Bonanza Lalumière

phone: (514) 252-8277 
6852 Rue Jean-Talon Est, Saint-Léonard, QC H1S 1N1

The Bonanza Lalumière shopping experience is a personalized, fast and courteous service. We are happy to advise you, answer your questions, carefully package your purchases and even, if you wish, accompany you to your car or recommend that you use our home delivery service. Much more than a traditional grocery store, Marché Bonanza Lalumière is a meeting place for people from all horizons seeking an array of local and international food for all tastes, preferences and all budgets!

In May 1973, the name Bonanza appeared under the banner Les Marchés Publics Bonanza initially located on Pie-IX Boulevard in Montréal-Nord. This new concept was pioneered by Mr. Marcel Lalumière who strived to offer Montrealers an abundance of fruit and vegetables and to showcase a wide variety of local and imported products of superior quality.

Today Mrs. Lalumière, assisted by her husband and their children, continue the tradition as the third generation continues to push and evolve the market concept forward.