Hello Everyone:

 Today is a very, very important day.

 It is Saturday, June 6, 2015.

 The reason that today is important is that a new religion is born.

 The members and followers are to be called GOUDATIST, and the religion is called GOUDATIST.

 The principle on which this new religion is based is one word - RESPECT.

 The fundamentals are:

 1.            Respect for all religions

 2.            Respect for all colors

 3.            Respect for all cultures

 4.            Respect for all traditions

 5.            Respect for all ages

 Although, there are only five commandments or categories of importance each one has a broad area of meaning.

In the future, there will be individuals, preachers, ministers, theologians, writers, cultural leaders, college and university students who will examine each of these words, analyze them and give a full explanation to the ideas of Spyros Peter Goudas.

 As some of you may know, there are areas within different websites explaining his life story, and maybe somewhere along the way, you will discover why he has only five commandments instead of twenty-five.

 You will notice within your reading that he wrote many books, with some in comedy format like The Ackee story the national food of Jamaica or the Cow food story and many more  articles

He created more than 1200 products, from all over the world, and according to many experts in the food industry and consumers, all of them were the best that God gives to us.

Wrote hundreds of recipes, WITHOUT cut and paste, with photos of the preparations.

He supported over the years many organizations,

Was a pioneer on many topics, and wrote a story about individuals, cultures, and countries.

 In fact, he has been invited to many countries across the globe as a result of his writings and his philanthropy.

 Through all this, he admits that he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and information and that he is the unofficial  Minister of Multiculturalism.

 You may access him through the website where you can send him a letter.

The video below has been one of his favorites for years.

He had it on a vinyl 45 rpm record. Since we found it, we would like to share it with you.


During the 1970s on my Radio Programs, he had a section where he played gospel music.
It Soon be Done by Otis Wright was one of his audiences' favorites.  

The link below allows you to listen to the song and a selection of other gospel songs.


Did you have the opportunity to link to the video and listen to this song?

You may agree with us that the words are very nice and played in perfect harmony with the proper music.

As we mentioned above he frequently played this song on the radio stations and at my 813 Club for many years and he had some people ask him - Mr. Goudas when the event Soon Be Done will happen?  At the time, the rumor was that the end of the millennium would be the end of time.
Consequently, his answer was in the year 2000 so I avoided any conflict of ideas or arguments.

The years passed by and 2000 is long gone.  At present, it is the year 2015.  Quite a few people reminded him about the answer he gave at the time.  They asked him to refresh the answer.

He found a very interesting solution and the most accurate answer he says to them

Mark Purai comments: On DR, LOVE Fitzroy Gordon CHIN Radio in 1993

"I am very very happy to be here tonight and to hear these kinds of comments.

It's good to have people out there like Mr. Goudas who treat people equally with an unbiased mind and with respect"

Dear Mr.Goudas, I sent you a video clip as part of GOUDATIST fundamentals, 3. Respect for all cultures.

I know you will appreciate it since you understand our culture and the dialect languish from your Caribana years. 

Trini Stand-up Comedy - Our Language - Miguel Browne