Hello Garden Lovers: 

The word Callaloo is not common in the Canadian market. 

That does not mean that this vegetable does not exist under different names in different countries.

This does not mean that you have to ignore it. 

In fact, you have to give the Callaloo some attention. 


The nutrition value is excellent since it contains high levels of Iron, Fibre, Vitamins A and C, and Calcium.

It is relatively easy to cultivate should you have the time and space to grow it.
Of course, for you to link into this section of FlyerMall, obviously you love gardening and should be admired for that.

Many people believe you have to be of retirement age to engage in gardening.  Guess what, should you grow Callaloo, it is so nutritious that you may end up living way past retirement age.

Spyros Peter Goudas, Mr. Goudas, states in one of his books that Gardening is a hobby and those with a green thumb have been blessed by God. 

Let us take this advice and follow the links to first read the Callaloo story written by Mr. Goudas in the Recipe Section of this site and follow the links below that have been tested for quality to have a full understanding of not only how to spell, eat and digest Callaloo. Yah Monn!

Mr. Goudas brings it right to you. Simply open the can, drain the water, and add some Olive Oil and lemon

Callaloo a Staple of Jamaican Food

 Cephas grows his own calaloo and boy it taste good when he cooks it.

This is the way Grandma used to make Callaloo. Watch on how to prepare Callaloo.


The Jamaican vegetable Callaloo is added to wild rice to make a great side dish.

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