Start Date: 01-Jan-2010
End Date: 01-Jan-2034



My name is Peter Spyros Goudas, and if you google this name, it will link to my biography; to read up my story you will know that I was once homeless when arriving in Canada in 1967. 

There are many reasons why people become homeless. We are not here to judge them.

Our business is to make certain that we do our part without criticizing them.

That’s the last thing they need. Even if you ask the question” You may not get the answer. Some of them have lost touch with their own identity, to begin with.

I wish to inform you that the United Nations, The world health organization, Unicef, The united way, Salvation army, etc to name a few, can do absolutely NOTHING for these unfortunate people.

They need to be fed immediately, this instant.

They need to have a place to sleep right now, not tomorrow.

These women need to be able to clean up themselves TODAY, not next week.

You see them sleeping on corners in big high traffic cities, some are accompanied by their loving pets.

I read in the comments section as people wondered all sorts of things such as:

How did they pay for tattoos?

When was the last time they had a bath?

How can they afford a pet? Etc.

Why they are not quit smoking?

Please do not engage in criticizing or bad-mouthing them.

One day it may become your turn to face the same situation.

Will you have their courage and resilience? 

Instead of spending big money $ 50-100 for an expensive big steak with beautiful dessert and fancy wines in restaurant outings, reflect for a moment on how a few dollars can help one or two of them.

Please refrain yourself from asking them to follow you at a nearby restaurant as some of the restaurant managers do not allow them in. 

There are many reasons why they can’t get a job and so many more why they do not have a place to sleep.

Lawyer: Mike Papantonio talks with Brigida Santos about why San Diego California has been arresting its homeless population.

I am not asking you to save the world, therefore, if you see one of them on a corner of the sidewalk while passing by, open your heart and be privileged by giving them something; while not expecting anything in return. 

Do not even expect their gratitude and thanks. Please remember, your kind-heartedness will be noticed by God and you will be generously and abundantly rewarded somehow. 





Street bum

Standing off the street, on a corner all alone, As if he’s hiding, his chagrin in the dimness
Should he be blamed, being born poor to the bone, Is he to blame. if he’s a wreck…
If he’s a wreck of life’s grimness
Oh, street bum. without a loved one without a mother, or home to keep from
Oh street bum, inside the blizzard’s raging wind a sparrow stripped plum
Oh street bum
Yet even he, maybe someday he will come through in finding a dream, a warm bosom, just a haven in finding two arms, to bestow him wings anew and two sweet lips, to bring him back…
to bring him back his courage even

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And yet provisions for those in need couldn’t be better. Misha Kleider, in an effort to find out what is going wrong, goes undercover for a month in December leaving behind his apartment, his friends, and his wallet to see first-hand what life on the streets is really like.
Starting with nothing but his underwear he journeys through the institutions and services available to the homeless and makes some startling revelations along the way.
The experience upsets any pre-conceived notions about how to “fix” the problem and what begins as a social experiment in the vein of Orwell’s’ Down and Out in Paris and London takes a darker turn as Misha connects with the real residents of the downtown eastside ghetto; the addicts, the dealers and the diseased.
As Misha becomes more involved in this world, the film speeds towards a shocking finale that will leave you breathless and in awe.

Streets of Plenty is a fearless, fast-paced, and entertaining exploration of what it means to live on the streets of North America’s worst ghetto. (In the Vancouver article)

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