Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas gives substantial support to numerous institutions, organisations, associations, disaster relief efforts and churches irrespective of its members affiliations, colour, ethnic background, race or religious persuasion. 

His association with Article is no different from his association with various other foundations, charities and organisations and as such must not be interpreted as a specific inclination towards this religious belief system. 

Should you view the letters of appreciation on Mr Spyros Peter Goudas website   you will find evidence of his involvement with various religious and non religious organisations, provided you have enough time to read them.    


 Paganism, Wiccan, & Witchcraft Basics for Beginners!

 Modern Paganism in Britain Pt 1 of 4

 BBC Pagans 1 Sexy Beasts

The Occult Experience (1985) documentary paganism witchcraft satanism religions of evil


Pagans of Ancient Times Documentary

Pagan religions (also Paganism) refers to a group of historical polytheistic religious traditions—primarily those of cultures known to the classical world.
In a wider sense, it has also been understood to include any non-Abrahamic, folk, or ethnic religion.

The term pagan was historically used as one of several pejorative Christian counterparts to "gentile" (גוי / נכרי) as used in the Hebrew Bible—comparable to "infidel" or "heretic".
Modern ethnologists often avoid this broad usage in favour of more specific and less potentially offensive terms such as polytheism, shamanism, pantheism, or animism when referring to traditional or historical faiths.

Since the 20th century, "Paganism" (or "Neopaganism") has become the identifier for a collection of new religious movements attempting to continue, revive, or reconstruct historical pre-Abrahamic religion.[1] There are roughly 300 million pagans worldwide.


Why Christmas is PAGANISM (Christmas Exposed Documentary film 'Pagan History)

Pagan Symbolism in ALL major Religions

This section of the documentary talks about the pagan symbolism which connects virtually all the religions to each other through their astrological symbolism personified as deities or "saviors" most recently Jesus Christ. Religion also serves as the base for taking authority as the truth, rather truth as their authority which is why most people deny to even listen to "conspiracy" theories, let alone research.


Easter -The Pagan Passover.

One of the most beloved Christian holidays
The TRUE origins and history of Easter Pagan substitute for Biblical Passove In ignorance, worshiping the 'queen of heaven'. Corruption of the once-pure Apostolic faith, Calendar fraud and Sunday exaltation
Credits to : World Last Chance.