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Retail is in huge trouble. Even a Walmart can go out of business

More than 200 TV and radio stations in Canada may go bankrupt in the next 3 years

Disney said it will be closing several stores

The advertising revenue of Canadian local television and radio stations has fallen sharply. CTV

[Sing Tao Comprehensive Report] There are reports that more than 200 TV and radio stations in Canada will close their businesses in the next three years.
The Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) published a research report on Wednesday that pointed out that by the end of 2022, the revenue of private TV
and radio stations in the country is expected to shrink by 1.06 billion yuan,
leading to potential closures and major layoffs.
The report predicts that in the next three years, as many as 40 TV stations
and 200 radio stations may be forced to close.
According to the report, the most vulnerable are the country’s AM radio stations and independent private radio and television services that occupy a smaller market.
The study, titled "Canada's Media Crisis and the Future of Local Broadcasting", was commissioned by CAB. CAB said it is concerned about the sharp drop in advertising revenue from local radio stations in recent months.
The report pointed out that radio stations may be hit hardest in the short term, partly because many advertisers have withdrawn their spending during the pandemic, which has accelerated the decline in revenue in the media industry. Private radio station advertising revenue is expected to decrease by 383 million yuan from last year.
The study warns that without further government support, as many as 50 private local radio stations will be closed in the next four to six months, and in the next 18 months, there will be another 150 radio stations. Closed doors, resulting in as many as 2,000 unemployment.
Research predicts that among the 94 private television broadcasters in Canada, approximately 40 television stations may face a similar fate.
CAB calls on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
(CRTC) to act quickly to build a fairer and more sustainable future for local media.

Retail bankruptcies store closures at an alarming rate

NY Stores Going Out Of Business

After 40 years in business, prillo furniture is closing!

Nordstrom permanently closing 16 stores

Roots closing seven U.S. stores, reports $44.6M fourth-quarter loss

Here’s A Shocking List Of Stores Closing in 2020!

Retail in Canada to Change Forever Amid Restructuring ...


New York (CNN Business)As many as 25,000 retail stores in the United States are expected to permanently close this year as consumer demand for discretionary items stalls and more people shift to online shopping, according to a firm that tracks the industry.

George Carlin On America & Shopping Malls

Not every company or Mall was meant to be around forever the USA and Canada had a surplus of retail stores and restaurants for decades now. 
It was only a matter of time they went bankrupt or closed. 

Three-Quarters of Restaurants Could Close


Restaurant Chains Might Lose In 2021

Walmart closing some Canadian stores

Real Reason Walmart Is Closing Down Stores

Best Buy to close more stores as online sales 

Grocery Stores That Sadly Might Not Survive

1,200 Pizza Huts and nearly 400 Wendy’s

Century 21 files for bankruptcy

Here are the ones that may close


The untold truth of Pizza

Companies That Will File For Bankruptcy In 2020 and 2021 

Gap, Tesla, Victoria’s Secret are among the nearly 5,000 store closings

Already, 4,810 store closures have been announced by retailers, 

Mattress Firm files Ch. 11 plans 700 store closures


Store Closures And Bankruptcies 

As we’ve done in past years, we are keeping a watchful eye on the retail store closures and bankruptcies that affect the Canadian market. Here you’ll find a list of all the brands and retailers that have closed stores or filed for bankruptcy 

Beloved Restaurant Chains Might Sadly Lose In 2021 

Tons of Store Closings 

If you keep noticing more going-out-of-business sales, there's a startling reason: Walgreens, Dressbarn, GameStop, Gap, and other chains have already announced over 8,000 store closings in 2019

Jean Machine Closing All Stores 

Jean Machine filed for bankruptcy protection in January amid increased competition in the denim space from Uniqlo, H&M, Nordstrom, and other newer retail chains. 

Crabtree And Evelyn Canada Closes Stores

MONTREAL — Beauty and home products retailer Crabtree and Evelyn Canada Inc. is closing its stores and has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Payless to close all of its 2,500 stores


Here is a short video with a few images that show exactly before and after views!



