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 Sofia Papadhimitri  

 Livia Papadhimitri



You may view the video in the following link,

No words can describe the amount of effort required to upkeep such a wonderful garden.

Many hours, days, and weeks of loving care, raking, shoveling,
and watering is needed to achieve such beauty.

The music in the background of the video is by Sofia and Livia Papadhimitri.

Sofia Papadhimitri was in charge of the administration of from 2001 to 2006. 

Within that period she assisted Spyros Peter Goudas to create the book about his beloved pet poodle, Koukla.    Experiencing Columbia   Costa Rica

  Since then the Koukla Story has been translated into fourteen (14) languages and available in audio format.
  The English version is narrated by the talented voice of Jesse MacDonald. 
Other languages have been narrated by some of the most wonderful voices in the world.

The Koukla, Irma, and Tiger Story is an inspiration to animal lovers everywhere.

This link takes you directly into the story with additional language versions for you to choose from.

Sofia also assisted Mr. Goudas in writing the book,
Costa Rica, The World's Best Kept Secret.  

  Naturally, this book is popular with the Costa Rican Government and the Cacia Organization. 

In addition to her work in, she further assisted Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas in the writing of the book on Columbia, titled,

Experiencing Colombia, As Seen Through the Eyes of Spyros Peter Goudas.

You may see her in this link at the

FlyerMall Anniversary party in 2003, she is the blonde in the first frame.

The anniversary was held at the spacious Rizzo Banquet Hall. 
Click here to view the Rizzo Hall.

An article about the owner of Rizzo Hall,
Mr. Peter Rugiano, is included in this link 

Livia Papadhimitri was an assistant to Mr. Goudas in various capacities and also was in charge of the final outcome in editing and positioning of photos in books written by Spyros Peter Goudas, including his biography, The Immigrant. or the Greek version ( Ο ΜΕΤΑΝΑΣΤΗΣ )

These two young women are sisters and both are accomplished musicians. 
Sofia plays the piano and Livia, the violin.

You may view Livia's graduation recital through this link.

You may also view more of Sophia, Livia and their father, Jani Papadhimitri, in concert in this link.


GEORGE KOUTSOGEORGAS   Dear Mr. Peter Spyros Goudas,

I came across an article that was written at the top of the photo from Livia Papadhimitri; needless to say, I spend the whole night watching videos of Livia and Sophia Papadhimitri classical music which were created as they played along with their father.

That was a beautiful experience for me, but I end up in a very big problem since the article was referring to your biography The Immigrant page 171.

So I got very lucky to find a copy of your biography on eBay from somebody in Peru, South  America... That was the beginning of my life change.

I begin to like your life story and since then, I read many of your books and articles like Cambodia, RwandaLiberia, Kenya, Ghana, Jim Kottas, Peter RuggianoBill Fatsis,  Australia in Conspiracy of Silence, The Alzheimer's issue part1 and 2 and others.

If that was not because of you, I would never have known that John Richard Pilger said that Nixon ordered the bombing on Cambodia or the story about Rwanda during which more than a million people got killed. 

Mr. Goudas, I would like to finish here by saying this was a unique experience.



All The Best, George Koutsogeorgas and family

The Best Garden in the World


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