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AFAQ TV   AFAQ TV is a news TV channel based in Bagdad. 
Ahlulbait    serving Muslims as well as non-Muslims,
Al Fallujah TV    Al Fallujah is a news oriented TV channel. 
Al Rasheed    channel broadcasts its various political programs
Al Sharqiya    Al Sharqiya News ("The Eastern One") is a privately held TV 
Al Sharqiya TV    Al Sharqiya ("The Eastern One") is a privately held TV
AlMasar Aloula   AlMasar Aloula is a non-commercial Arabic-language 
Alsumaria TV    Alsumaria TV is an Independent TV channel
Anwar TV    news, social and documentary programs in Arabic.
Imam Hussein    grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq al-Husseini al-Shirazi 
Iraqi Media    Iraqi Media Net or Al Iraqiya is a National TV channel. 
Karbala TV    Karbala TV is a religious TV channel, 


RTE News    RTE News is a 24-hour news television network
TG4 (Irish)   broadcaster for Irish-language (Irish Gaelic or Gaelic)
TV3 News    TV3 News is Ireland's only independent commercial 


Channel 10    is one of two Commercial Broadcast Channels in Israel. 
KAN 11 TV    KAN 11 is a state-owned Israeli television channel 
 KAN 33 TV    KAN 33 is a state-owned Israeli television channel 


CAM: Campo    Santa Maria from Ruzzini Palace Hotel Venice Italy.
  great view of the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice Italy.
CAM:St.Mark's    view of the famous St. Mark's Basinin Venice Italy.
Canale 7 Italian   Canale 7 is a regional TV network from Monopoli. 
Onda TV Italian   Onda TV is regional TV station from Sant'Agata Militello.
Rai News 24    (State-owned) 24-hour all-news television channel. 
Rai Sender     German spoken service of the Rai for  South Tyrol.
RTV 38 Italian   Tuscany, Liguria, Umbria, Marche and North of Lazio.
Sky life TG24    Sky life TG24 is a news channel, owned by Sky Italia. 
TCI (Italian)   is a Christian Television Station based in Margate, 
Telenord   Telenord is a local TV channel from Genova.
Tele Pavia    Italian TelePavia is a local TV from the city of Pavia. 
Teleromagna    regional TV station based in Cesena, Romangna. 
teletutto Italian   Teletutto is the first local TV station of Brescia. 
TLT Molise    illuminates the Molise region of Molise
TRG (Italian)   serving the region of Perugia, Foligno and Terni. 
TV Padre Pio    Padre Pio TV broadcasts from San Giovanni Rotondo. 
TV Parma    city in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. 
Videolina    TV channel, located in Cagliari, Sardina. Sardinia


CAM: Aso    This is a webcam with a view of the Vulcano (mount Aso) 
CAM: Shibuya    view of the Shibuya scramble crossing in Tokyo, 
CAM: HTB    4 different webcams were made available in a split-screen. 
CAM: Ishikawa    live video from the Kanazawa Station in Ishikawa. 
CAM: Osaka    split-screen view of the Oakaka International Airport.
CAM: Tokyo    HD View of the Shuto Expressway and the Yurikamome
ANN News    TV Asahi ANN News provides recorded news. 
NHK World    international broadcasting service of NHK 
QVC   Japanese Offers a broad range of products.


Al Taghier    The Al Taghier Channel is an Arab news channel. .
Jordan Sport    sports events. Programs in Arabic, French and English 
Jordan TV    educational programs. Arabic, French and English l.
Roya TV   Roya TV channel that was launched in 2011.


CNL Siberia    Christian TV channel. 


K24 TV Swahili    only in Kenya but Central and West African regions.
KTN  (English)   Kenya Television Network (KTN) 
NTV (English)   NTV is General TV channel 
 Kenya        Who knows, maybe a trip to Kenya may be on the agenda.

Zombies of Nairobi

Korea, North 

KCTV (Korean Central Television) is a state television broadcaster,
KCTV   Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump
North Korea  Posted in Flyermall by Spyros Peter Goudas

Korea, South

Arirang Korean   English-language network based in Seoul. 
Fact TV    News is the kernel of what Fact TV has to offer.
KBS World    sourced from KBS's domestic television services.
KCTV Jeju   .
TBS TV    A TV channel dedicated to living information and culture 
Yonhap News    Yonhap News TV is the largest news agency in Korea. 
YTN News    24-hour news and current affairs channel. 

