Mas Playas is made up of a group of restaurants that each reflect our journey of creativity as well as our ever-growing passion for hospitality.

What we care most about is creating dishes and cocktails that people will want to come back for again and again.

Our Mexican-inspired food is prepared onsite with onlyfresh ingredients.

Mexico is a vast country where the preparation of a given dish can change dramatically from region to region.

When we say that our food is authentic we mean simply that it is made from the heart using ingredients and culinary traditions from many parts of Mexico.


Dave Sidhu 
Executive Chef

Born in Miami and raised in Toronto, Chef Dave Sidhu is the restauranteur behind the burgeoning empire of hip and authentic Mexican restaurants including the newly opened Playa Cabana Hacienda,

Playa Cabana and Playa Cabana Cantina in Toronto. Prior to opening Playa Cabana in 2011, he worked in the restaurant industry for over 20 years in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles.

Amongst his many accolades, Playa Cabana was named “Best Mexican Restaurant” by Dine T.O. in 2012.

Here Dave reveals his top travel, dining and destination tips to Le Travelist.

Although our locations are fully stocked with many spirits from all over the world our bars are primarily Tequila and Mezcal.

We carry only pure tequilas made of 100% blue agave.

We also carry small batch single village Mezcal from Oaxaca, Mexico.

And while our cocktail lists are very adventurous, we have a strong focus on Tequila and Mezcal based cocktails.

Mas Playas is the name of our restaurant group which translates literally to "more beaches".

We like to think of each endeavour as a blank canvas of exploration the same way we would image the discovery of a new beach.

Each of our venues was born out of a desire to take on the challenge of building an exciting and original venue as well as the challenge of creating new and interesting menus

When it comes down to brass-tax; who we are, what we do, how we do things, and why we do them, is really simple.

Everything stems from the desire and need to connect and bring together the community with our passionately made food, drink and atmosphere.


This colourful cocina recreates the feeling of Mexico with homestyle fare & pottery on the shelves.
141 Berkeley St 647-748-4777

 I guess I've been on a taco kick lately after eating at Playa Cabana last week.

Hacienda is one of their sister restos and is just on the opposite side of Dupont by Avenue.

This location is much bigger and has a few more items on the menu.
The guac and chips are just as flawless at this location but tacos were a bit inferior to the Playa Cabana location.

Don't get me wrong, they were still extremely delicious but Playa's were better.

The ambience at this location is much more vibrant and staff are very well versed on the selection of tequila.
I would recommend this location for larger groups and for couples on a fun date.

They've got plenty of space as they have seating on the second floor as well. 

Also make sure you take advantage of their selection of tequila. They've got quite a few to choose from. I recommend the George Clooney one for an inexpensive shot after dinner.

 Customers interested in booking their reservation online, please visit our website.

Located in the heart of The Junction, Playa Cabana's new sister location Playa Cabana Cantina is the Annex's newest Mexican gem!

Everything in our kitchen is made from raw materials, nothing is found in a bottle or can!

Our salsas are made from the freshest vegetables and ingredients which reflect on your tastebuds.

Our produce is found locally throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons minus the Avocados.

Even Poblano chilies and Tomatillos are produced in Ontario now! Our traditional, delicious Mexican cuisine, includes our fresh guacamole, black beans, pinto beans, chicken and amazingly healthy "burritos" which will get your taste buds doing the meringue which you can wash down with our many types of tequila!

2883 Dundas St. W.Toronto, ON