Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and its contract management companies employ more than 16,000 people across Ontario. OLG is responsible for 24 gaming sites, the sale of lottery products at approximately 9,700 retail locations and the delivery of electronic gaming products at 29 Charitable Gaming Centres across the province.

Classified as an Operational Enterprise Agency of the Province of Ontario, the Corporation is intended to provide gaming entertainment in an efficient and socially responsible manner that maximizes economic benefits for the people of Ontario, related economic sectors and host communities.

That is a description of OLG's mandated activities. Beyond that is the scope of our operations and the significant benefit OLG's revenues and our business activities bring to the social and economic life of Ontario.
As you journey through different areas of this website, you will find ample evidence of the themes that guide OLG's day-to-day activities: integrity, social responsibility, world-class entertainment, a 'customer first' mindset, safety and security, strong community partnerships and investments, openness and transparency, and pride in history and tradition.

At OLG, we want players to understand how our games work, to know the difference between myth and fact, to recognize their own gambling behaviors and to know where and when to get help if they're concerned about a gambling problem.

Working in partnership with government and independent agencies, OLG provides information and tools to assist in the prevention of problem gambling, and to help players make informed decisions about gambling. For those who have concerns about gambling we support and partner with organizations and professionals best able to serve them directly.



When the odds of something happening are really low, you say: “It’s like winning a lottery.” Yet, one man, over the course of 30 years, actually did win the lottery 14 times in a row! Sounds improbable, but this is the real story of a mathematical genius, Stefan Mandel.


Bingo Around The World







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