South Korea: Suicide nation

PASTOR CHOI SEONG-WON PHILANTHROPIST Bianca Mora Wow! To the pastor who gives his time to give food to the homeless!!!! Praise the lord!!




RTK (Albanian)   Radio Television of Kosovo (RTK), 
Syri Vision    Syri Vision is a TV channel based in Gjakovë. 


Gali Kurdistan    Sulaymaniyah, the Capital of Sulaymaniyah
K24 (Kurdish)   offering free and rapid access to information. 
KNN Channel    Kurdish News Network is the Kurdish language
Komala TV Farsi   TV channel for the Kurdish community.
Kurdistan TV    Kurdish satellite located in South Kurdistan 
Kurdmax    Sada.E. Afghanistan Television, 
NRT TV   Kurdish News and current affairs 
Rudaw TV    in Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan 
Speda TV    Speda TV or Sepideh TV is an Islamic TV channel.
Sterk TV    Sterk TV is News TV channel.


Al Rai Arabic   Al-Rai is an Arab family-oriented TV station. 
KTV 1Arabic   Kuwait Television is Kuwait's official state-run television
KTV2 English   Kuwait Television is Kuwait's official state-run television 
KTV Arabe    KTV, the state broadcaster of Kuwait 
KTV Plus    KTV, the state broadcaster of Kuwait


Al Hiwar    Al Hiwar is a news TV channel.
Al Jadeed    The 24-hour pan-Arab TV station, based in Beirut.
Al Manar    a Lebanese satellite television station based in Beirut. 
Al Mayadeen    reducing the influence of Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya.
Future TV     TV channel with news and informative programming.
LBC Drama    The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International 
MTV Lebanon     news TV channel covering regional and world news. 


 218 TV   218 TV is a free-to-air satellite channel. 
Al Nabaa    Al Nabaa TV is a leading Satellite News TV channel 
Alhadath     Libya Alhadath TV is a Satellite news TV channel 
Tanasuh TV    Tanasuh TV is an Islamic TV channel. 


 RTL Tele    iLetzebourg s the main television channel in Luxembourg. 


Teledifusão de Macau was established in 1982 during Portuguese


24 Vesti    TV 24 News complete news channel in Macedonia, 
West Channel    (Greek) Channel in Western Macedonia.


Malaysia 1   (national and international) news channel.
RTM 1 Malay   owned free-to-air television network in Malaysia, 
RTM TV2    operated by the Radio Television Malaysia, 
TV Selangor    State Government TV Channel based in Selangor, 
Tvi Malay   (Department Communication and Arts - Radio Tele


ORTM French   The Office of Radio and Television of Mali (ORTM)


NetTV English    It is located in Pieta, Malta.  
One English   ONE is a broadcast television station located in Marsa.
TVM English   Television Malta (TVM) 
TVM 2 English   TVM 2 Television Malta .


TVM (Arabic)   the national broadcaster of the West African 


CAM:     located 70 km southeast of Mexico City. 
Canal Once    broadcast television station located in Mexico City,
Excelsior TV     The channel is related to the newspaper Excelsior
  network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Milenio    channel owned by Grupo Multimedios. Ciudad de Mexico.
Monte Maria     based in Tijuana, a city at the US border near San Diego.
Multimedios    Grupo Multimedios. It has many affiliated TV channels 
Nuestravision     Internet Television station based in Lazaro Cardenas,
OchoTV    Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. is part of Grupo Hevi, 
RCG Canal 7     local TV from Saltillo, the Capital of Coahuila. 
RTV    RTV or TVMAS serving the Mexican state of Veracruz.
SCJN    The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN)
Tele Formula    Tele Formula is part of the Grupo Formula. 
Telemax    TV channel from Hermosillo 
TV Tabasco    TV Tabasco is a local TV channel from Tabasco.
 Masa Flour            Tamales, Arepas, Tortillas and Empanadas 


Busuioc TV     local TV channel from Chisnau, the capital of Moldovia 
Jurnal TV    It is based in Chisinau, the Capital of Moldavia. 
Publika TV    Chisinau, capital and largest city in the Republic of Moldova.
TRM    provided by the National Public Broadcasting Instutute 


SNRT (French)   SNRT (Société nationale de radiodiffusion et de télévision)


TV Miramar (Portuguese) Mozambican television , based in Maputo,
TVM 1 (Portuguese)  is located in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo.
TVM 2 (Portuguese) is located in the capital of Mozambique, Maputo. 


 MNTV    National TV station bringing news and entertainment. 
MRTV4    MRTV 4 is a free-to-air TV channel. It is based in Yangon.


