Congratulations, you are a vegetarian or you simply love Vegetables.
Vegetables are good for you.
Yes, you made an excellent choice in purchasing a bunch of Broccoli.

Cut each stem of Broccoli about 2 inches below the flowers, and slice in such a manner that each flower has a bit of the stem.

Broccoli would have to be one of my favorite plants to grow.. It starts off with a nice tidy little head of green goodness only to go onto providing you with countless meals of side shoots for months to come..
We were concerned that we didn't plant enough broccoli for the season but we have started to be flooded with side shoots from a few of the plants..

How to tell when it is time to harvest Broccoli! We show you what broccoli looks like when it is time to harvest!

 I always how to grow and harvest broccoli in your own backyard, but did you know that you can actually get two crops of broccoli from the same plant. And it's easy


Find out how the broccoli is doing in Dave's garden.

Patrick the Green Gardener shows you how to grow, maintain and harvest Broccoli. In this short video you will learn simple tips about Broccoli cultivation, maintenance and harvesting.