Although the tiltle states green peppers this variety of "sweet peppers" come in a variety of colours:  Green, Yellow, Orange or Red Peppers.

Remember that they are referred to as sweet peppers as opposed to the hot heated pepper category.

Green, yellow, orange or red peppers add a colour flare to you dishes.

Did you know that they are delicious raw as part of a vegetable tray accompanied by your favourite dip? 
And you do know the drill - no double dipping.

These peppers are exceptional when stuffed and baked in the oven

Include your favourite colour pepper in your fried rice

Or whip up a multicoloured Veggie Stir Fry

The above recipes are from the Mr. Goudas Recipes and are all wonderful ways to impress your guests at the dinner table.

In order to grow green peppers, it's best to start off with a well-tilled garden bed that is deep with compost or manure. Use one green pepper seed per hole for a green pepper plant with help from an organic farmer in this free video on vegetable gardening and horticulture.

Discover The Secrets Of Growing Vegetables in Greenhouse Environment.
Watch How The Professional Greenhouse Growers Do It. Learn From The Plant Doctor How To Grow Greenhouse Sweet Peppers


Releasing bees in the sweet pepper greenhouse

The pepper pruning experiment continues. We take over a few weeks after the first pruning and complete the second, third, and fourth round. The plant continues to react well to the pruning and has started to try to flower all of the time.