Many cars manufactures will go belly up

Hallo car lovers. 

This article will guide you to make the correct decision either to buy, sell, scrap or financing your investment.

Need to make a new model every 10 years, not each and every year.

In the past, there were times when people had to wait in line to order a  car.

millions of unsold cars and the market are bombarded with new ones. 

What happens to brand new cars that never get sold? Millions of cars spoil outside! 

w02m08w So why do car thieves bother to steal other peoples' cars in the cities when they could just come to one of these so-called car cemeteries and just grab as many as they like.

In the past car makers produced on an as-ordered basis, and consumers used to line up to place orders. Nowadays, the slogan is the "pizza place" style: "Buy One, Get 1 Free". The same slogan will be for cars with a small difference (Buy One Get 2 Free)

The days you visit the coffee shop for donuts and coffee have been replaced by the day at the dealership. They have every variety of coffee imaginable, from espresso to cappuccino including cold sandwiches.

There is no shortage of car dealerships in any city, in fact, new car dealers are popping out like mushrooms everywhere.

Another disaster is approaching at fast speed: China's electric cars are joining the wild mushrooms as millions of them are currently in production and additional millions in the process of being manufactured.

Can the UK be rid of petrol and diesel cars by 2030?

The UK is expected to stop selling petrol and diesel cars by 2030. But some car manufacturers are dubious about whether this is possible. Stellaris has even said it could force one of its UK factories to close. 

Today, diesel engines are known to be heavy-duty, hardworking engines, most commonly found in heavy machinery. But their reputation for being fuel-efficient made them a once-popular choice for cars across parts of the world.
Then the case for diesel seemed to crash in the 90s when global health authorities determined diesel to be carcinogenic

Cesar Freitas In Brazil, diesel cars were never allowed. Diesel it's only for pickup trucks, trucks and heavy machinery.


Why Tesla And Elon Musk Face Challenges In China

Tesla recently broke ground on Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai and has grand ambitions in China but it faces serious competition there from a mix of Chinese and foreign automakers already manufacturing electric vehicles there, for example, BYD, BAIC Group, SAIC and Nio; and BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and Toyota.

Another funny situation, the car remote starter starts not only your own car but a group of cars in the same parking lot, all at once; and all cars' lights start flashing like Christmas trees. 
Cars keep getting smaller and further smaller with lower roofs.
This is unreal! You got to be short and petite to fit into these cars.

God forbid, you get into an accident, you're really screwed, they have to cut off your legs to get you out, What a disastrous situation! 

There is in some areas flee markets or farmers markets, soon we will see (Cars flee markets).

In another video comments section, someone wrote: "Sent them to the third world countries who don't manufacture cars such as the USA OR CANADA.

How the people around the world learn so fast that General Motors closed down in Oshawa Ontario or other car manufactures in the USA such as Detroit, Ohio, Michigan, Oakville, Maryland, many of which moved to Mexico.

In the meantime the 2019 General Motors strike with the walkout of 48,000 United Automobile Workers from some 50 plants in the United States demanded increased job security, the gateway for temporary workers to become permanent, better pay, and retaining healthcare benefits.

China loves to rip off American and European car brands.

From range rovers to Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Spagetinis, and mini coopers, here are some blatant Chinese cloned cars! You can bay a RR lookalike for less than 30.000 

Meanwhile, the U.S. automotive industry is facing incredibly fierce global competition from other car companies, such as Toyota, Volkswagen,  Honda and a host of other car manufacturers, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Isuzu, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Mitsuoka, Audi, Porsche, Alpina, Fiat, Dacia, Moskvitch, Yo-Mobile, Advanced Automotive, CT&T United, Volvo, and thousands more.

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Auto crisis more due to overproduction

Global auto manufacturers flee to Mexico and other emerging countries due to their cost advantage, as hourly wages in Brazil, China, India, Pakistan, etc. are much lower than in developed countries.

China remains the world’s largest automotive manufacturing country and automotive market since 2009.

In 2018, annual vehicle production in China accounted for over 30 percent of worldwide vehicle production, which exceeds that of the European Union or that of the United States and Japan combined.

Mexico has many advantages for auto manufacturing due to many factors including the cheap labor, railroad, and road transport links, and close proximity to the US.

The story about car overproduction is not ending here, The automotive industry is slowing faster than expected, and bringing massive economic threats with it.

The Indian automobile industry saw its worst-ever half-yearly performance (April-September 2019) as sales dived 17.08 percent to 11,736,976 units.

The passenger vehicles segment saw an overall decline in sales of 23.56 per cent at 1,333,251 units in this period.

The auto industry was bracing for a brutal year before the coronavirus

Idled factories, closed dealerships, and sent sales into a free fall. Now, things are about to get really Darwinian: The industry is expected to realign in ways that could have a profound effect on the eight million people worldwide who work for vehicle manufacturers.

A protest at a Nissan factory on the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain. In Europe, it’s impossible to close a factory without labor strife and political resistance.  Credit...Samuel Aranda for The New York Times

owever, in another comment, someone suggested that the US government purchases all the excess inventory and sells for $ 1 for legal purposes to the homeless people with first in line all war veterans who are starving to death and sleeping on the street all over America. 


BMW Cars Recycling and Disposal - Fans Will Cry 

Tesla Short Sellers are in HUGE Trouble  

Why Did Volkswagen Kill The Beetle?

What Happened To The Hummer

The Hummer was an angular, militaristic, go-anywhere truck that became an emblem of 1990s pop culture. General Motors' Hummer was a coveted status symbol sought by celebrities and a sometimes mocked and vilified example of how far of America's newfound love for SUVs had gone. But in 2009, GM put several of its brands to the ax, including Pontiac, Saab, and Hummer. While the Hummer had a brief lifespan of just under two decades, it made a lasting impression on the auto industry.


