Topper's Pizza Story

Homemade Taste...

What makes our pizza so Amazingly Delicious™? We hear all the time that our pizza tastes like it's truly homemade – each slice packed with authentic flavor pleasantly unexpected from neighbourhood takeout or delivery.

Fresh Ingredients...

  • Savory sauce crafted from hand-picked, farm-fresh tomatoes and infused with 100% virgin olive oil
  • Our rich, flavourful mozzarella cheese comes from specially selected, local dairy farms
  • Each vegetable topping that we serve is of the highest quality and also grown on local farms in surrounding communities
  • From the pepperoni to the Italian sausage, only the finest quality meats make the cut

And one tiny, little secret.

There is one thing in particular that sets our pizza apart, and it's something that no one else has. Here's a hint: it's all about the crust. Here's another one: it's a four-generation legacy.

Read about our Authentic ItalianBread Crust™.


It all started over a century ago in
San Daniele, Italy…

The year was 1904, and Giuseppe Toppazzini made the decision to leave Italy seeking opportunity across the sea in Canada. He brought his family and everything he owned…including his family's secret Italian bread recipe.

That recipe would prove to be his meal ticket, as the Toppazzini Bakery he opened in Ontario's Little Italy had a big impact on its customers and on the community at large. Giuseppe was able to pass the family bakery down to his son Bruce, who, in turn, passed it along to his son, Ron.

The Game Changer

Fast-forward to the 1970's and the increasing presence of chain grocery stores, which made it increasingly difficult for specialty food shops to survive. In response, Ron changed gears and began experimenting with pizza recipes, each using his family's famous Italian bread as a base.

In 1982, Ron founded "Mr. Topper's Pizza." Despite its mid-recession launch, Mr. Topper's Pizza was an instant success, enabling Ron to begin his corporate expansion just two years later.

Enlisting his sons, Keith and Kelly Toppazzini (then university students) as managers, they expanded the chain to 9 locations by 1985 and also shortened the name to Topper's Pizza, as it is still known today.

The rest, as they say, is history. Four generations and many locations later, the Toppazzini legacy is still going strong, giving you the ability to enjoy our Amazingly Delicious™ pizza whenever and wherever you like.

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                    Lunch Size Pizzas - 8"
                    Lunch Combo - 1 Personal Pizza + 1 Can of Pop
                    Kids Combo - 1 Personal Pizza + 1 Milk


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Customer Testimonials

Why is a great pizza experience so important?

Because it makes our Customers happy! And we love making people happy. Happiness is satisfaction, and we satisfy people because it’s our mission. Here’s what customers, like you, have been saying...

"We like your thin crust which is very difficult to get anywhere else. It's just about as good as the thin crusts you get in Italy. The toppings are also more generous than at other pizza places."

Jeff O., Guelph South

“I enjoy a classic pizza with quality ingredients. Being able to add herbs and spices to our pizza at no cost is something no other pizza offers. Quick delivery and always friendly service. Thanks Topper's, signed your neighbour.”

Tyler A., Hamilton - Rymal

“The pizza was delivered within a decent time frame, was delicious and tasted like real toppings! The service was great, too, as was the online ordering system.”

Bobby U., Oakville

“Pizzas are most tasty! Free toppings wonderful!! The original Toppazinni (sp?) recipe was one my Italian Mother (now 88 yrs old) loved as a child, as Mr. Toppazinni's bakery was in my Mom's home town of Copper Cliff, Ontario! As fate would have it, Topper's is just around the corner from me in Newmarket - talk about full circle experiences!!”

Karen B., Newmarket

“Love that I can order online from work, and have my pizza ready to pick up on the way home. The pizza has been consistently well made, and there are quite a few interesting specialty pizzas to choose from.”

Fred K., Kitchener

“Your service is fantastic and very friendly, and your food is delicious. In fact, out of all the pizza places out there, your crust is the only one my son will eat! We have a new favorite pizza place. Thank you!”

Heather S., Ottawa - Barrhaven