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25 Years of Excellence & Quality

Aire One was established by a group of professionals with over 25 years experience in the Heating & Cooling business and has since been one of the leaders in the HVAC industry. We use the most advanced equipment in the world built for the practical day to day heating and cooling needs of Canadian homes and businesses. Due to exceptional quality and professional service, Aire One has been growing at an unprecedented rate.


What Aire One Has Achieved


Aire One has won several awards from recognized leaders of the industry for their achievements and exceptional loyal and dedicated customer service such as Lennox Customer Service Awards, York growth Awards and many more.


The Heating & Cooling Specialists

 Experienced, Bonded, Factory trained and licensed technical specialists will install and service your equipment with an incomparable professionalism. Our 24-hour emergency service with electronically dispatched technicians are available to respond quickly to our customer’s needs.


The Aire One Guarantee

 Aire One being one of the largest heating & cooling company’s offer our customers quality equipment at very competitive pricing. Call or Visit the Showroom Near You

Why Choose Aire One for your Heating Needs?

Since 1900, Aire One has been reliably installing and maintaining the highest-quality heating and cooling equipment. Over the past two decades, we've also learned that it takes a total-home approach to maximize your family's comfort and minimize your home's energy inefficiency.

Call us today for a FREE Total Home Assessment and see why we've earned the trust of so many people. When you've been the leader for 20 years, the forecast is clear: Aire One will continue to be the leader for all your heating and cooling needs.

Because love is in the Air!

You can drastically reduce this build-up by installing an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) System. Aireone provides a wide choice of solutions to clean and purify your air to the quality level you require. There are different methods of doing this, each with its own technology, and levels of efficiency.

Will your furnace or air conditioner last this season?

Upgrade now to an energy efficient furnace and air conditioner and enjoy our factory rebates, OPA rebates, and utility rebates and a 10 year worry free warranty*

Your choice, Low Monthly Payment, Defer Payment or better yet, Rent.

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No heat? Air conditioning not cooling?

Aire One offers a rush emergency service call for just $49.

Furnace and air conditioner breakdowns happen, but whatever the problem we have 150 of the best technicians with fully stocked trucks to help you.

We'll give you all the options you need.

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Book annual maintenance to keep your equipment operating safely and efficiently

Avoid a breakdown! Our guaranteed safety and maintenance check can help you avoid unexpected and expensive repairs.

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