ABC News    24-hour Nepali news that is relevant to today's Nepal. 
Himshikhar TV    in Damak, Jhapa in the Eastern Region of Nepal. 
Kantipur TV    is Nepal's leading private television station. 
Nepali TV    first Nepalese channel broadcasted outside Nepal. 
 News 24    the main nationwide news channel in Nepal. 


CAM:Groningen    webcam located at the Grote Markt in Groningen. 
Scheveningen      great view over the beach at the Scheveningen. 
CAM: Amsterdam     offers a nice view of the Dam in Amsterdam. 
CAM:Bloemendaal    offers a nice view of Bloemendaal Beach. I
CAM: Railcrossing     Mierlo-Hout in Brabant, The Netherlands.
AT5 (Dutch)    is a local television station in Amsterdam.
BVN (Dutch)   Public Broadcasting and the Dutch-speaking VRT.
BVN Live )    public broadcasters of Belgium and the Netherlands. 
Limburg L1    radio and TV broadcaster for the Province of Limburg. 
NOS Journaal     
Omroep    channel for the entire municipality of Berg en Dal.
Omroep Brabant     regional broadcaster from the province Brabant.
Omroep Ede    from the city of Ede, Province of Gelderland.
Omroep Flevoland    is the regional broadcaster of the province of Flevoland.
Omroep Fryslan    is a regional public broadcaster for the province Friesland?
Omroep    Gelderland is the regional broadcaster fo Gelderland. 
Omroep    Schaesberg, Nieuwenhagen and Ubach over Worms.
Omroep Zeeland    regional broadcaster for the Province Zeeland. 
Oog TV     is a local broadcaster from the city of Groningen..
ORTS Oosterhout    is a community TV channel based in Oosterhout. 
Politiek 24 (Dutch)   This channel shows live and recorded political debates. 
RTV Dordrecht    is a local TV channel from the city of Dordrecht. 
RTV Drenthe    is the regional broadcaster from the province Drenthe.
RTV Ijselmond    RTV IJsselmond is the broadcaster for Kampen. 
RTV Katwijk    is the broadcaster for Katwijk, Rijnsburg and Valkenburg.
RTV NH (Dutch)   is a public broadcaster for the region Noord-Hollandse.
RTV Noord    radio and television public broadcaster in Groningen. 
 RTV Oost    public broadcaster of the Dutch province of Overijssel. 
RTV Rijnmond    regional public broadcasting for the region Zuid-Holland-Zuid. 
RTV Utrecht    has two television stations: RTV Utrecht and Ustad.
Salto A1 (Dutch)   Public Broadcaster Amsterdam (Publieke Omroep Amsterdam). 
Salto A2 (Dutch)   Public Broadcaster Amsterdam (Publieke Omroep Amsterdam). 
TV West (Dutch)   the regional broadcaster for Zuid and Noord Holland.
U Stad (Dutch)   regional TV channel from Utrecht. The channel is part of RTV 


  24 news HD (Urdu) focusing on reporting news as it happens 
. 92 News (Urdu) The headquarters of 92 News is based in Lahore, 
. Aaj News (Urdu) The headquarter is based in Karachi. 
  Al Mashriq TV (Urdu)  Mashriq TV is one of the leading news channels 
. Ary News (Urdu)  topics ranging from politics, business, and finance, 
. AVT Khyber (Pashto) provides educational, news, a variety of shows
. Bol TV (English) BOL was started by a Pakistani businessman,
. Dawat-e-Islami (Urdu) is a global non-political movement 
  Dawn News (Urdu) Urdu news channel. The channel is based in Karachi 
. DIN News (Urdu) DIN News is a private channel based in Lahore. 
. Dunya News (Urdu)  current affairs television channel from Pakistan.
. Express News (Urdu)Express-News is a 24/7 News TV channel. 
. Geo News (Urdu) Geo News is a Karachi-based news channel, 
. Hum TV (Urdu)  It mainly broadcasts dramas. 
. Khyber News TV (Urdu)Khyber News TV is a news and current affairs TV
. Minhaj TV (Urdu)  is a satellite television station from Lahore, Pakistan.
. NewsOne (Urdu)  Urdu-language Karachi-based Pakistani news channel.
. Pak News (Urdu) Talks Shows, Viral Videos, Breaking News, 
. Roze News (Urdu) television news channel based in Islamabad.
. Samaa TV (Urdu)The channel provides news bulletins, political talk shows
. WAQT News (Urdu)WAQT News is a News TV channel based in Lahore.  

