Most of the real estate brokers and agents  lately, they become liars 

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The Crisis of Credit Visualized - HD 










Toronto real estate is vulnerable to money laundering

Economists warn recession on the way: 

Rosenberg cited a bond yield curve which has declined to near zero as one of the most certain signs of a recession. Tal, however, said how central banks react on the interest rate front will be vital.

Scammer hijacks real estate agent's email, steals $3K from a buyer

The Nova Scotia Association of Realtors is warning its 1,500 members to check their email settings after an agent was duped by a complex phishing scam that left her feeling "invaded." 


It’s time for a dose of realism: This is a slow-growth environment. It’s going to be a slow-growth environment for some time. The industry has to adjust to this and shift its strategies to compensate for a future in which traffic is hard to come by—and it isn’t just focusing on the customer.

Vancouver Houses Are For Sale At Huge Discounts

Apr 11, 2019, Vancouver's epic housing meltdown has made news around the world, and with sales down by 31.6 percent over the past year, people listing their homes are turning motivated. After years of what can only be described as a ludicrously strong seller's market, buyers are in the driver's seat today. Now July 2020 is deeper in the whole

Exploring Canada's Worst Street, Vancouver, Canada

Walk with me through the mean streets of East Hastings in Vancouver, Canada. Where we see the dark side of Vancouver- the side that the city doesn't want to promote to the tourists.
Although it's only a couple blocks away from Gastown (big tourist attraction) It's an area of Vancouver that is infamous for it's the homeless situation and also for the serious drug problems.

Vancouver Luxury Housing Market Drops From World’s Hottest To Dead Last

New taxes, new mortgage rules, and a slowdown in China are taking their toll on the city.

Real estate prices, sales decrease in the Edmonton area

Nov 03, 2018, The sale of rowhouses and duplexes was hit hardest, decreasing by more than 30 percent in the past year. Now July 2020 is deeper in a whole.

Vancouver housing sales fall to a six-year low

Homeless Camps Vancouver's Homelessness Problem?

Canada Has a Broken Housing System and It Has Fucked Over Millennials

Toronto Drops From 1st To 137th As National Sales Drop

Vancouverites confident in the property market in face of a sales slowdown, 

Streets of Plenty: Homeless in Vancouver Crime Documentary 

Insured Mortgages On Canadian Real Estate Are Dropping At The ...

Goodbye Toronto, hello Winnipeg: 

This Week's Top Stories: Credit Cycles and Canadian Real Estate

Younger Canadians Not Interested In Raising Families In Condos

Greater Victoria housing sales still falling in rocky route to balance

Troubling signs are coming from the US housing market

More homeowners are turning to private lenders. Here are the risks

Canada Housing Market Among World's Weakest As Price Growth

Canadian home sales tumble to 7-year low in April, prices down 11

More vacant properties on Toronto real estate market, broker says

Toronto home prices see biggest drop in almost 30 years

Average house price in Canada fell 11%

Toronto's housing prices are collapsing


Expert warns Australia could turn into slums in 20 years

Housing and banking expert Martin North has criticized developers and the housing industry for “throwing up” high-rise buildings at such alarmingly fast rates.
He warned viewers that significant defects and safety concerns are imminent.

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the risks the Canadian housing market is seeing as the bubble continues to gain pressure all while interest rates rise. Prices have been rising dramatically in many local housing markets throughout Canada to a level that cannot sustain itself.


Canada Just Moved One Step Closer To A Real Estate CRASH!B Lin1 year ago

B Lin1 year ago I am in Calgary. Sales of real estate dropped 40% compared to last year but the price is not much lower



Average house prices in Canada were down in March compared to last year, but is it a sign of things to come? Brett House of Scotiabank Economics and Samantha Brookes of Mortgages Of Canada talk about how we got here, and what may be coming next.





Plummeting house prices has buyers backing out

Plunging house prices in the GTA has opened the door to unscrupulous moves by some buyers as one Oshawa couple found out


Detroit, The USA's Cheapest Houses


Cleveland: Confronting Decline in an American City


The Death Of The American Middle Class

Richard Sci $120K/year? That should have been enough money to buy a house in about 6 years. They didn't need a $500K home. They could have started with something smaller.


Has Wall Street Created Another Housing Crisis?

evades is America booming again? Based on what? Booming perhaps compared to a third world country. But seriously get real.
INCOG NITO 2 years ago  WALL STREET! NOT Russia, Iran or China.
Phil G2 years ago  Another great empire on its knees.  


The signs for rental or for sale appear more than ever before

The signs for rental or for sale properties within most cities in Canada, more particularly Ontario and Quebec, appear more than ever before.

On the other hand, you may see properties for rent with signs in place for quite a few years and across the street, you see another complex of construction appear like wild mushrooms.

The reason that you see this construction materialize is that the investor or investors had forecast boom in this country five (5) or more years ago.
Since the plans were submitted, permits were issued, investors locked in their savings into the projects, and finally, the buildings had to be constructed.

Therefore, after completion, the new complex would be another empty space, another sign for rent.

