A dramatic history of Pu Yi, the last of the Emperors of China, from his lofty birth and a brief reign in the Forbidden City, the object of worship by half a billion people; through his abdication, his decline and dissolute lifestyle; his exploitation by the invading Japanese, and finally to his obscure existence as just another peasant worker in the People's Republic. Starring: John Lone, Joan Chen, Peter O'Toole

China A Century of Revolution 

Lee Kuan Yew in 1967 on China

 James Jiang  At the end of the day, a decision has got to be made by adults, not teenagers, but it has got to be made in a way when the teenagers become adults and they look back on these decisions they will be proud of the generation that went before them.

CIBAA Choi ( Lee Kuan Yew ) A man with vision, a very smart guy!! No wonder Singapore is so successful.




The Cultural Revolution Destruction Of China

Interview with Lee Kuan Yew Oct 2009


China world power again Documentary

China is on its way to becoming a socialist world power.
After a time of revolution and reform, the country is entering a new era.
As President Xi Jinping forges the path forward, a question remains: will the Chinese people continue to support him? At the Chinese Communist Party’s convention in the fall of 2017, President Xi Jinping sent a clear message to the world: China is entering a new era.
Many believe President Xi Jinping has brought the party back on track and has secured the support of the Chinese people.
Speaking to delegates in October, Xi said it was time for the nation to be a global leader that could set an example on economic, political and environmental matters.
Part of his plan for economic growth is Made in China 2025, an initiative that draws from Germany’s Industry 4.0 plan and aims to make advancements across many industries, including automotive, aircraft, pharmaceutical, and artificial intelligence.


China's New "Silk Road"

China's $1 trillion One Belt One Road (New Silk Road) initiative is unprecedented in size and scope. President Xi Jinping has sealed megaproject deals with 65 countries to construct ports, power stations, rail lines, roads, and all the tunnels and bridges needed to connect them back to mainland China.


China's New Silk Road transforming Vietnam and Laos

Aliex Simth One thing is clear, China fully respects and always calling its backyard countries brothers, not shitholes.
Dd Uto I'm very happy that Laos will have railway and high way because roads in Laos is very bad.
LaoSoftware I'm from Laos. We are the less fortunate neighbor. We welcome Chinese investments and are grateful that China is helping us out. Thank you, China. We love you!!!

China is erasing its border with Hong Kong

BY  Johnny Harris 

China's High-Stakes Robot Wars

For two weeks each year, college students take over a massive stadium and fill it with fighting drones, plastic ammo, and rapt spectators.
This is Robomasters, held in Shenzhen by DJI, the world's leading drone maker.
In part two of Hello World Shenzhen, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance goes inside the world of Nerf-style robot warfare to spotlight the kinds of innovation that have kept DJI, at the forefront of a booming market and demonstrates why you may not want him on your squad.


China warns the U.S. to stop transits in the South China Sea

Sumit Kumar  We all know China has been on the hit list of the US for quite some time.
They are always looking for reasons to get into conflict with other nations.
Mind you, China is no Iraq or some other Muslim nation that the US keeps walking over.
The US would suffer heavily if there is war. But there will obviously be no war.
This is just the start of a long long conflict that will stretch for ages.
The US would never do this without any plan. They obviously are working towards a plan.
The Chinese have been claiming that sea as theirs for quite some time now.
It's better if Americans don't quote UN laws here.
I am not anti-American, but America should not talk about rights or UN laws.
It becomes very comical. The right thing would be to raise the issue at the highest level, on what basis is China claiming ownership of the sea and Reaching some kind of agreement.
Intimidation and aggression from the US won't help.

John Pilger Film The Coming War on China

Harrison Qu This video is completely true, nothing was false.
jasper mcmillan The world is only a hair breathe away from catastrophe. 
Whether it's a major war or something else that's not on the radar yet remains to be seen.
There's a premonition in the air that "something" is coming very soon.

Shenzhen: City of the Future.

moreno franco I am old enough to remember when "Made in China" meant "Piece of Junk". Today "Made in China" can mean "Made in the Future"


Superpower China Economy 

Albert Lima Lima The speed of China's economic growth is the speed of lightning unprecedented in history. Other countries should learn from China how they can overcome tremendous odds with resilience instead of looking at America with all its arrogance and bullying.


China became a superpower in 40 years

Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed to press ahead with economic reforms. But he also made clear that Beijing will not deviate from its one-party system or take orders from any other country.

China's trillion-dollar plan to dominate global trade

Yuhan Tao, I am Chinese. Honestly, I think China never plans to be a superpower like the US or Soviet Union. Generally, our culture is defensive. Personally, I would like to make business with people instead of fighting against someone. If someone tries to fight against me, I will fight back.

