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When Hellenism speaks English!


The news portal “The Greek Observer“

broadcasts in English, the “voice” of Greece throughout the world


The editorial team of “The Greek Observer” is pleased to announce that our new web portal is now online.

“The Greek Observer” is the world’s first web-based news portal with constantly updated news from Greece, Cyprus and Greek communities around the world – The Greek Diaspora – exclusively in the English language.

“The Greek Observer” wishes to communicate the Greek positions and views on matters such as politics, economy, diplomacy, security, geopolitics, etc. throughout the world.

Furthermore, “The Greek Observer” aims to display and promote, in a world scale, the Greek products and the healthy Greek entrepreneurship.

Under its highly functional and mobile-friendly interface, through minimal and clean design, the viewer grasps access in a highly social media integrated environment and navigates with great ease in all of the web portal’s content.

“The Greek Observer” editorial team wishes to communicate with all the Greeks worldwide.

We provide a stand for all views based solely on the benefit of the Greek people wherever they are, all in service of Hellenism.

You can contact us via our contact form with your comments, news, articles and of course your personal opinions.

Let us all come together, embrace and create an online community where Greeks around the world can meet up and express themselves.