AN EASTER STORY   This story was written a few years ago based on a true-life event of Spyros Peter Goudas around the years 1962 or 1963.

The story portrays in detail the Easter Celebration of the Greek Orthodox Religion.

My name is Bernadette Scott and I found the story interesting and I incorporated it into this book

Usually, when a relationship ends, the normal assumption is that the female suffers more.  Many people do not realize that at times, the man is actually in deep emotional distress, resulting in loss of appetite, lack of trust in everyone, no display of happiness, and overall seclusion from everything. It is not something you can go to the doctor for. It is not a case of simply having a prescription pill assigned to remove the symptoms. Only time heals wounds such as these. It must be noted that around this time, Spyros Goudas was one of the most handsome and athletic-looking young men in Greece.