Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas gives substantial support to senior citizens homes, community housing sites (for various ethnic nationalities), Philanthropic Associations, charitable organizations, cultural organizations, scholarships events, Philoptochos Society's organizations, orphanage housing, numerous institutions, organisations, associations, disaster relief efforts, food banks and churches irrespective of its members affiliations, colour, ethnic background, race or religious persuasion. 

His association with this Article is no different from his association with various other foundations, charities and organisations and as such must not be interpreted as a specific inclination towards this religious belief system. 

Should you view the letters of appreciation on Mr Spyros Peter Goudas website   you will find evidence of his involvement with various religious and non religious organisations, provided you have enough time to read them.   



Georgia Pastor's Mind Blown By European Atheists

Dave Foley debunks some myths and gives his take on being atheist in America

Debate on whether does the god of the bible exists on April 12, 2014, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dan Barker showcases his wisdom in a classy manner against the stubborn Christian unwilling to debate 

Oprah has spent decades not being able to wrap her fat head around the concept of atheism. Constantly condescending, always disrespectful, she waddles around with her infantile conception of a sky daddy and looks bewildered at anyone who has the cognitive maturity to understand that it is all a massive fiction. 

Here is Oprah through the years, butting heads with atheism. The first segment features trail-blazing atheists Dan Barker, and his future wife Annie Laurie Gaylor, the future co-presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The show is from 1984. Mind-blowing to see how far this public debate has come.

 Atheism Destroyed With One Hilarious Question

Ricky Gervais sat down with Piers Morgan for an extended interview Friday night, talking about everything from his atheism to the newly controversial issue of gun permits for blind people. But they began by talking about Gervais' weight..


Kirk Cameron's trailer for his film "Unstoppable" demanded an immediate response from people who value critical thought, reason and common sense. Kirk Cameron is the pied piper of people who are dead wrong and clueless.

 Atheists in America are being persecuted for there .... lack of belief::) wow how crazy is the world we live in and how crazy are Americans?? living in the dark ages.... enjoy atheist atheism billboard darwin Dawkins religion blind faith offense religious science education educational church Richard bible war faith peace brains intelligence knowledge god devil help threaten scared upset anger hatred identity schoolchildren study prayer play local work community evil Metatron godswarworld 2012