Where are the apples in your juice from?



Most apple juice products for sale on Canadian shelves are being made with foreign concentrate, but consumers would never know it. 

Grade name for processed fruit or vegetable products


Erica's Adventures I spent July in Scotland. Their labels on produce (e.g., a pack of strawberries)
not only said the country where it was grown but the name of the farmer as well! I loved it and it encouraged me to buy local. I actually started to get familiar with the small differences between the varieties produced by different farms.
Even processed foods had an emphasis on local ingredients on their labels (e.g., a bag of chips has a label stating "100% Great British Potatoes"). Companies should start voluntarily labeling when using local sources.
 I'd certainly seek them out to support them if so.

N Shaw That lady's a bold-faced liar listen to her response and reply most likely she's taking a huge payout from these companies to be so evasive deceptive and ignoring the truth.

Tony Tan That lady from the Food Label Agency is definitely getting lobbied. Crazy the power a lobbyist has.

paulson thomas That orange lady is stuffed with corporate money that’s why she keeps giving silly reasons

Where are the apples in your juice from?

buttieboy666  I'm actually surprised Canadians aren't leading the world on food awareness. 
Just a Knight Canadian food label agency is paid off for sure.
Joshua Chilcutt  In Australia, They have to show on every product sold where the ingredients
have been sourced and made. If it's made in Australia, it has to show what percentage of the ingredients are Australian and what percentage if any is from what countries. If the labels don't have that information, you can't sell it in Australia.
is just came into force on July 1st, 2018.

Brian Fong 9:35 That glasses woman, Aline Dimitri, pisses me off.
Like a lawyer being technically right would piss anyone off. Just listen to what she says. 
Rose Stewart  I just want all of our products properly labeled.
No more "imported by" with no mention of where the product came from, no more
"Canada's favorite". Many Canadians would prefer to buy Canadian like me.
And there are so many products I no longer buy because it's too confusing. 
If some people only care about the price they can buy the crap from other countries.
As for apple juice, all of our local companies have been bought out by Lassonde
and they no longer have Canadian products. I buy apple cider which is produced locally.

Bingo Hall, They should be required because other countries do not have the same pesticide and herbicide laws and those that do not have as restrictive or better should not be allowed to provide apples for consumption in Canada. Even the rep's country of origin or even residence might not be Canada. Consumer protection in Canada is designed to be useless.
Dog wag  The herbicide 2/4/D has been outlawed in the USA and Canada but sold to many third world countries. So guess what you are consuming! They also have an industry regulation
(guess who made it up), that states if a company in Canada spends 51 % of the value of 
the product value that they call it a product of Canada. For example, if these industries 
buy fish from China for 10 cents, they make sure that they spend 11 cents to have it 
processed in Canada, then call it a product of Canada, leading consumers to believe it 
was caught in Canadian waters by a Canadian fisherman. 
Majin Bluu Greetings from Australia I've been binge-watching Canadian Marketplace for some reason  I think it's awesome journalism.
Astroboy I've visited China many times and its countryside is clean and very natural.
The cities are a bit more polluted but that's mostly in the air from the coal-based energy they use, but that's all being phased out in the next few decades.
Their agriculture industry is not as mechanized so they use fewer chemicals than here.
We try to grow, as much as possible, on as little land as possible.
So, we use more chemicals and GMO foods to achieve that. I would be fine eating produce from China because food safety is a priority there due to past food scandals. That's the cost of rapid modernization. As a result, they have stricter regulations and far more food inspections.
At the moment, I would avoid seafood, especially shellfish and seaweed around Japan and Korea due to the Fukushima pouring out tons of radioactive waste into the surrounding waters. This show is just trying to get more viewerships by bringing up China which draws up people's fear from past memory of China's food scandal.
Food scandals happen everywhere. We just had an E. coli romaine problem. 

Pudgy. Happy  I'm pregnant and been craving apple juice.
After watching this, I guess I'll have to bust out my own juicer for the occasional glass.
Thank you Marketplace for keeping us informed  
DJOpaixMusic When the juice is made from Concentrate, that means the product's ingredients are from a foreign source. Concentrated juice is boiled down juice, making it cheaper to transport because it weighs much less without the liquid.
Juices made from Concentrate are made with ingredients that have been shipped GLOBALLY.
This means that most Concentrated juices have randomly generated ingredients from the cheapest sources. 
Pasta Pasty Pastu  Why bother about the concentrate? It's just sugar water with fruit favor as all vitamins were all gone during the process and they will add vitamin back later. There's nothing fresh about juice... 

Xpress onex  The lady in red should not work for the govt and work for lobby groups and stop bullshiting .. shame on her for thinking consumers are fools 
Andy Drew  That’s INSANE. The woman who works for the government actually flipped it on consumers and said consumers need to learn how to read labels properly. She says that’s the problem, and not the fault of these mega-companies totally
mislabeling and falsely advertising lol wow unreal. Just a clear example of these corporations controlling government
Michael Englo I think what the lady from the Canadian food agency said is not wrong at all. 
They pick the information that is the most important to the consumer. I think we collectively
have to learn how to read labels more carefully. Even if we change the labeling rules,
the industry will always find a way to try to mislead the customers. 

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Ali Raza just it 

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