??? I have a dream, one day I could go to Europe by high-speed train from China, through Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Serbia.


What does China own in the U.S.?

Errol Roboth “Let China sleep; when she wakes she will shake the world.”_Napoleon Bonaparte  Roman Magar The is not so far when China will put the USA in the basket for sale. 
ENCRYPT3DBR0K3R Do a video about how the City of Vancouver Canada is basically China now and has been taken over by China money.


Is War With China Inevitable? 

Danny P Ha, I live in Shenzhen China. I don't understand why people fear China so much.
If there was any country in the world that we could choose to be more powerful than the US, it was China.

They are the friendliest people in all the world here and that's the truth.
The government/country is not communist whatsoever. it's a free capitalist country here.
It's just that they are a true monarch, and have complete control is all.

As far as living free here, in many ways it's freer here than in the US.
You can get a massage at any business, don't need a BS license.

You can smoke anyplace you want to, and you can drink anyplace you choose...

When is the last time you hear about China going to war?
They don't even go to war with smaller countries, let alone the US.

All the road signs in Shenzhen are in Chinese and English, they welcome English-speaking people here. They love American cinema, American cars, and American couture.
They have 4 times the population and yet fewer people in prison.

I have never seen a single fistfight here. The US is almost always in some sort of war, and we lock up so many people in prison. we are so much more violent than these people here.

They have zero drug problems here. please, my friend, get a Chinese visitation visa and come here to see for yourself. It is easier than you think.
The government actually loves their own people here.

Sure, they are firm, but they are truly fair to their people.



Why China and the U.S. Are Vying for Dominance in Pakistan

M H  Yes Pakistan is in a tough economic situation but that does not mean we need the US at all. The first US has to pay for things like "FreeNatoSupply" across the country for decades, take millions of refugees it created in Afghanistan who r living in Pakistan for 3 decades to the US mainland and yes pay for the expenditures on US war Pakistan is fighting for decades. Leave China alone coz at least they r not bombing poor countries like Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc, etc 
Zhizhou He In Chinese elementary school, our teachers tell students: "Pakistan is our friend forever".

The road that links China and Pakistan

Tony's Booth I love Pakistan, we Chinese would do everything for Pakistani, they are our best friend on this planet.
Tabish Kirmani   Pakistan - Russia - China-Turkey ... Great Future ahead.
Gamers Hub is Beautiful in form India and I think this is the best road I ever saw sending greetings from India
Kev Z We help Pakistan now and they will help us when we need it in the future,
Lakhan khan Long Live Pak&China Brotherhood.Ameen


Since we are in the topic of floods in Pakistan


The New Silk Road

Nursultan Sulaimanov Great Documentary, thanks for visiting Kyrgyzstan - the most open and beautiful country of Central Asia. Hopefully, BRI will take off and Kyrgyz people representing the IT industry, like myself, are ready to make their own contribution.
We, at Kyrgyzstan only wish success to our great neighbour Zhongguo!


5 African Nations Most in Debt to China

Tj Singh  China is far better than America at least China is providing buildings, public transport, schools, hospitals, etc instead of guns tanks bombs like America did to the middle east turning it into a war zone 
Lim Kah yim African countries had been in dire poverty for many decades, it's curious the western world suddenly got so interested in Africa after China moved in.
Common Sense Point of the video: Africa doesn’t have enough money to do it themselves because they’ve been stripped of everything


A New Era of China-Africa Cooperation 1 

A New Era of China-Africa Cooperation 2 

A New Era of China-Africa Cooperation 3 

A New Era of China-Africa Cooperation 4 

A New Era of China-Africa Cooperation 5 

Road to Prosperity 6: Kenya’s new railway 


China pledges $60bn to Africa. 

Does Africa benefit from its relations with China? 

Trade Winds between China and Africa 

Infrastructure Projects In Africa Funded By China 

China's growing influence in Africa 

China - Africa relations set to reach an all-time high 

What has China Done for Africa 

China and Africa: Partnering for Growth 

Closing the Gap China-Africa ties: 

10 Oil-Rich African Countries

Xi Jinping makes the second visit to Xiongan

China’s new economic zone Xiongan

Xiong'an New Area: one year on

5 Airports Taking-Off by 2025 

Shocked by China's super engineering! 



The end of the Chinese miracle

Comments conveniently are disabled for this video. WHY?

The film made based on the story of two individuals. The first left 3 generations of his family members on the farm to go in the big city to work for a Japanese toy manufacturer, when the Japanese company closes down obviously he was out of work. He makes the right decision to go back to farming. 
The second guy was an illegal immigrant in a foreign land possibly without a work permit.

