A VERY SAD NEWS, OUR FAVORITE SINGER DELLA REESE  died on 19 November 2017, "passing away peacefully at her California home"



Songwriter Bobby Worth borrowed Puccini's "Musetta's Waltz" melody from his opera "La Boheme" and created a smash hit for Della Reese.

This song was Della's biggest single hit ever.

The extraordinarily talented Ms. Reese started in show business as a singer (discovered by Mahalia Jackson), and later branched out into acting ("Touched By An Angel", "Chico And The Man", "The Royal Family", etc.).

This wonderful performance by Della was featured in the film "A Bronx Tale". Produced by Hugo and Luigi. The orchestra under the direction of Glenn Osser.

Delloreese Patricia Early, known professionally as Della Reese (born July 6, 1931), is an American actress, singer, game show panelist of the 1970s, one-time talk-show hostess and ordained minister.

She started her career in the 1950s as a gospel, pop and jazz singer, scoring a hit with her 1959 single 

Chaz DeSimone

 I remember, I was only 8 and my dad was 59, three years before he passed away...we were in Sears Roebuck and he heard this song playing...they had record players playing new songs in those days in the music department...his ears perked up and he said how beautiful it was, and purchased the 45.

It's the only record I ever remember him buying.

He loved my mother so much, he played it over and over at our house.

Bless my dear parents; they were wonderful.

Now I'm thinking about the smell of Sears popcorn!

One of the best adaptations from classical to popular music, "Don't You Know?" was a major hit for Della Reese in 1959.

It was adapted from the area, "Musetta's Waltz," from Puccini's La Boheme by songwriter Bobby Worth.

The song was released on RCA Records and reached #2 on the US Pop charts and #1 on the US R&B charts.

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 Della Reese - Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)

 Della Reese - If I Never Get To Heaven

Della Reese Honors Tennessee Ernie Ford

Virginia Clark Nobody can do it like Della. I wish that we could hear and see more of her. What a precious word for Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Michelle062970 Wow! I love this! I remember my mother had this album when I was a little girl! I love them both! Della, I live

skcirmot What a nice tribute to an unbelievable talent! There will never be another Tennessee Ernie...God rest his soul!

ShangoJamal Oh how I wish the world would truly realize the incredible phenomenal woman that is Della Reese. With every word, every song, every moment that we see her, she is o less than heavenly. God Bless You, Sister Della Reese. We Love You So Very Much!


Della Reese on having a brain aneurysm


Harlem Nights Movie CLIP She's a Sweet Old Woman1989

Della Reese sings God Is So Wonderful

Della Reese performs from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry the song "God Is So Wonderful". Della shares how she believes God shared the words of this song prior to her undergoing brain surgery. Listen to the lyrics of this only Della can make these words so personal and meaningful.


Della Reese singing 'It doesn't mean a thing'

 Interview with Rev. Dr. Della Reese 


Della Reese: Near-Death Experience

Della Reese on why she became an ordained minister


Sun Jan 11th, 2015 service.
Minister Della Reese Up Church.

babylocks007 Thank you for uploading these videos. Much love.


Della Reese Memorial: Touched by an angel

cantandosirena1 So much she gave us!!! Now you are in God's hands... So wonderful!

Mikhail Dominiko Rest in perfect peace - my Angel, Della Reese!!

LadyGem This is absolutely beautiful! ❤️ feels like we lost a Grandmother with her passing.
Loved her! She will definitely be missed.

Ladies and gentlemen before I close the subject of Della Reese I like to mention something that not too many people are familiar with.

For anyone that read my biography the immigrant, they are familiar with the 813 club the best Caribbean club in North America and the Saturday night musical recipe programs on CHIC, CJMR, CKQT, and CHIR who I was in the control at the time.
I was selecting the music according to the different nationalities.
One of the songs that had no barrier was the DON'T YOU KNOW that everyone used to love to listen or dance.
Over the years Della's songs or Aritas Franklin dint not fit the requirements of the CRTC The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission AND AFTER ARGUMENTS WITH THEM THEY CLOSE ME DOWN. To understand the full story about the radio stations click What Canada Would Be Without Mr. Goudas? by Jamaica Xpress 2013 

In the years to come, I follow the life of Della Reese even to when she became a minister which I play some tapes in some of my religious programs for the new generations.

In the video above with the title Della Reese Honors Tennessee Ernie Ford, she was able to make Ernie Ford cry, did you notice that? 

Well, I want to make someone cry, and I need the help of Della.

In the video above title DELLA REESE MEMORIAL: TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL at 1:32 she had a problem with her car and she mentions of certain angels can fix cars, like the carburetor, spark plugs, the timing, the distributor cap, the ignition cole, the good lord make different angels handle different ‎Situations and some of them can fix cars  and some can't. Apparently in Canada is an angel by the name Max Claxton from the island of Nevis, At Amarz Muffler and Auto Service 

When you need someone responsible go there and see Max and tell him that  Della Reese recommended him, he probably will cry. 



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