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1. TITLE BOX should not exceed 40 characters. At the end of the title, type your country, eg. USA, CANADA, CHINA, INDIA, GREECE, or any other country 
2. Select the appropriate CATEGORY. Ads without a category will go nowhere.
3. In the TEXTBOX, explain the nature of your business DO NOT PASTE YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS or TELEPHONE THERE. Place them in the appropriate box. 
4. To upload a photo, click CHOOSE FILE, a window opens, select your photo, or your logo; click on it. Then click on the box titled OPEN. That photo will be uploaded into your Ad.
5. Enter your area code and telephone number.
6. Enter your website including http://  To be able to do that, go the top left address bar where you will see your website www.yourwebsite.com/  Click with the left button of the mouse, your website will be highlighted, then right-click and select COPY, direct your mouse to the appropriate box, click on the box with the left, the box will be ready to receive. Then click right, select PASTE. You will notice that the website address will include http:// eg. (  http://www.flyermall.com/ )
7. Enter your e-mail address.

After submitting your AD, go to a live website and view your ad.
Check all your links to make sure that everything works properly for your satisfaction.
If something is not correct, DO NOT PANIC AND FHONE THE POLICE THE FIRE DEPARTMENT OR THE AMBULANCE, JUST  re-enter the program and make any corrections.

Thank you for placing your ad with us.