Why Rolls-Royce Cars Are So Expensive

RUSHI GODASE Corona taught us how unnecessary some things are.
Death Star I got my rolls Royce custom made to be invisible, that’s why you can’t see it  


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how the auto market is weathering

India set to report zero automotive sales  

Why Diesel Cars Are Disappearing

GM stopped selling cars in India

Over the last 20 years, the Indian automotive market has grown from about 500,000 new vehicles to 3.5 million in 2018. But some automakers have struggled to make it work.
Among them is General Motors, the largest U.S. automaker. GM stopped selling cars in India in 2017, after years of declining market share. Watch this video to find out why automakers, including GM, struggle in India.

Why GM And Ford Are Worried About RAM "Truck wars".

Who Owns America’s Gas Stations?

Gas stations comprise one of the most important retail businesses in the country. 93% of Americans live within 10 minutes of one. The vast majority of gas stations are small, locally owned businesses.
But in recent years, the smallest chains are being bought up by bigger chains or are otherwise going out of business.

READ THE ARTICLE OF BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS ABOUT  ALZHEIMER'S AND DEMENTIA IN THE ) different gas stations that the items being sold in the food section are basically junk food.

Why BMW And Mercedes Made Cheap Cars That Failed

Luxury cars are typically meant to symbolize prestige, wealth, and even excess, but sometimes they can come pretty cheap. Every so often premium automakers like BMW and Mercedes push out cars with starting prices well below the market average. However, in their quest for even greater volumes, some premium automakers are trying to see if they can net a few more buyers down at the lower end of the price range, and sometimes it doesn't work out.

Dean FrigginWinchester "According to JD Power" Ok this video is a joke already. 

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Car crusher crushing cars 

Crazy Dangerous Fast Skills Car Crusher Machine 

You've Never Seen Such Monster Crusher Work Process,

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Rubber tires — a dirty business 

Please view the video  without interruption {Spyros Peter Goudas}

Dalton Magee Wow had no idea about the impacts of tires. Definitely gonna try to get my tires retreaded when the time comes. Thanks for the good journalism 

 These poor people make so little yet one Michelin tire for my ford truck cost 225.00 USD. WTF?

Keluka Maiva Deusch Welles has the best journalism in the world.
wayshower13  This was very educational for me in many ways. I have wondered for several years where all the rubber came from for tires and how it was produced. Now that I have learned these facts I know what will happen to those major corporations who have committed crimes against humanity and crimes against mother earth for greed.
Andre G To the creators of this documentary, Thank you for bringing awareness to a terrible situation. Now I will be more conscious of the fact when buying tires, and for sure I will look for a better option. 
Totoy Makoy Thank you for the information you shared. honestly, I've been interested to know about how the tire is manufactured. I knew some of my friends were killed because the tire has blown out while on Long-distance travel. I had experienced too, fortunately, no car in the opposite direction so we spare our Iives. What is really happening? Why do they do it secretly? the Iives of million people are at stake. the airplane had also experienced the same tragedy. We want to know a more definite explanation about these. The Philippines.

TOYOTA RECALLS MILLIONS of Corolla, Camry, Matrix, Highlander, Tundra, Sequoia, Avalon, Rav4, Pontiac Vibe, and more brands 


Never Use This Gas In Your Car! 

Car Tech 101: Speed limiters could prevent speeding tickets 


Lemon cars: What you need to know

After I settled, I managed to get a job and was able to make a down payment to finance and purchase a car. I excitedly drove it from the car dealer’s parking lot to my home. However, on the way there, my car started smoking from under the hood. When the tow truck driver arrived, I told him that I had just bought this car. After taking a quick look at the car, he stated: "Man, you did not buy a car, you just bought a lemon!"

Car governor

This article is directed at the Government, in particular the Ministry of Transportation.
Everywhere in Canada and I am assuming most countries in the world, the speed limits are in the range of 100km/h  beyond the default limit if the driver contravenes the law, such driver gets a speeding ticket, so, therefore, is it fair to say this: a) The driver is irresponsible and cannot control any unforeseen potential accident during which he may lose his life?
The problem does not stop there. By accident or collision, he smashes the other car. And consequently, he may harm or worse kill other INNOCENT law-abiding drivers.
For this, the government, by allowing the irresponsible driver to use his vehicle as a weapon to kill or harm other people.

The second issue is transporting the victims to hospitals, and dispatching the ambulance fire department, and tow truck, etc thereby dragging taxpayers' hard earnings as collateral for drivers’ reckless conduct.
Accidents like this occur daily, compounding traffic congestion and especially when these accidents occur during rush hours where commuters are trying to get to work. 

According to Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics: In 2018; the prevalence of speeding-related accidents in Canada is as follows:  Speeding-related accidents: 152,847

Hospitalizations: 9494 The number of fatalities: 1922

In addition, these accidents leave loved ones and their families grieving and destroyed.

Evidently, the Canadian system does not care about the lasting impacts of these accidents on society and communities. It seems as though they are only interested in the financial gain on fast driving cars, this is how the speed limits end up in our courts after someone was speeding and received a fine. In addition to the effects of court appearances and wasted time off work, etc.

The solution to these of the above tragedies and challenges is to mandate a simple car governor device installation setting a default speed limit at 100 km/hr. Problem solved or whatever the speed limit regulated This begs the question: Why allow cars with speed limits up to 300km/hr?

The law needs to change!


Car won't start? Learn how to replace a fuel pump and fuel tank

I show you how to buy a car that won't start for $500 and fix it to make a $2100 profit.
The car won't crank and the fuel pump and gas tank need to be replaced. I also show you how to replace the muffler so by the end of the video we have a really nice and reliable daily driver!