You see with pretty vegetable with white or cream flowerettes in the store.

Some people have no concept of what this vegetable is about.

There are several websites that show you how to cook it, for example: 
In the Goudas Recipes, Cauliflower

 In another area of the same website, discover Cauliflower Soup

Do you love stir fried vegetables including Cauliflower

Do you crave a mixed vegetable stir fry including Cauliflower?

Have you learnt how to grow cauliflower? Are you growing cauliflower? This short video demonstrates why you should - it's simply delicious. You won't believe just how crunchy they are when eaten straight after harvesting, The health benefits of cauliflower are great too

How to take care of your cauliflower plants before harvest comes!

A gardening guide on how to band cauliflower from Angus, a horticulturist from Veseys Seeds.  
This video is very interesting since it shows you how to band the leaves together.

The Cauliflower can be eaten raw as part of a salad bar.   Simply pick up a flowerette and dip into your favourite dip or dressing, one, two or nine hundred and eighty island, rancher or yogurt.

It has been said that Cauliflower clears up your vocal chords enabling you to sing very well, or have that clear voice to make speeches.   We are not too sure if Adolf Hitler had occasionally used Cauliflower before his famous speeches.  You be the judge after viewing this link!

Did you enjoy viewing this video?  One thing for sure, whoever put it together should be applauded for its preciseness. It was an amazing mesh of Hitler's speech and according to some one of his best speeches. On a final note regarding this video, at approximately 1.34 seconds into it, from the expression on Hitler's face, it seems that even he was surprised that he sang so well.