DEAD MALL SERIES: Wellington Mall in FL + Pennrose Mall in NC

square mall closing down

Abandoned - Rolling Acres Mall

Lakeland after anchor store city's only indoor mall it's closing

When Wal-Mart leaves small towns behind

The decline of US mall culture 

The rise and fall of the American shopping mall

A brief history of the American shopping mall

America's Broken Dreams 

The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System 

Rolling Acres Mall 


Payless to close all stores in Canada, U.S

Payless Shoes plans to liquidate all of its stores in the U.S. and all 248 stores in Canada as the discount shoe retailer seeks creditor protection.


Why Big Dairy Companies Struggle In India



The once-popular retailer Gap is struggling to keep up with fast-fashion retailers and the decline of mid-priced brands. Gap Inc. announced they would be closing 175 North American locations 



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ekbastu  Amazing, Keep up the good work John. I am going to avoid buying the products of big brands as much as I can.

patrick lagrange Thank you, John Pilger. Your documents are mind-blowing 


China widens ban of canola from Canada


Lowe's close 31 locations across Canada

Home improvement retail Lowe’s has announced it will close 31 locations mostly under the Rona banner in Canada. They should have never open all those stores in the first place.
It was just no long ago that Lowe’s bought Canadian home improvement retailer Rona.

From Wikipedia  ( GREED ) is an uncontrolled longing for an increase in the acquisition or use: of material gain (be it food, money, land, or animate/inanimate possessions); or social value, such as status, or power. Greed has been identified as undesirable throughout known human history because it creates behavior-conflict between personal and social goals.

H&R Block Is Closing 400 Locations


The retail apocalypse has descended on America

Costco decisions that went horribly wrong

Disappointing sales in discount stores weigh on Hudson’s Bay results

Sears files for bankruptcy will close 142 stores


Hero Certified Burgers selected store closures

Hero Certified Burgers

Why Retail Chain Store Are Being Closed 

Retailers are closing thousands of stores
but there could be a bigger problem hiding in the distance

EXCLUSIVE-Sears CEO steps in for bankruptcy 

Best Buy is closing all 250 of its mobile stores in the US

Retailers are closing up shop. Here's why... 

"The Retail Bubble Has Now Burst": A Record 8,640 Stores Are Closing 

EPIDEMIC of Store Closures Entire Malls Across America

Why Is McDonald’s Closing Stores?  

The move will offset a 0.2% decline in U.S. sales and a 3.2% decline across some of its international locations. The closures mark the first time that McDonald’s has closed locations in four decades.


Target Canada missed its Target 

Target is pulling out of Canada. The Minneapolis-based retailer has filed for creditor’s protection with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and with tears in his eyes mentioned that personally this was a very difficult decision but it was the right decision for our company.

Subway Shuts Hundreds of U.S. Stores 

 Subway Restaurants closed hundreds of domestic locations last year, marking the biggest retrenchment in the history of a chain that spent decades saturating America with restaurants.
The company lost 359 U.S. locations in 2016, the first time that Subway had a net reduction. 

Starbucks Closing Over 300 Retail Stores 

Starbucks closing stores 

Starbucks says it will close 150 stores 

The massive gourmet coffee chain recently announced that it plans to close all 379 of its Teavana retail stores, closures that will affect a staggering 3,300 employees.
Starbucks says it will close all of its 300+ Teavana stores over the coming year.

Lord & Taylor, America's oldest retailer, is seeking bankruptcy 

Organic grocer Earth Fare filed for Chapter 11

Modell's Sporting Goods filed for Chapter 11

Canadian Clothing Danier Close For Good

National Chains Shutting Stores Canada

Are facing bankruptcy 

Dollarama workers denounce salary and working conditions

39 Stores Closing in Canada 2020

summaries of recent Canadian insolvency filings

Walmart closing stores in Canada

Danier closing its retail locations and struggling coffee chain Second Cup latching onto one last lifeline in the form of a sizeable loan.

Canadian Retailer Closes Down in Danier

BCBGMAXAZRIA Closing All Locations in Canada

If you're a loyal BCBG Max Azria shopper, we have some sad news for you—the upscale women's fashion brand is shuttering all of its standalone stores in Canada. 


All Aeropostale Locations Closing 



Sears Canada plans to close across Canada 

FedEx Office Stores Closing in Canada

FedEx is closing its FedEx Office stores in Canada, will close its 24 stores, a manufacturing plant in Markham, Ontario, and it's a head office in Toronto.


