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621 Wanless drive unit 122 Brampton ON L7A 0A9


Asian Food Centre Inc. is the Chain of Grocery & Convenience products retail stores in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the owner of online retail website 

Asian Food Centre introduced the first online grocery store in Ontario.
Asian Food Centre has  10 chain store located at every corner of GTA.







10 TV (Telugu)    Telugu News Channel presenting Telangana news, 
1st India News     in the innermost part of the desert state of Rajasthan,
6 TV Telugu    reports, interviews, sports, weather, entertainment, business  
ABN Telugu     Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.
ABP Ananda    Bengali language television news channel 
ABP Majha    is a 24-hr national free-to-air Marathi news channel. 
ABP Hindi   This is a Hindi news channel based in Mumbai. 
Angel Hindi)   Angel TV is a free to air religious channel  
AP (Telugu)   AP24x7 is a 24 hour Telugu News Channel. 
Asianet Global    based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. 
Bhakti TV     is a Devotional TV Channel in Telugu. 
Dinraat    Bengali-language television station based at Melarmath
DD National    DD National channel is a Public Service Broadcaster.  
DD (Hindi)   DD News or Doordarshan News is a News TV channel. 
Divine Vision    Network is a Georgia Corporation, based in West Point, 
DY 365 English    24-hour satellite channel located in the province of Assam. 
ETV Bangla     entertainment TV channel based in West Bengal. 
HMTV News     around the world through breaking news.
IBN Lokmat     News and Current Affairs channel based in Mumbai. 
India Today    was launched in 2003. The channel is based in Mumbai. 
India TV News     Noida (a city in the North of India). 
iNews Live    TV channel part of the Integrated Broadcasting Company. 
Jai   Jai Maharashtra News is a Marathi-language news channel. 
Janta TV Hindi   Janta TV is a National Hindi News Channel. 
 K News Hindi   The headquarter of K News is based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.
Lakshya TV    one of India's leading Gujarati spiritual television channels. 
Lok Sabha TV    Lok Saba broadcasts live proceedings of the Lok Sabha 
Mathrubhumi    TV channel owned by the Mathrubhumi Group. 
Media One    Indian infotainment TV channel
Munsif Urdu   will present issues pertinent to Indian Muslims 
Namma Kudla    Namma Kudla is the first local Tulu channel of Mangalore. 
NDTV 24x7    current affairs TV channel, based in New Delhi). 
NDTV India    Television Limited is a commercial Hindi TV channel
Kannada   In Mysore, Mandya, Madikeri, Chamarajanagar. 
News 18    (former IBN) is a news station based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. 
News 7 Tamil   channel providing a wide array of stories 
NewsState TV    delivering pure news content to the Indian masses. 
NewsX English    human interest, business, sport, entertainment, culture, 
NTV Telugu    It is described as South India's first devotional channel. 
Public TV    in Bangalore. The channel covers a wide variety of programs
Puthiya (Tamil)   is a Tamil news channel. The channel was founded in 2011. 
Rajya Sabha    Upper House of Parliament of India i.e. Rajya Sabha. 



  24 news HD (Urdu) focusing on reporting news as it happens 
. 92 News (Urdu) The headquarters of 92 News is based in Lahore, 
. Aaj News (Urdu) The headquarter is based in Karachi. 
  Al Mashriq TV (Urdu)  Mashriq TV is one of the leading news channels 
. Ary News (Urdu)  topics ranging from politics, business, and finance, 
. AVT Khyber (Pashto) provides educational, news, a variety of shows
. Bol TV (English) BOL was started by a Pakistani businessman,
. Dawat-e-Islami (Urdu) is a global non-political movement 
  Dawn News (Urdu) Urdu news channel. The channel is based in Karachi 
. DIN News (Urdu) DIN News is a private channel based in Lahore. 
. Dunya News (Urdu)  current affairs television channel from Pakistan.
. Express News (Urdu)Express-News is a 24/7 News TV channel. 
. Geo News (Urdu) Geo News is a Karachi-based news channel, 
. Hum TV (Urdu)  It mainly broadcasts dramas. 
. Khyber News TV (Urdu)Khyber News TV is a news and current affairs TV
. Minhaj TV (Urdu)  is a satellite television station from Lahore, Pakistan.
. NewsOne (Urdu)  Urdu-language Karachi-based Pakistani news channel.
. Pak News (Urdu) Talks Shows, Viral Videos, Breaking News, 
. Roze News (Urdu) television news channel based in Islamabad.
. Samaa TV (Urdu)The channel provides news bulletins, political talk shows
. WAQT News (Urdu)WAQT News is a News TV channel based in Lahore.  


Pakistan's City with No Water | Unreported World

The City with no water: Imagine having to spend half your salary or more buying water, sometimes only available illegally from criminals. Or if water taps in your area only ran once a fortnight in the middle of the night for less than two hours. That was the situation for millions in the city of Karachi, Pakistan back in 2016, where climate change and mismanagement saw the supply of water drastically reduced. Ordinary families were the hardest hit as Fazeelat Aslam reported.

As a Pakistani myself, living in Islamabad, i never realized that this is such a big problem in Sindh. Videos like this really open your eyes to things happening in plain sight but are never addressed

 PorkShark Ch. I sympathize with the senior official that came on camera for the interview. He's clearly aware of corruption but doesn't want to confirm allegations because he is terrified of becoming another victim of corruption. He seems like he truly wants things to change but is powerless to those above him

They won’t let them drink dirty water illegally but won’t give them any way to get any type of water legally? I don’t understand, they should all have the right to drink and use water with easy access and shouldn’t be going through this. So sad I wanna help so bad.
I hope many Filipino will watch this..Some of us never respect rivers and oceans..bec. we are surrounded by waters. We sometimes neglect the importance of water.
Now I feel really guilty knowing that I can just go into my kitchen and run the tap for fresh cold water. Shame for these people. Hope things change ASAP for them. Living like that in this day and age it's crazy!!!
Something I’d like to know is how women deal with their periods? Hygiene becomes essential in those times, and not having water can probably cause infections.
My heart goes out for these people and innocent animals

I can't believe that there is a place where someone gets arrested for selling WATER
Watching this makes me more grateful to be born in my country. I almost cried when seeing those people fight for water, which is a basic amenity every human being should get easier.

Ironically, Karachi is currently suffering from massive floods due to nonstop heavy rainfall..... :( My heart aches for them. I wish there was something I could do.

Getting tears into my eyes,, I will pray to God. Love from India