The film consists of speculations, unfounded assumptions, criticisms, stereotypes.

Can the 'Great Green Wall' stop desertification in China?

0Guiltyone China sees a problem, the government fixes it. The USA sees a problem, both political sides fight over it until no one remembers what the problem was. 
John Wedderburn 66 billion trees! That's impressive 
Blc ME As environmentalists, I'm happy to see this, it's always been my dream to make the desert into usable green land. And finally, somebody did it.
Jaspreet Singh More work, less talk- China Government  // Indian Government- More talk and less work. I am an Indian myself.
Ask my Bollooox We should all be planting trees where ever we can so I applaud the Chinese! Deforestation is a major issue worldwide and we need to fight it harder than ever! 

SCAMMERS are Everywhere in CHINA!

Richard Robinson  Don't let this rubbish put you off going to China!
It's a lovely country, beautiful, friendly people, staggering scenery and delicious food.

bob Brian   Scammers are everywhere. I have lived in Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, France, and China and I can tell you for free, ill love to live in China again and again.

Jun Du  Name one country that doesn't have these problems. Go.


China Tourism - Ancient Fenghuang town

Prabhat Kumar great place to visit & see china's rich traditions
Ally Hauptmann-Gurski My compliments, for the video and the town, China by extension.
nd outsider China is our neighbouring country but I don't know about Chinese culture, dishes, etc... Love from Nepal. Want to discover China in my lifetime.
lulutileguy long line up Chinese very patient, this is the real deal

Best Places to Visit in China

James cai As a Chinese, I am very proud! I love my country! 


Xi Jinping May Be The World's Most Powerful Leader

China's congress scrapped presidential term limits from the constitution, a move that sets up President Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely and a sign it is returning to a one-man rule system.

Government censors on social media have cracked down on criticism of removing term limits, removing political memes and scrubbing mentions of words like "king" or "emperor."

Since 2013 when Xi Jinping came into power, he's consolidated his power through high-profile anti-corruption drives, a cult of personality and amassing global influence through trade.

He set out an ambitious vision for the way forward at the Communist Party's 19th Congress last October: for China to become a global superpower.

Is CHINA colonizing AFRICA?

China's economic interests in Africa are one of the most recognized and talked about international engagements. Earlier this month, Xi Jinping pledged to provide Africa $60BN over the next 8 years.

But the portrayal of China’s investments in Africa have been particularly negative in the West with headlines such as “Is China Good or Bad for Africa?” China in Africa: Collaboration or Colonialism? So, is China colonizing Africa in a new form of colonialism? What do African's think? And what do the facts say? I’m Kasim, this is KJ Vids and in this video, we will look at China’s investments in Africa


Russia turns to China with a landmark gas pipeline

Jian Wang  Another example of Russia China win-win cooperation!
Henry L Russia and China are brothers
ivy kkb Putin and Premier Xi - are very rare intellectual individual - able to visualize the future very clever and constructive in finance


How China Is Changing Your Internet


Kim Jong-un visits China 

David Gochenour  Just a few people will see this comment. As an American citizen, I just want to tell the world I have much respect for you all and I hope we all can live a peaceful and prosperous life together. May we use are the difference as our strength and work together so our children's children look back on this and admire leaders that help change the world for the better.
Robby Groze Long live this great comradeship between two great powerful socialist countries. Long live his Excellency President for Life Xi Jinping and May the CCP reign for thousands of years 


President Xi Jinping arrives in Abu Dhabi

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Abu Dhabi on Thursday for a state visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the first by a Chinese head of state in 29 years to the Arab state.

Steve Rhodes  Xi Jinping. Smart. Dignified. Diplomatic. Hard-working. Well done 



Sierra Leoneans express thanks to China for helping Ebola fight



On behalf of the Sierra Leonean people, Mariatu Kargbo and Alhaji Koroma, CEO of SLFO, expressed their appreciation for China's contribution not only in the fight against Ebola but also in many other areas of socio-economic development

100 Million Chinese Lose Their Homes

Commander Zero 27:45 What? "Migrant farmers only know mega-city life for 30 YEARS!" Why are they called migrant farmers if they've lived in the city for 30 years? This man is a restaurant owner, not a farmer.
Charles Williams  The last problem you would think for a population of over 1.4 billion people would be a lack of actual people in cities. I wonder if any of the people who were displaced from their small cities received any kind of recompense for their move.
Temujin Khan  All these farmers should go back to the countryside and farm again but sell their products at 10x 
Wu Jian Lung  This is propaganda! Migrant farmers flock to the cities to earn more, typically more than 10 times they do in the villages.


earthquake in China killed tens of thousands of people

The government is struggling to provide shelter and support for quake victims as they try to rebuild their lives 

The original video has been removed several times and I cannot find any longer the copy
the ling below I redirect to

The Aftermath Of China's Disastrous


the Tangshan Earthquake in 1976

July 28 marks the 40th anniversary of the devastating earthquake, killing over 240,000 people in Tangshan city, north China’s Hebei Province. It is an event that still resonates with people across China.
Today, many people, including some 400 veterans who joined the rescue efforts 40 years ago, gathered at the Tangshan Earthquake Monument dedicated to the victims.
Extraordinary on the scene black-and-white video footage shows the quake’s devastating effect on the city and the amazing efforts as people strove to rescue the victims. Take a look!