Five reasons Toys R Us failed


350 Gymboree Stores Are Closing!

As I mentioned last month, Gymboree is closing approximately 350 stores mainly across the Gymboree and Crazy 8 brands as part of their Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

22 retailers are closing stores 

As Americans do more and more of their shopping on their devices instead of at the store, traditional retailers are reeling. Some are being forced to shrink — or go out of business altogether. Already 2017 has been a year of massive store closings, led by these chains.

 Hudson’s Bay Outlet Stores

The iconic Canadian department store opened its first outlet location in 2013 at the Toronto premium outlets. The outlet store instantly became a success and a second location in Montreal opened later the next year. After two years of business, Hudson’s Bay announced that both stores would close and be replaced with Saks Fifth Avenue’s outlet

French Connection

The UK-based retailer, best known for its ‘fcuk’ emblazoned sweaters, has been quietly closing stores since 2013. The retailer currently only has two locations left in Canada: one in Toronto and one in Montreal. 

H2O Plus

The company decided to pull out of the Canadian market completely, halting online orders and shipments to Canada

Ben Moss

Ben Moss Jewellers announced they would shutter all 54 locations. 
The store will no longer honor any warranties previously purchased.


Last year, the Los Angeles-based retailer closed 50 of their 488 North American Guess stores.
The year prior, the retailer closed 19 locations. 

Smart Set

Reitmans Canada Limited announced they would be shutting down all 107 Smart Set locations.
76 of those locations will be converted into other Reitmans Canada Limited operated stores 


Trouble for Sears began in 2013 when they announced they would be laying off a large portion of their employees and selling the leases to 8 of their locations across Canada


The Montreal-based retailer declared bankruptcy in the summer of 2014. After getting a second chance to obtain financing, 


There was tons of excitement around the launch of Target Canada in 2013 however, Canadian shoppers were quickly disappointed. Complaints about the lack of products in-store, poor customer service, and high prices led Target to their demise in early 2015. They are set to close all Canadian locations by the end of spring 2015.

Grand and Toy

Grand and Toy announced they would be closing all 19 of their retail stores.
The decision to their brick-and-mortar, after 132 years of business, was due to a huge growth in online sales – only about 3% of sales came from in-store walk-ins.


 Staples announced they would close 225 North American locations.


The Japanese-based electronics retailer announced they would be closing all 14 of their Canadian locations. The closures came after poor television and mobile sales.
Sony will continue to sell electronics online and through its Canadian retail partners.

What's Happening to Sony

The second part of the story of Sony is here! Sony has been one of the greatest companies of our time but has recently started declining, what's happening? And Why?


The Dutch retailer declared bankruptcy. They will be closing 315 stores worldwide – 95 of them in Canada.

Costa Blanca

The Canadian womenswear retailer closed all of their locations. 

Holt Renfrew

With retailers like Saks and Nordstrom headed into Canada, Holt Renfrew is getting ready to tackle the competition.

Future Shop

There were 131 locations in total: 66 of them were closed permanently and 65 of them were converted into Best Buy locations.

Cleo, Ricki’s & Bootlegger

The Mississauga-based company owns Cleo, Ricki’s, and Bootlegger and have been open since 1976. They closed a number of underperforming stores but have since been acquired by Pacific West Commercial Corporation. 


Telus announced they would be closing down all 59 Black Photography locations.
The photography and photo supply store was unable to keep up with the digital age. 

13 of the Biggest Retailers In America Are Closing Down Stores

1. Sears lost 580 million dollars in the fourth quarter of 2015 alone, and they are scheduled to close at least 50 more "unprofitable stores" by the end of this year.

2. It is being reported that Sports Authority will file for bankruptcy in March

3. For decades, Kohl's has been growing aggressively, but now it plans to shutter 18 stores 

4. Target has just finished closing 13 stores in the United States.

5. Best Buy closed 30 stores last year, and it says that more store closings 

6. Office Depot plans to close a total of 400 stores 

The next seven examples come from one of my previous articles ...