Pakistan's City with No Water 

Karachi's Water Crisis



Al Aqsa Arabic   began broadcasting in 2006 from Gaza, Sheikh Radwan. 


Hosanna TV    transmits 24 hours a word of Faith, Love, Salvation and Grace, 
Ser TV Canal    Ser TV Canal 11 is a general public state owned TV channel. 
Telemetro    is a television network, and is headquartered in Panama City.
TVN (Spanish)   television network headquartered in Panama City, Panama. 


Bethel TV    a television network of the World Missionary Movement.
Frequencies   The channek offers News, channelinment and TV series.
Panamericana     is one of the main private television channels in Peru.
TNP (Spanish)    educational programmes and other latin American films.
TV Peru
   general TV channel based in Lima, the Capital of Peru. 
 PERU MISSION     takes you to a world you may not know existed


ABS-CBN TV Patrol (Filipino)   Patrol is based in Quezon City, 
The Old Path (English) is a religious program hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano.
UNTV (Filipino)UNTV  broadcast Network based in Quezon City.
GMA NEWS  Your News Authority
Yoyoy Villame - Philippine Geography  typhoon haiyan loss 7,500 people
Speech at the CRDP at Mount Zion Spyros Peter Goudas Discussing his
experience with the best caregivers in the world.
The Honourable Mark Adler explains the special bond between
the Jewish and Filipino communities.
The Honourable Junever Mahilum-West at the Mount Zion Filipino Church.
Ms. Connie Sorio's speech Caregivers Resource and Development Program
Pastor Jesse Anunciacion   the programs and help the City of Toronto
ANALYN SARMIENTO Ang Talambuhay ni Mr. Goudas
Halo Halo Rohra Ann Nacorda  2017 Toronto Ontario Canada
Halo Halo Rohra Ann Nacorda  2015 Toronto Ontario Canada 
Dayang - Dayang  during the Philippine Festival Barrio Fiesta  


Belsat TV    Belsat TV is a satellite television channel aimed at Belarus.
Dami 24    Dami 24 (former Dami Radom) is a regional TV from Radom. 
Telewizja CTV    Telewizja CTV is a local TV channel based in Jaworzna. 
TV Trwam    The Polish Christian TV channel was founded in 2003 and is located in Torún. 
TVP (Polish)   Telewizja Polska or TVP is a public broadcasting corporation. 


RTP    RTP or Rádio e Televisão de Portugal

Puerto Rico

CDM (Spanish)Cadena Del Milagro (International CDM) is a Christain TV station,

SBN (Spanish)    Network offers a completely healthy Christian


. Al Jazeera     Qatari broadcaster owned by the Al Jazeera Media Network. 
. Al Jazeera    Al Jazeera ia a 24-hour English-language channel 


Alfa Omega     Alfa Omega is a Christian TV channel from Timisoara. 
B1 TV )   inform its viewers about the overall context of Romanian society. 
Iasi TV    from Iasi with local and national programs including news and weather. 
Realitatea    Realitatea TV (meaning The Reality TV) is a Romanian news television 


1TV Channel 1 (Russian)1TV is a State TV channel based in Moscow 
 ABC TV (Russian) international sports and entertainment.
Current Time TV (Russian) Russian-language network run by RFE/
RLEuronews Russia  European, multilingual news television channel,
Fresh TV (Russian)Fresh TV is an entertainment channel.
Lyubimoe TV (Russian) TV channel provided by Planeta-Online.
Mir TV3 (Russian) TV channel providing politics, society, economy,
Moscow 24 TV (Russian) state-owned and controlled city information. 
O2 TV (Russian)  oxygenic television, for the younger generation.
Pik-TV (Russian) Pik-TV is based in Sint-Petersburg. 
RBC TV (Russian) 24-hour business news television in Russia.
Ren TV (Russian)REN TV is a large private federal TV channel. 
RT (English) known as Russia Today, is a global multilingual television  
RT America (English) multilingual television news based in Washington, D.C.
RT Arabic (Arabic) global multilingual television news network in Russia. 
RT Documentary (English) channel bringing you the best of Russia.
RTR Planeta (Russian)  VGTRK, a state-owned broadcaster in Russia. 
Russia 1 (Russian) Russian television channel founded in 1991.
Russia 24 (Russian) Russia 24 is formerly known as Vesti. 
TV Rain Dozhd (Russian)  by Dozhd, about the size of Leningrad in WWII.
TV RB (Russian)is a State broadcaster from the Republic of Bashkortostan.
TV Soyuz (Russian)  TV, basing its work on orthodox values.
TVTUR TV (Russian) Internet-only TV channel provided by Planeta-Online.
TVTUR TV is a travel channel about amazing countries and continents.


