phone: (416) 242-5500
1381 Wilson Avenue Toronto Ontario M3M 1H7

Downsview Market

Hello, hello, hello:
What did you expect to see by clicking on Downsview Market?

Did you think there would be a 65,000 square feet supermarket?

I hope you will not be disappointed to know that my store located on the southeast corner of Jane and Wilson in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is in total less than 2,000 square feet!

We are there from early in the morning until late at night and we have a variety of products that consumers need in a rush.

We are a small variety store with a selection of different brands, products, gift cards, batteries, soft drinks.  You know, little things that everyone needs. We try to help the neighbourhood. 
Should we not have the item you need in stock, simply ask us and we will do our utmost to deliver.

We know our store does not really qualify to be on FlyerMall, the largest flyer site in the world with more than one million viewers every week and yet, we are fortunate and lucky to have them incorporate a link for our store.

Within the photo, you may view the little mall and we are a tiny dot within this area.

Come and visit us.  Say hello and tell us you found us on
We will be pleased to serve you.

We have dreams.  Our store is small is similar to the small store that was located on Baldwin Street in Kensington Market over 45 years ago, where Spyros Peter Goudas started the Mr. Goudas line of products.

Spyros Peter Goudas, Mr. Goudas, has since created over 1,000 products from all over the world, written over 1,000 Recipes and many, many books.

We visited the Letters of Appreciation Section of his website and realized that he is more than one imagined.
He supports Senior Citizens Homes, the underprivileged, is first to help in times of disasters, etc., etc.

Who knows, our small store may be a beginning to follow his path.