The Most Evil Men in History Torquemada


Idi Amin One of the Most Evil Man In History


Hitler: The Rise of Evil-Part 1 of 2


The Real Rasputin (Imperial Russia Documentary) | Timeline


The Most Evil Men In History - Francisco Pizarro


Ilse Koch - Die Hexe von Buchenwald 


Jared Lee Loughner: Serial Killer 


Tyrants and Dictators - Pol Pot (MILITARY HISTORY DOCUMENTARY)


King Leopold II - Death in the Congo


Hideki Tojo Biography


The Most Evil Women In History-Bloody Mary Tudor


25 Most EVIL Women In History





Serial Killer & Psychopath - Harvey Miguel Robinson

In the span of under a year and at just 17 years old, Harvey Robinson Stalked, Attacked and Raped Five Women, Killing Three.


David Shearing (Canadian Serial Killer)- Wells Gray Murders in Canada


Serial Killer Andrew Urdiales


Robert Pickton - The pig farm : Canada's most brutal 50 victims serial killer


Nikko Jenkins sentenced to death


Todd Kohlhepp sentenced to 7 life sentences for murders


Tommy Zeigler: Death On Hold


Interview with a Serial Killer - Arthur Shawcross




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