24 News (Thai)   TV 24 or DNN (Asia News Upate) is a News TV channel
ASTV News1    ASTV (Asia Satellite TV is a free-to-air satellite TV network. 
Channel 3Thai   Thailand Colour Television Channel 3  
Five HD (Thai)   Five HD is a local TV from Bangkok.
MCOT 1 (Thai)   Public Company Limited is a Thai state-owned public broadcaster.
MVTV (Thai)   MVTV is based in the Klongjaokhunsing District, Wang Thong Lang.
MVTV (Thai)   News & Entertainment Program.
Nation   iNational News TV Station, that broadcasts 24 hours a day. 
NBT World    Government Public Relations Department (english language).
One 31 HD    One 31 is a movie and entertaiment channel. 
PBS TV (Thai)   (Thai Public Broadcasting Service) is a national public TV channel
Peace TV    Peace TV is a Polictical-oriented Satellite TV channel. 
SBT TV (Thai)   SBT TV is a Buddhist TV channel dedicated to Luangta. 
Spring News    news TV channel. The headquarter is based in Bangkok.
TV 5 (Thai)   Royal Thai Army Radio and Television or TV 5
TV Muslim    TV Muslim is an Islamic channel.


Trinidad &Tob.

CCN TV6   CCN TV6 objective is to be the leader in communications 
CNC 3    CNC 3 is a free to air TV channel. It was founded in 2005. 
CTNT World )   CTNT World is a government operated (The Caribbean New Media Group)
TIN The Islamic    Darut Tarbiyah, the Islamic Network offers programs for the purpose of inform


Attessia TV     general television channel, created by journalist Moez Ben


24 TV Live    24 TV Live (Yirmidort TV) is a general satellite TV channel based in Istanbuk. 
A Haber    A Haber is a private News TV channel. It was founded in 2011.
A2 TV Turkish   A2 TV is a national TV channel and is part of the Turkuvaz Media Group. 
ATV Turkish   ATV Avrupa is a nationwide TV channel ownded by the Sabah Group.
Beyaz TV    Beyaz TV is a National TV channel with offices in Ankara and Istanbul. 
Bloomberg HT    Bloomberg HT is an economical TV channel that began broadcasting in 2010.
Bursaspor    Bursaspor TV is began broadcating online in 2009.
Canal D    Canal D is a privatly owned TV channel founded in 1993. 
CNN Turk    CNN Türk is the Turkish version of the popular cable news channel CNN.
DHA Turkish   Dogan News Agency (DHA) was founded in 1999 by the merger of Hurriyet 
Euronews    multilingual news television channel, headquartered in Lyon-Ecully, France. 
Fenerbahce     or FBTV is a sports channel from Istanbul. It was launched in 2003. 
Guney TV    Guney TV is a local TV channel from Iskenderun, 
Haber Turk    Haberturk is a Turkish nationwide News TV channel. 
Halk TV    Halk TV is a nation wide TV channel. It began broadcasting in 2005.
Kanal 23    Kanal 23 Elazig, is a local TV channel from Elazig, a city in Eastern Anatolia, 
Kanal 32    Kanal 32 is a local TV channel from Isparta.
Kanal 7Turkish   Kanal 7 is a TV broadcaster located in Ankara. 
Kanal VTurkish   Kanal V is a local TV station broadcasting from Antalya. 
Kon TVTurkish   Kon TV or Konya TV is a regional TV channel broadcasting from Konya,
Koroglu TV    Koroglu TV the administrative center of the Bolu Province. 
Lalegul TV    Lalegul TV, a religious television channel. It was launched in 2014. 
NTV Turkish   NTV is a nationwide commercial television news channel. 
Semerkand    Semerkand TV is a Islamic TV channel founded in 2010 and based in Istanbul. 
Show Turk    Show Turk is a national TV channel launched in 2005 
Show TV    Show TV is an entertaiment TV channel owned by the Ciner Media Group. 
Star TVTurkish   Star TV is founded by Cem Uzan and Ahmet Ozal in 1989 as Magic Box. 
Tele 1Turkish   TELE 1 is well-known to be the voice and conscience of the whole country.
TGRT Haber
  TGRT Haber is a Turkish news TV channel which was established in 2004.
TJK Turkish   TJK TV (Turkey Jockey Club TV, founded in 1950), broadcasts horse racing. 
TRT 1Turkish   TRT 1,channel is owned by the Turkish Radio and Television
TRT 4 Çocuk    TRT elevision station, part of the Turkish Radio and Television
TRT 4KTurkish   TRT 4K is the HD channel of TRT. It started with (test) broadcasting in 2015. 
TRT 6 Kurdish   TRT 6 is part of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT).
TRT Arabic    TRTArabic language channel of TRT (Turkish Radio and Television 
TRT AVAZ    TRT Avaz the Pan Turkic and Balkan 
TRT Diyanet    TRT Diyanet TRT Religious is offering Islamic programming.
TRT Haber    TRT Haber (News) is owned by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.
TRT HD    TRT HD is the High Defenition channel of the Turkish Radio and Television 
TRT Spor    TRT Spor is the sports channel of the Turkish Radio and Television
TRT Türk    TRT Türk is the International TV channel of the Turkish Radio and Television .
TRT Turizm    TRT Belgesel (TRT Documentary) is the documentary channel of Turkish 
TRT World    TRT World is the International oriented TV channel owned by the Sate
TV 41Turkish   TV 41 is a satellite channel providing news, sports, economical news  
TV 8 Turkish   TV8, MNG Media Group, started broadcasting in 1999. l.
TV NetTurkish   TV Net is a news channel. It was founded in 2005 
Yol TVTurkish   Yol TV is a general TV channel in the Turkish language and is based in Koln


