We just had a fantastic dinner at Mezza Notte.

Since I noticed that there have been some mixed review, I wanted to make sure that I posted a review.

Several things stood out:1) Bread basket is AMAZING! Such a pleasant surprise. We were expecting a typical bread basket of white bread and butter, but instead we got spiced tomato focaccia bread, garlic buttery focaccia bread, and yummy Italian bread.2) Dan was a fantastic waiter! He put our pizza in right away to make sure it was timed to be an appetizer. We had great service the whole time. 3) Vanilla tartufo was incredible! Perfect temperature of the ice cream, not too hard or too melty. 4) Our main courses were delicious and the pasta was cooked well.We are definitely coming back!

Great experience and reasonably priced too!

Amazing meals! I've been going here for at least 15 years,

if anything I find the food gets better every time I go!I've always loved their pizzas and focaccia. At my last visit I had the fried calamari and veal chop which were both out of this world.

Our waiter suggested the chipotle aioli for the calamari which made it even better. Highly recommended.