Do you love Corn?  Do you plan to grow your own corn for the next season?
There are certain things you need to know with respect to cultivating corn.
The link below will show you how to keep raccoons out of the perimeter of your corn growing area.

An Electric fence can be used to repel animals from eating you sweet corn.

The link below has been written by Mr. Goudas in the Goudas Recipe Section and has some very interesting information for corn lovers.
I love canned corn and do not want Raccoons getting at it before I do.
This year I planted Sweet Bodacious corn 12 inch's apart in rows 3 feet apart and had enough corn to freeze and home can. Before using this fence my sweet corn was mosty eaten by the coons.
I am so glad that I finaly figured out how to wire up this electric fence specifically for coons.

If you have never raised corn you do not know what your missing.
Home canning corn is easy and will be the best corn that you have ever ate. Please if you haven't already try canning corn for the first time this year. you will not regret it.


This link is very interesting.  Not only does it show to plant the corn, it tells you how to keep the creepy, crawly worms out.

How to Grow Corn & Keep Worms Out Naturally : The Chef's Garden


How to grow corn in containers. How to select the seed, mix the soil, use microorganisms and humus to increase drought resistance and nutrient use, mulching, fertilizing, pollination and when to harvest! for articles, podcast schedule and to contact me.

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