Bukedde TV    Bukedde TV is a general TV channel that is part of the Vision Group 
NTV (English)   NTV Uganda is Uganda's leading TV station,

Kampala, Uganda




1 TV Crimea    The State broadcaster TV Crimea or STRC Crimea was established in 1959.
112 Ukraine    112 Ukraine TV is an information-educational channel, 
24 TV Ukrainian   24 TV is the first 24/7 News TV channel from Ukraine..
5 TV Ukrainian   based in Kiev, the Capital and the largest city of Ukraine. 
Espreso TV    Espresso TV is a privately owned TV channel from Kiev, Ukraine.
Glas TV    Glas TV is a general TV channel based in Kiev. 
Hromadske TV is a civil initiative, a joint project of Ukrainian journalists 
News One    News One is a completely new approach to the news. 
Oboz TV    is a general TV channel. Oboz TV was founded in 2001. 
PRM Direct TV    PRM is a brand new informative TV channel. PRM was founded in 2017.
TK Union    The TV channel Union is a patriotic TV channel. 

Un. Arab Em.

CAM: Makkah    Live offers multiple webcam views located in the heart of Makkah. 
Al Aan TV    Al Aan TV is a satellite TV station based in Dubai. 
CNBC     financial news including Stock-Exchange business updates. 
Dubai One     government (Dubai Media Incorporated) operated TV channel. 
Sharjah TV    channel that is committed and responsible. 

Un. Kingdom

CAM: London    Nice view of the London Tower Bridge. 
ANN Arab News    Arab News Network (ANN) is an Arab news channel broadcast based in London. 
BBC Arabic    BBC Arabic is a News TV channel in the Arabic language 
BBC Persian    BBC Persian is a UK News TV channel focusing on the Middle East.
Euronews    multilingual news television channel, headquartered in Lyon-Ecully, France. 
Euronews    channel, headquartered in Lyon-Ecully, France. 
INI TV   serves over 150 nations throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, 
MTA (Urdu)   brainchild of Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifat-ul-Masih IV .
Noor TV    Noor TV is the UK based Satellite Television Channel. 
QVC UK    QVC UK is a television shopping channel broadcast in the United Kingdom. 
Revelation TV    Revelation TV is a Christian television channel. 
Sikh Channel    Sikh Channel provides diverse, informative and interesting television 
Sky News    Sky News Arabia is an Arabic News and current affair TV chan



