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This link gives you a short description of different climate conditions in the world, divided by continents. We found this link to be one of the most comprenhensive Weather related information sites on the web. 

 Simply select the country of interest and voila, everything is there, including what clothing to wear during the daytime and at night, a fourteen day forecast to assist in planning  your ideal trip or simply to satisfy your curiosity. Included are flight comparisons in the country selected.

Canada is a multicultural country with almost everyone from a different part of the world.  People from this part of the world always inquire of others as to what the weather is like in their country of origin.  It is not like the individual is planning to make a trip, it is usually an opening line to initiate conversation.

The conversation may be one-sided because people from warmer climates usually ask how is the weather in Canada.  Depending upon the time of year, say, October to April, it is bun freezing time, eh!  Which is colder?  What is the difference?  Minus 20 degrees C or Minus 30 degrees C?  
It is freezing cold and that is final!

Let us focus on the Canadian weather.   Canadians are always prepared for the cold months, the clothing is thicker, warmer and the trick is to wear layers of clothing, including long johns, nylons or tights and boots with heavy socks to be prepared to walk on the snow.

It is not unusual to wake up in the morning, climb through your window, walk through knee deep snow which has to be shovelled away to find your car.  

Should you live in a warm climate, this photo may be a surprise to you.  
However, to Canadians, it is a part of our life.  

By law, you cannot drive a car in this condition.  You have to clear all the windows of snow for visibility,  and if you do not clear off the snow and start your engine regularly,
should the temperature fall below twenty or thirty degrees C, the snow turns to sheets of ice
which have to be scraped off the windows and windshields. 

Sometimes, you have to forget about your car until early spring.   You may ski and snowboard the snow covered slopes, skate, hike with snow shoes, snow board, or marvel at the frozen Great Lakes.


Canada is not all about freezing, cold weather.  
One co-worker mentioned that Canada is one of the few countries that actually has all four seasons. Winter, which may be a bit long beginning in one year and ending in another.

 Spring.  There is nothing like the Spring!
 Canadians await spring with anticipation of shedding the layers of winter clothing, 
the grass seems to miraculously turn green within a few days of the snow melt.  

Apparently the water from the snow fertilizes the ground to make everything green and growing within a short time.  

Summer allows for more shedding of clothing, tank tops, shorts and sandals.
 Summer is filled with events and festivals showcasing all the cultures in our great land.  

You can eat Chicken a la Kiev in one restuarant, a few yards away you can have your fill of Jerk Chicken, or Roti. Further down the street you may sample Indian Samosas and for dessert just around the corner, a Greek Bougatsa,  Filipino Touron or some Empanadas, or Bolani, the national food of Aftganistan.
And to top it all off, should you have extreme taste buds, how about some Raccoon BBQ?

In other words, you may tour the world in a couple months. 

 Summer time is a treat for Canadians - food, festival, lakes, beaches, cottages, camping, theme parks.

Once summer ends and the anticipation of the cold weather emerges,
Canadians treat the Fall or Autumn as a delayed cooler Summer and enjoy it as well.

There is a link below for the Canadian Weather. 

Weather Radar Government of Canada

 The barometer for Canadian weather is the Canada Geese. These beautiful birds are Canadian symbol.   Find from them the latest  forecasts and information. 

Look at the photos below.  The first one shows a Canada Goose sitting very comfortably in ice cold water


The next photo shows how protective the Canada Geese are with respect to their babies. 

Early Spring is the time when the mothers take the kids (goslings) out in the sunshine.  

This picture has been selling on eBay for a million bucks.  

A little rain does not bother them at all.  They can still enjoy their food.

A book has been written about these beautiful creatures and is featured below.  It is an account of one man's experience with them.

Click the links below to understand more about them.


"During the early weeks of winter Canadians are very acquainted with the traditional quacking sound coming from above followed by a flock of birds in a somewhat V-formation flying south.

This is the migration of the Canada geese to warmer ground in the south.  They usually return in early spring.

I have witnessed scenes like this hundreds of times during my years in Canada but I never paid too much attention to it;

until they had the nerve, guts and the audacity to knock at my window and look at me right in the eye!..."


 We mentioned about the change in the seasons.  During the Spring, gardens abound.  Flowers begin to bloom everywhere.

Of course, this does not happen by magic.  In fact, gardeners with magic fingers begin to lovingly envision their landscapes. 

The video below is approximately eleven (11) minutes long. 

We suggest that you make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, relax and enjoy this video.  

The title of the video is The Best Garden in the World and is already on the top of the charts on YouTube.

The only sad part in the video is when, the first snow comes and covers it all.

It is a heartbreaking situation, but such is the nature of things in Canada.