat you the same way. In addition to our focus on ethical business practices, we strive to maintain a trustworthy and honest relationship with our vendor community. We strongly abide by these codes and continue to build mutually rewarding relationships with both new and existing vendors.

Click below to view Dollar Tree’s policy regarding vendor gifts and entertainment.
Merchandising Gift and Entertainment Policy (PDF 42KB)

Click below to view Dollar Tree’s vendor guidelines for UPC coding quality, placement, and size.
Dollar Tree UPC Standards and Guidelines (PDF 425KB)

Click below to view Dollar Tree’s purchase order terms and conditions.
Purchase Order Requirements (PDF 98KB)