 Miami Airport    The spectacular cam show the runway of the Airport of Miami.
Bryant Park    wiew of the Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. 
Katmai National    Katmai National Park in Alaska.  
Times Square    Times Square, the major commercial intersection in Midtown Manhattan,
3ABN (English)   drug and alcohol rehabilitation, cooking, children and family issues,
ABN Sat 1 (Arabic)   message of Jesus Christ to Arabic, Aramaic, Kurdish and English-
ALHorreya TV (   Christian TV network based in Santa Ana, California. 
Altarek TV    Christian TV channel. With the mission to spread the message of Christ 
Amazing Facts    sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and the three angels messages
America Teve    in Miami, Ft Lauderdale, New York and the Puerto Rican. 
Bloomberg TV    Bloomberg is a global Business TV channel. It was founded in 1994 
Brooklyn Bridge    Webcam located at the top of the St. George Tower in Brooklyn. 
CBS News    CBS News or CBSN is a 24/7 news TV channel part of the CBS  
CTNi (English)   CTN International is Christian TV network based in West Palm Beach
CTVN    Cornerstone  satellite television network based in Wall, Pennsylvania,
Daystar (English)   evangelical Christian-based religious broadcast television network, 
EWTN (English)   American television  presents Catholic-themed programming. 
Free Speech TV    channel from Denver, Colorado. Free Speech TV
GLC (English)   Learning Channel is a Christian TV channel. It's based in Texas. 
His Channel    Conservative Christian Network is based in Santa Ana, California.
Hope Channel 
  television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Hope Channel 
  television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
HSN (English)   American broadcast, basic cable and satellite television network 
JCTV (English)   JUCE TV or JCTV is a Christian youth network.for the 13-30 age group.
Jesus Kids TV    Jesus Kids TV Network was created for the children of the world with a vision
Jesus Live    JESUS LIVE NETWORK was created to proclaim Jesus' Word, Purpose, and Power.
KRON 4 (English)   regional TV channel and is part of the newly-minted Nexstar Media Group. 
KSCE TV (English)   non-commercial non-profit Christian TV channel based in El Paso, Texas.
LLBN TV (English)   Loma Linda Broadcasting Network is a non-profit, Christian broadcasting
Marti Noticias   Radio y Television Marti is a radio and television broadcaster based in Miami,
NASA TV   NASA TV is the television service of the United States government agency NASA. 
NASA TV - ISS    United States government agency NASA. NASA TV - ISS 
NASA TV ISS    is the television service of the United States government agency NASA. 
NASA TV media    television service of the United States government agency NASA. 
Newsmax TV    TV channel offering news about politics, national and world news, health, faith, 
QVC (English)   QVC (Quality, Value, Convenience) is a broadcast Television Network 
Rey de Salem    Rey de Salamis a Christian TV channel (Spanish language) from Miami. 
Smile of a child    Smile of a Child TV (SoaC) is an American Christian-based broadcast television 
TBN (English)   largest religious network and America's most watched faith channel. 
TBN Enlace    TBN Enlace is an American Christian-based broadcast television network. 
The Word Network    The Word Network is a 24 hour
TVW (English)   TVW is Washington's public affairs network. 
UN press briefings    Channel is available 24 hours a day with a selected live program


Vatican City

Sat2000     It was launched in 1998 and its owned by the Italian Episcopal Conference. 
Vatican TV    Vatican TV is the national broadcaster of the state of Vatican City. Vatican Central 



Globovision (Spanish)Globovision is a television news network in Venezuela and Latin America.
Promar TV (Spanish)  Promar TV is a TV channel located in Lara state 
Telesur TV (Spanish) is a pan-Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network.
TV Venezuela (Spanish)TV Venezuela is a TV channel based in Miami (USA). 
TVO (Spanish)TVO or Televisora de Oriente, is a national Broadcast Television Network.
Venezolana de TV (Spanish)VTV or Corporación Venezolana de Televisión
VPI TV (Spanish)VPI TV is a news and media company that was founded in 2016. 


ANTV (Vietnamese)ANTV (Public Security of the People's Television) is a TV state TV channel operated by the Vietnamese government. The channel was launched in 2011. 

HTV 1 (Vietnamese)The National HTV or Ho Chi Minh City Television is the official television channel of Ho Chi Minh City. It was launched in 1975. It has a programming focus on news..

HTV 2 (Vietnamese)The National HTV or Ho Chi Minh City Television is the official television channel of Ho Chi Minh City. It was launched in 1975. HTV provides Entertainment and Financial programs..

 HTV 9 (Vietnamese)HTV 9 is a TV channel from Ho Chi Minh City Television. The channel offers informative programs, weekend films, magazines and TV series.

Long An TV - LA 34 (Vietnamese)Long An TV - LA 34 is a general TV channel.

QTV (Vietnamese)
  or Quang Ninh Radio and Television is a regional TV station offering various TV channels. Quang Ninh television program broadcast started in 1983. 

THVL 1+2 (Vietnamese)THVL is based in the City of Vinh Long, Vinh Long Province. It mainly offers news, entertainment and documentaries.

VTC (Vietnamese)VTC or the Vietnam Television Corporation is a large multimedia corporation in Vietnam. VTC was founded in 1988 by American Factories with the main purpose of constructing television stations. 


Suhail TV (Arabic) Suhail TV is a satellite television channel owned and operated by Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Al-Islah), an opposition party in Yemen. 



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