 242,000 killed, in the Tangshan earthquake of 1976 

Tangshan earthquake 1976


Xinjiang: Journey Inside Alleged ISIS Breeding Ground

A good example of bad journalism.

Xingjian Chen  “Is growth a good thing?” Well, my question is how stupid a person must be to ask that question? 
Dd Min ye If terrorist attacks in China are incident, then 911 is an aviation traffic accident. 
A Reader  The purpose of this video is doubtful, obviously, troublemaking. 
little Misa  Western media scared of China's growth. Trying their best to tell many lies about China. Suckers!
Mr. Y, What’s wrong with western news media? Why keep making such misleading news?
News Muse  The West supports terrorists against China period
MrsCindyloveyou wtf, I have been to Xinjiang. it is a pretty nice place. why you guys portray it as China Islam hell.
Xiaoru Chen This video is so misleading. Though the reporter went to Xinjiang, he did not do any decent investigation or interviews, and just said whatever is already deeply rooted in his mind. A good example of bad journalism.
Peng Zhang American propaganda for conflict and hate. I am glad that there are so many comments here pointing out their tricks and bias.
CrudeTruth 77 keep up your propaganda. one day you will meet the propaganda gurus of US 
Colin Yuan if you really want to know what happened, then ABC should not allow a man with foreign face to ask that question to local, I saw in your team you have real Chinese, why don't you let them ask? that's interesting.
Mr. YI don’t believe ABC news anymore because of this video

China Could Soon Become the Detroit of Electric Cars

Mark Lawrence No mention of Model 3 taking the USA #5 spot for sedan sales (all fuel types) for the month of August. The only sedans to outsell it were the: Corolla, Camry, Accord, and Civic. The change is coming faster than you think it will.


The Battery Revolution Ultra Fast Charging



Initially belonging to China, Eastern Siberia became Russian after the defeat of the Middle Kingdom by Nicolas I, in the nineteenth century.
Today, as Russia has moved to annex Crimea will China do the same with Siberia?
Some 7 million Russian and 148 million Chinese are living along this border and little by little, the Chinese are crossing over the Amur River to settle on the Russian side.
The makings of a peaceful invasion that worries Russian diplomacy.


Bigger Than Five examines the new world order.

Ashton Kee Kudos to the host for keeping her composure!
SuperParatech She is a tough interviewer who has done her homework
Dinny royal Whoa, this journalist is impressive. You hardly see this nowadays.



China's influence in Europe 

What is really behind Beijing's move? Is China buying political influence in Europe? 


China and Europe: Who benefits?


Chinese businesses investing in Germany


8 Reasons Why The Economy Of China Will Collapse


Can Russia and China trust each other?



Siam and Omar This is what I like about China: It's an ambitious country and it's not afraid of undertaking colossal endeavours. I'm not Chinese, but for some reason, their tremendous levels of ambition give me goosebumps, and frankly, make me proud to be human again. We need more countries that are willing to take such risks for the sake of moving humanity forward if we are to reinvigorate a sense of purpose and pride within our species. Somewhere throughout the middle of the 20th century, "we" (mainly the West) lost our way and started focusing on celebrities, fleeting pleasures, and vapid entertainment rather than inspiring acts of human bravery and ingenuity. We need a sense of purpose if we are to get out from the moral rut we're in now. At least, that's how I feel.




History of Hong Kong from 1841 to 1997

jettadude666 Thank you very much for posting, enjoyed it so much :)
arynne hemp stock Fascinating: thank you so much!!
PhillipMiller R/C Very interesting to see different views on how history has taken place. 


Booming migrant town a "model" 

In pursuit of green development 

Sai Han Ba Desert Transforming into Forest

Century South-North Water Transfer 

China's Grand Canal

Dongying China Growing Forests Saline Soil

China. For Real! Nature Village

Trees for Water Forest Landscape


China Builds Fake Paris, London Jackson

Trans-Siberian Russia to China













Typhoon Haiyan & Yoyoy Villame