On April 30, 1980, I wrote an article in the Goudas Events Section of my website reflecting my humble beginnings in the Tomato business with the help of Ms. Vale Glazier in Blenheim, Ontario, one of the nicest tomato growing areas in South West Ontario. 
During my visit to the factory at the time, not only did I see beautiful tomatoes, but I also went close to the plants and I sensed the beautiful aroma.
At this time, thoughts came into my mind of incorporating the essence of the plant within the ink of the label so that visually impaired consumers may be able to identify at home that a can contains tomatoes. 
An article reflecting this idea of mine was posted in The Globe and Mail Newspaper, April 30, 2001.

Why it is called Greek Salad?. The ingredients are very simple and are grown pretty well everywhere in the world.

RICE - GREEN PEPPERS, Zucchini, Potatoes, Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes in containers. These are seven gallon squat pots with wodden stakes and twine. Fully organic using local compost and high-quality top soil.

This video provides some basic information for growing large 1-2 pound tomatoes for size and maybe even getting to a record 3 pounder. The principle is the same but it doesn't guarantee a record. Every gardener wants that 2 plus pounder. It highlights the 'Virginia Slims' heirloom beefsteak. You will see the tomato first (no record this year) and the tips for growing large tomatoes to size following the introduction.

Use aspirin to mimic a tomato hormone that will boost your tomatoes defenses against disease. You basically trick your tomato into disease response mode and toughen it up before leaf spot, blights and other diseases arrive. Check out my YouTube channel for more vegetable disease tips.An organic approach.

The heat is insane this season. Plants are stressed and gardeners are worried about fruits ripening on schedule. I have JUST the tip for you. Grab a pair of snippers and lets head on out to the garden for a very special fun EZ tip and demo on how to conserve water, keep plants from wilting, stop tomatoes from cracking and ripen tomatoes on time and faster than ever! It's a darned good day in the Garden of Ray! I hope you'll join me because it's no fun without YOU! Yes I mean YOU! :)

It's very easy to grow a tomato plant indoors even in winter. It may seem a bit weird, but I guess it could be weirder. I could be growing watermelons in my tub.


Grow Your Own Tomatoes from Seed! Its Easy! Save Money with this quick how-to and get 100's of tomatoes seeds from 1 tomato...thats 100 tomato plants from 1 tomato!

Saving cherry tomato seeds is economical, not to mention easy. I will show you how I save my seeds to replant next year.

I give a fairly detailed explanation on how the magnesium and sulfur found it Epsom Salt gets used by your plants. I also explain a general method for use both how to mix it in water and when to use it on your plants. I use Epsom Salt on my tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, onions and garlic.


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