7. Wal-Mart is closing 269 stores, including 154 inside the United States.

8. K-Mart is closing down more than two dozen stores over the next several months.

9. J.C. Penney  shutting down 47 stores after closing a total of 40 stores 

10. Macy's 36 stores and lay off approximately 2,500 employees.

11. The Gap is in the process of closing 175 stores in North America.

12. Aeropostale is in the process of closing 84 stores all across America.

13. Finish Line has announced that  150 stores will be shutting down over the next few years.

20 Stores with Closures 


  1. Office Depot closed 400 locations and is in the process of 300 more 

  2. Sports Authority – folding all 460 stores; 

  3. Abercrombie & Fitch – up to 370 closures 

  4. The Children’s Place – Closed 125 in 2016 and 200 in 2017 

  5. Walmart – 269 stores will close, 

  6. Hancock Fabrics – closing all 255 stores 

  7. Tailored Brands – 250 store closures 

  8. The Limited – closing all 250 stores 

  9. The Finish Line – closing 150 stores 

  10. American Eagle – initiative to close up to 150 stores 

  11. Wolverine Worldwide plans close 140 stores in the next few years 

  12. Chico’s (Chico’s, White House Black Market,  will close 120 stores

  13. Aéropostale – closing 113 U.S. stores and 41 Canadian stores 

  14. Macy’s  – 65 in 2017, 30 expected in the next few years 

  15. CVS – planning to shut down 70 locations 

  16. Kmart – 68 closures

  17. Ralph Lauren – 50 closures 

  18. Kohl’s – 18 closures 

  19. Sears – 10 closures 

  20. JC Penney – 7 in 2016, “a few” being evaluated for future closings 

Family Dollar: Hundreds of Locations Will Close

hundreds of stores will close. It seems that the 323 Family Dollar locations--which are owned by a small Charlotte-based chain Dollar Express, and not involved in a 2015 merger with Dollar Tree--will be closing this spring. Layoff notices began going out this week.

All 240 Family Christian Stores Are Closing



 More than two years ago, suppliers forgave Family Christian Stores $127 million in debt so that it could remain open. Today, the chain—which bills itself as “the world’s largest retailer of Christian-themed merchandise”—announced it is closing all of its stores after 85 years in business.

Toronto’s Best Fine Foods closes doors 

Toronto gourmet food store has closed its doors after its owners could not keep pace with rising costs. All the Best Fine Foods, a 32-year-old store selling prepared foods, bread, and cheeses, declared bankruptcy. The company had a flagship location in Summerhill in addition to a store near Church and Wellesley, and a commercial kitchen in Leaside.

CVS closing 70 stores

 Speaking at its analyst day event Thursday, CVS Health executives outlined their long-term strategy for growth, which includes closing 70 stores in the coming months.


In another blow to a beleaguered region, 47 jobs will be lost on Opaskwayak Cree Nation near The Pas, Man., when the IGA store there closes in the coming weeks.

Macy’s closed 68 stores cut 10,000 jobs 

Most of the stores that are closing are in urban locations, with the largest in downtown Minneapolis. The 1.25 million-square-foot facility opened more than a century ago as a Dayton’s department store. Macy’s purchased it in 2005, but has recently been using only about half of the space, the Star-Tribune reported

Another day, another retailer trimming its store count


 Loblaws announces the closure of 52 stores


John Pilger - The New Rulers of the World


photo of DITA SARI

photo of DITA SARI John Pilger - The New Rulers of the World  photo of DITA SARI 

Bessie Love My wife's niece worked in one of these factories in Honduras.
They gave her 3 minutes to eat her lunch.  She had to eat it standing up.

Javid Dar The beautiful minds like John Pilger expose the ugly minds of cruel capitalists, supported by IMF and World Bank, who have been exploiting human beings worldwide through political instability, unemployment, and poverty. 

ekbastu  Amazing, Keep up the good work John. I am going to avoid buying the products of big brands as much as I can.
Vicki Johnson thank god for John eyes have been opened...wake up America, Government does not know best. This needs to be talked about more.

The Great Crash Is Coming Financial Crisis

The Great Crash Is Coming Prepare For The Imminent Financial Crisis 2017

“The U.S. stock market at this level reflects a combination of great demand, great complacency, and great greed. Stocks are clearly in a bubble, and like all bubbles, this one is about to burst.” 

Grocery Stores That Sadly Might Not Survive 2021

Popular Burger Chains That Might Not Be Around 

Pizza Chains Sadly Disappearing Across The Country

Macy closes 45 more stores by mid-2021

STORE CLOSING Macy's, Hilltop Mall - Richmond, CA

Why U.S. Malls Are Disappearing

Disney to close almost all of its stores in Canada

Abandoned Dead Mall Niagara Square 

San Francisco locals react to rampant shoplifting, break-ins