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The selection of brands, products, the layout within the store, the freshness of the vegetables and produce, the variety of meat and seafood were all exceptional at the time of opening. The store opened its doors on August 29, 2014, to a welcoming throng of eager customers.  

The images were taken a few hours after opening.
View all the photos to become acquainted with the interior of this wonderful addition to Pickering. wishes Blue Sky all the best for the future.

We offering a store on a much larger scale, that carrying an even broader selection of Multinational groceries.

The Corporation has a simple but clear mission - to bring back the hometown food experience to as many people as possible in their new Canadian homes, allowing ease of transition and keeping the homeland food culture alive, making them more enjoyable to live in a foreign land. Freshness and customer satisfaction are the two major building blocks of the Corporation.

The focus is on quality, innovation, and the strive for continuous improvement in attaining the ever-changing shopping standards of the customer.