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Unico was established in 1917 to cater to the growing Mediterranean community in Toronto. 
Founder Edward Pasquale’s objective was clear; he wanted to bring the "culture of Italian eating" to every Canadian table by becoming the country's leading distributor of authentic Mediterranean style ingredients and products. 

After two generations of Pasquale family ownership, Unico passed through three successive corporate ownerships. 
In 1997, Unico again became a family managed business when Sun-Brite Foods Inc. purchased the company.

Sun-Brite Foods was established in 1973. 
That same year it began to produce high quality canned tomato products for the food industry.
In 1997, Unico was a recognized brand with a strong customer following.
It was also Sun-Brite Foods' largest customer.
Thus, acquiring Unico ensured Sun-Brite Foods of even greater success in the new millennium. 
Unico offered an established sales, marketing and distribution network but required a  long-term focus and vision. 
Sun-Brite offered this type of solid ownership and when the companies combined, prosperity was inevitable for both sides.