Where are the apples in your juice from?

Erica's Adventures I spent July in Scotland.
Their labels on produce (e.g., a pack of strawberries)
not only said the country where it was grown but the name of the farmer as well!
I loved it and it encouraged me to buy local. I actually started to get familiar with
the small differences between the varieties produced by different farms.
Even processed foods had an emphasis on local ingredients on their labels
(e.g., a bag of chips has a label stating "100% Great British Potatoes"). 
Companies should start voluntarily labeling when using local sources.
 I'd certainly seek them out to support them if so.

N Shaw That lady's a bold-faced liar listen to her response and reply most likely she's taking
a huge payout from these companies to be so evasive deceptive and ignoring the truth.

Tony Tan That lady from the Food Label Agency is definitely getting lobbied.
Crazy the power a lobbyist has.