RBA (English)   RBA or Rwanda Broadcasting Agency is a public television station
Rwanda genocide   In 1994 20% of the country's total population we murdered.

San Marino

San Marino TV (Italian)  Radiotelevisione della Repubblica di San Marino)

Saudi Arabia

Alhurra    Alhurra (Arabic for The Free One) is a news TV channel 
Ekhbariya TV    (Ministry of Culture and Information) Arabic satellite TV
Quran TV    TV channel operated by the Ministry of Culture and Information.
Saudi 1 KSA1 )   Saudi TV Channel 1 (KSA 1) is a news and entertainment TV 
Saudi 2 KSA2    political, economic, and family TV channel. .
Thaqafiya TV    Thaqafiya TVs are a cultural TV channel.


DTV (French)   DTV (Dunya TV)The channel is headquartered in Dakar.
RTS (French)   RTS (Radiodiffusion Television Senegalaise) i


 NTV Niska (Serbian) Nis is the largest city of the southern Serbia Ditric 


. SBC English   SBC or The Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation,


CETV Nitra    Television Central or CETV is a Regional TV from Nitra.
TA3 (Slovak)   private news TV channel. The headquarter is based in Bratislava.
TV Bratislava    metropolitan television from Bratislava, the Capital of Slovakia.
TV Lux Slovak   TV Lux is an evangelical TV channel. It is based in Bratislava. 


CAM: Kranjska    Nice view of the Town Square of tourist destination Kranjska.
MMC TV    Radiotelevizija an Interactive Multimedia Portal with MMC TV.
RTV SLO 1    Radiotelevizija Slovenija is a general-interest television service 
RTV SLO 2    Radiotelevizija Slovenija programs 
RTV SLO 3    Radiotelevizija Slovenija  Parliament and Committees live. 
TV Koper )   Capodistria is a bilingual, Slovene-Italian language  in Koper,.
TV Mb (Slovak)   TV MB or TV Maribor is a local TV channel operated by RTV slo.
V Slovenija 3    TV Slovenia 3 is a general TV channel 


Kalsan TV    The channel is focussed on Somali people. 
SNTV    Somali National Television public service broadcaster in Somalia.
Som News    Somali News TV is a new force in global Somali media, 
Universal TV    Universal TV is a digital online TV headquartered in London.

South Africa

ANN 7 (English)Africa News Network7 (ANN7) a 24-hour news channel
Safari Live (English)Live reports from African Safari.  


Cetelmon (Spanish) Christian TV from La Paz. by the monks 
ETB Sat (Spanish) Basque television station owned by Euskal Irrati Telebist.
Euronews Espanol (Spanish), multilingual news television channel, 
IB3 (Catalan) based in Calvià, the island of Majorca, near Palma. 
La 1 (Spanish)  previously known as TVE1 the first TV station in Spain.
La 2 (Spanish)La 2 or La Dos, is a state-owned TV  It is based in Madrid.
Malaga 24 TV (Spanish)
 is a television channel dedicated to information. 
Onda Cadiz (Spanish) is the municipal channel of Cadiz. 
RT Noticias (Spanish)RT Noticia offers Spanish spoken news TV. 
RTPA (Spanish)Television of the Principality of Asturias. 
RTVCE (Spanish) Radiotelevision de Ceuta is a public broadcaster.
RTVCM (Spanish)
 TV channel serving the region of Castilla-La Mancha, 
Telecinco (Spanish) is a commercial TV channel, launched in 1990.
Telemadrid Sat (Spanish)
Telemadrid is a television station of Madrid,
TV 3 Catalan (Catalan)
  public broadcaster Televisio de Catalunya. . 
TV Canaria (Spanish)
 autonomous television for the Canary Islands.
TV Extremadura (Spanish)  a public television network of Extremadura.
TVG (Spanish)Television de Galicia (TVG), commonly known as A Galega  

Sri Lanka

Derana (Sinhala) television channel based in Colombo. 
ITN (English)ITN  Independent Television Network is a Sri Lankan 
Rupavahini (Hindi) the national television  of Sri Lanka. 
Shraddha TV (Sinhala)  television based in Kaduwela, Sri Lanka.
TV 1 (Sinhala)  television channel with English and Sinhalese


Africa TV ch.1    a non-profit organization aimed at the African peoples