There are thousands of square feet available for rent and in some instances, buildings have been empty for a few years now.  So if you plan to open a new business, relocate the existing one, and you are looking for property it is advisable that you do not believe the realtor telling you that there are three or four other offers because this is not in existence.

The first thing you should do is to ask for one or two years rent-free.  
The possibility of this happening is almost a reality.  

The availability of commercial properties is beyond imagination at this point.  

The news of store closings appear everywhere

Walmart, Rona, Canadian Tire, Target, Mexx, Guess, Parasuco, Smart Set, Chapters/Indigo, Sears, Jacob, Grand and Toy, Staples, Sony, Costa Blanca, Holt Renfrew, Future Shop, Cleo Ricki's Bootlegger, P J Pets Stores, Goodwill, Sobeys, Tiger Direct, Blockbuster, Blacks, The Gap, Danier Leather, Le Chateau, Aeropostale.

The above are stores that some of you are familiar with.  Imagine now how many thousands of independent stores have closed or plan to close.  What is the solution to the problem?
Could this problem be corrected?  Could any of you find the answer? 

The market conditions dictate the final outcome.  

There was an over-excitement at one point in the past that made this big mess.  
Some big-name stores were so huge that a 747 Jumbo Jet could land on their roofs.  

So, should the realtor tell you that there are 3 more offers on hand, at that moment, look him right in his face and focus on his nose, you will observe that his nose grows out of proportion similar to Pinocchio,  tell him you shove it you know where!

Of course, this is for industrial and commercial properties, and sooner or later another typhoon will be coming on to residential properties.  

Someone stated that he bought a house for $325,000 a few years ago and recently the property was appraised at $1.2 million.  He further stated that he had an offer on hand and wonders if he should take it or not "What should I do?".

According to many, there are properties in the United States, particularly the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, etc, areas where there is no snow to shovel and no heating expenses.
Three-bedroom homes are between $60,000 to $70,000 U.S. and with the current U.S. exchange rate of 30 percent that would make the purchase price about $80,000 to $85,000 Canadian.
In some instances, some repairs may be required.

The cost of a home is one issue, taxes are another.  Our research on taxes in the above-mentioned areas shows that a 3 bedroom house, dining room, living room, kitchen, the front, and backyard is less than $1,000 and if someone is a permanent citizen, taxes are below $500 for the same property.  

The exaggeration of house prices in the Canadian market is at its peak and the balloon will burst any time soon. In fact, the word burst is minimizing the situation, the proper word is EXPLODE.

The above write-up does not reflect the independent, smaller stores and organizations, or sole proprietor operators.


The Calgary region reported one of the country’s largest declines in building permit values for August, says Statistics Canada. 


Housing starts to plunge 30% 

OTTAWA — Canada’s housing market is slowing dramatically in terms of both sales and construction, dragging down economic growth and putting some 150,000 jobs at risk in the coming years, a mortgage industry association warns in its spring report.

Why you should rent that condo — even if you can afford to buy it




Canadian building permits drop 

Is It Time to Stop Building Convention Centers

Don’t Buy A Condo In Montreal 

60 minutes expose these mortgage fraud activities from banks.

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Housing Crash Is Confirmed! Experts Warn About The Economic Collapse 2019 Stock Market CRASH

SHIRYON There are so many catastrophes looming...we are pretty much bankrupt in every area of our society, but especially morally. The opportunities abound.

Joshua Jameson Everyone just assumes that tomorrow has to be the same as yesterday. Mindless drones.

DeltaDog94  As a real estate agent I can tell you, This is true. Housing is verrry hot in big city's, People are getting houses they can't afford long term or if they run into any sort of Financial problem.. Banks are starting to get careless in lending low money down higher debt-to-income, etc... Brace yourself. If you have a lot of equity in your home sell now & pull out to get a rental somewhere and when it crashed you can probably pick your old home for half the price you paid

Dark Wolf America is finished! History will remember this country's infamy!



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Compare the price in Canada with similar listings in the US

The USA to Canadian dollar exchange approximate 1.32



Office subleases are flooding the market in downtown Toronto

It reported the bulk of new leases on the market are subleases, although some departures were planned before COVID-19 shut down much of Bay Street.

Sharp drop in foreign students and immigrants slowing real estate

Home sales are down 69% — is this a once-in-a-decade chance to get into Toronto’s housing market?

Is the Real Estate Market Going to Crash?

In April 2020, the National Association of Realtors surveyed its members.1 About 90% said the pandemic has reduced home buyer interest. Of those, 60% are simply delaying their purchase for a couple of months. Almost two-thirds of buyers (63%) expect lower prices.

Immigration To Canada Is Down Over 60%

Canada’s largest real estate markets have seen a dramatic slowdown since the onset of the pandemic. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada 

CIBC predicts a drop in housing prices

Zillow’s housing market projections: Home sales will fall 60%


COVID-19 is already affecting the Washington, D.C. real estate market

More than 20 million jobs disappeared in April. Shops, restaurants, factories, and offices across the country are closed, while more than 300 million people have been told to shelter in place.

California home sales volume lays low

the housing market will need to emerge from the underlying recession and financial market crash, a recovery not likely to even begin until 2022-2023.

The 2021 Housing Crash