Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas gives substantial support to senior citizens homes, community housing sites (for various ethnic nationalities), Philanthropic Associations, charitable organizations, cultural organizations, scholarships events, Philoptochos Society's organizations, orphanage housing, numerous institutions, organisations, associations, disaster relief efforts, food banks and churches irrespective of its members affiliations, colour, ethnic background, race or religious persuasion. 

His association with this Article is no different from his association with various other foundations, charities and organisations and as such must not be interpreted as a specific inclination towards this religious belief system. 

Should you view the letters of appreciation on Mr Spyros Peter Goudas website   you will find evidence of his involvement with various religious and non religious organisations, provided you have enough time to read them. 

Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas was one of the first to send containers of food to Jamaica as donation for the victims of hurricane Gilbert in 1998



This story gives a taste of the very beginning of Mr. Goudas' journey towards understanding the multicultural society of Canada.

Back when Goudas first arrived in Canada, he entered the ethnic business by opening a little store in Kensington Market.

He was trying to cope with the needs of the different nationalities entering the store.

On one occasion, a Jamaican man asked for Cow Foot and Cow Cod.

This story is a hilarious comedy and requires a quick bathroom break before you read it.


60 MINUTES - "The Rastafarians"


Allison Wooley Why are people scared of the rasta....because they know that they represent truth and that scares the hell out of babylon system....people who try to bring peace and unity are always shunned and feared because the oppressors will no longer succeed
Arthunik i have nothing against other religions and i love rastafari, i think that you should not judge people or disrespect people for they're belief.
Ancient Indigenous One Dan Rather like all other misinformed sc white news reporters have no idea about what the Rastafari Movement stood for as a sc black liberation group! They think its all about smoking ganja, growing locks, and listening to reggae, that is just a false generalization of Rastafari.